Wyoming Interagency Hotshots@wyoming_hotshots

The Wyoming Hotshots are a highly trained wildland fire suppression crew that is hosted by the Bighorn
N.F. #wyoming_hotshots


Burning on the Silver Creek Fire. Handy watches a little flare up after we finished tying the burn in with Tatanka @tatankahotshots Photo By: Kyle Miller @kwmiller945


Prentiss watching to see how our column is doing during a firing operation on the Indian Valley Fire. When crews are firing, someone should always be watching to see what the winds are doing to the smoke column. Sometimes it's deceiving when you're on the ground next to the fire, especially in the timber. Currently the crew is checking into the Vineyard Fire in Hot Springs SD. Photo By: Kyle Miller @kwmiller945


Holding up for a minute during lighting on the Cabin Lake Fire. Photo By: Kyle Miller @kwmiller945


Dinner time at spike camp. If we're lucky a hot dinner is brought out to where we're spiking. The bin doors on the buggy make great tables for a quick dinner. Photo By: Kyle Miller @kwmiller945


Just another day of snagging along the fireline. Jon snagging on the Cabin Lake Fire. Photo By: Kyle Miller @kwmiller945


Wandering out the line in search of new areas to snag. Two of our saw teams walking down the dozer line on the Cabin Lake Fire. Photo By: Kyle Miller @kwmiller945


For those of you who don't know in fire there are basically 3 saw levels to get certified at, A, B &, C with C being the most complex trees. This is the last tree for Ray's initial C cert which he passed yesterday. Photo By: Kyle Miller @kwmiller945


What would a season be without at least one crew hike out pic. Here the crew is hiking back to spike camp on the Cabin Creek Fire in Colorado. Photo By: Kyle Miller @kwmiller945


Ray up admiring his handy work. We were dropping snags that were burning out along the line, most of which had needles still. The flame in the background is a small flare from the last one he'd dropped. Cabin Creek Fire, Colorado. Photo By: Kyle Miller @kwmiller945


The crew is getting ready to bed down for the night in a black meadow. The fire behind us is the Cabin Creek Fire in Colorado and it's cleaning up some pockets of subalpine fir. Photo By: Kyle Miller @kwmiller945


Dan and Pence waiting on the word to keep dragging fire on a burn on the Indian Valley Fire. Photo By: Kyle Miller @kwmiller945


Well there we were. Doing some burning in the desert. A couple of times it was a bit of a race to keep up with the fire chunking along the road and it was about a photo finish tying it in at the end but we edged it out. Indian Valley Fire, Colorado. Photo by: Kyle Miller @kwmiller945