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Flip it and reverse it. 🤸‍🐶
Whether flip dog is in your practice or not you can't deny there's something magical about practicing outside in the fall surrounded by the beauty of mamma earth. 🍁

Will we be seeing you at one of our last two Wanderlust 108s of the year—Tampa & Austin? 🏃‍♀️🧘‍♀️🙏 Sign up now and get in om with us in November! Link in bio for tix. #Wanderlust108 #WanderlustFestival #yogaeverydamnday #yogaoutside #yogaeverywhere
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@swisseusa you've got us missing our dome away from home. Counting down the days until we're back in our happy place—moving and grooving with all of you at 108 Tampa!

Say it an't so! Our Wanderlust 108 tour is almost over. 😭 Did you om out and play with us this year (or any year)? Comment below and share your favorite Wanderlust memory.💚

Link in bio for info and tix for our last two 108 events of the year (Tampa and Austin). #Wanderlust108 #FindYourTrueNorth #DestinationHappiness
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TGIF! Wave, snake and flow your way into the weekend with this positively primal salutation filmed in beautiful O'ahu.

Unleash your inner wild child and join us for the ultimate yoga getaway at Wanderlust O'ahu. Link in bio for tix and info.

Can't wait until February to practice in practice with us? Get wild in O'ahu whenever you want on #WLTV.
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“Empathy, sympathy, and love are limitless resources, energies that never deplete, and at this time of dwindling fuels we should cherish and explore these inexhaustible resources more than ever.” —@trewrussellbrand
Are you as excited as we are to learn from Russell and other wellness illuminaries at Wellspring? Comment below and let us know who you're most excited to practice, sweat, think and restore with in beautiful Palm Springs!
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Talk about a Sunday well spent. We took time to reset our mind and body today!

What’s your Sunday ritual?
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Each day, we get an opportunity to try something new. What is one new thing you tried today?
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Say ‘Ae to Adventure – Wanderlust O'ahu Tickets are officially on sale! Who's ready for sand, salt water, savasana and more on the most picturesque beaches in the world? Link in bio for tix.

NEW IN 2019!
• Full-day Immersions: From @elizabeth_gilbert_writer (Eat Pray Love) to Eoin Finn (@blissology) to Ana Forrest (@forrestyoga), Thursdays at Wanderlust will never be the same.
• New Classes: yoga nidra, Capoiera, and mat pilates are just a few of the classes to discover in O'ahu.
• 'Ohana Night: This Thursday programming explores the rich culture and traditions of Hawaii while gathering our community together to set a shared intention for the weekend.
• SUP yoga & aerial yoga are now included in the cost of your festival ticket!

Music lineup and tickets coming soon.
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🚨Something M A J O R is happening tomorrow. 🚨 Can you guess what it is? Hint: it has to do with the location of this photo.
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Do you live by the phrase “be the change,” but also live by the saying “move fast and break things?”

Convinced you’re going to be the earth-friendly version of Steve Jobs?

Are you inspired by disruptive entrepreneurs like @chipconley, @transformationaltara, @simonmainwaring or @mikiagrawal and @love.radha? If so then Wellspring is your perfect opportunity to learn from and connect with some of the world's most successful business leaders that have done well by doing good. Link in bio for tix and more.
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It's that time of the sea-sun! Swipe left and say Aloha to our best-ever Wanderlust O'ahu lineup! Link in bio for the full deets. Who are you most excited to practice with in paradise? Comment below! 👇
Music lineup coming soon.
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Hungry for more shut-eye? You’re not alone in your quest for better sleep! These natural sleep remedies can help launch you into dreamland. 👇

Valerian is an herb that might just be your solution for a good night’s sleep. The roots of the plant are where the magic medicine lies, and it’s commonly found in products that help improve sleep patterns and build defenses against stress. You can take it as a tincture, capsule (try @swisseusa Ultiboost Sleep tablets), or in a tea.

Some say that yoga nidra (commonly referred to as yogic sleep) is even more restful than regular shut-eye. Yoga nidra involves finding a quiet room for up to 20 minutes, getting comfortable on the floor, and using a pillow or bolster to position yourself to fully relax. Try getting this uber-nap once a week and see how it starts to unwind your nervous system.

Meditation gives you all sorts of benefits, like enhanced REM sleep and increased levels of melatonin. If you’re looking for some relief when it’s time to hit the pillow a simple 6-minute meditation can prepare you, in both body and mind, for a full night’s rest.
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"The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness." —Sakyong Mipham.

It's so much easier to find stillness amidst the chaos when you're nestled among soft pillows, fresh flowers and glowing candles. If you're joining us at Wanderlust 108 Cincinnati, Detroit, Tampa or Austin be sure to stop by the @swisseusa Dream Dome for a 5-minute guided meditation and a very special hygge experience.
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