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Whether you’re a yogi, an artist, a foodie, an entrepreneur, or looking for inspiration — #WanderlustHollywood is a place to call home.


"The Wanderlust community is full of seekers on a path for deeper, more expansive and fully integrated lives. There is a passionate trailblazing spirit that connects like-hearted Wanderlusters all around the world."

We had to use all three images because we're that excited to be celebrating the one and only Kjord this week! Please join us is sending him love, and bringing your favorite people to his classes - on us!

Teaching schedule:
Tues 7:00pm Kundalini: Indigo Lab
Thurs 8:30am Kundalini
Sat 9:00am Kundalini


We are just 7 DAYS away from a weekend long celebration up at Squaw valley! Are you joining us? Comment below if you’ll be there for the festival 🙏🏼


Next week! Join Joan Hyman on a 5 day journey (July 16-20) as she leads you through deepening your own personal practice, as well as the students you teach.
In her Traveling From the Outside In teacher training, she explores multiple topics including Hands on Adjustments, Art of Looking at Bodies, Advanced Asana, Vinyasa Flow, and much more 🙏🏼


Our perfect day:
• Morning yoga
• Stumptown coffee in the cafe
• Lunch off the organic seasonal menu with people we love
• Watching the sunset from the rooftop ✨


"I believe that the practice of yoga can be one of the best and most powerful things that we can do on an individual, and collective level. If you let it, yoga is a true recognition of the self and offers endless wisdom about this thing called life."

Please help us celebrate Maria all week long! She's invites you to bring a friend to any of her classes this week, on us:
Tues 4:30pm The Flow level 2/3
Weds 9:00am The Flow level 2/3
Thurs 4:30pm The Flow level 2/3
Fri 6:30pm The Flow level 2


Scooping up every last bite of our NEW Thin Mint Protein Bowl - filled with acai, bananas, cashews, cacao nibs, cacao powder, almond butter, hemp, mint, chia, vanilla, Manitoba hemp seeds, and all the granola fixings!
If you’re into that kind of thing... 😋


Could this be love? Not only is Pukka Herbs a fellow certified B Corp, but they also design each Ayurveda-inspired tea blend to nourish and support our unique bodies and spirits. Sounds like love to us!

Come try a variety of Pukka teas in the cafe, and snack on our brand new Pukka Vanilla chai balls 😋


This Friday come prepare for eclipse season with a magical Soulstrology Soundbath from Ambi!

Ambi brings a different selection of planetary gongs (she has 9!) to each soundbath as well as a different selection of crystal bowls and chimes. At this soundbath she will be bringing her newest new gongs Pluto and Uranus, whose deep undertones help each of us to transform vibrationally and energetically.

Join us as we come together and use the eclipses to rebirth a new chapter in our lives.


"Having the opportunity to spread the message of yoga to people never ceases to amaze me. My goal is to impact and effect as many people as possible, introducing yoga to as many people as possible, and continuing to inspire seasoned yogis."

Please help us celebrate Byron all week long! We invite you to bring a friend to any of his classes this week, for free:
Monday 10am - The Flow 1/2
Monday 12pm - The Flow 2/3
Tuesday 9am - The Flow 2/3
Thursday 9am - The Flow 2/3 🙏🏼


Healthy, wellthy, and wise. We couldn’t be more excited to invite you to experience the world’s leading innovators, teachers, and socially-conscious companies at Wellspring this October.

#ExperienceWell and discover ideas and practices in personal, social, and societal wellness. Let’s transform the world—together.


Guess who you get to spend the summer with👆🏼
Monica will be teaching our Tuesday / Thursday 12pm Flow class all summer long! ☀️


NEW RADical Transformation Class: Guided Self-Bodywork

Grab a kit of RAD bodywork tools, hit the floor, and enjoy 45 minutes of guided self-massage that will work out the muscles from your feet to your neck and shoulders. Deep tissue massage assists in releasing pain, opening locked muscles, facilitating proper posture and quality sleep.

Join us Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5:30PM-6:15PM