Wyoming Interagency Hotshots@wyoming_hotshots

The Wyoming Hotshots are a highly trained wildland fire suppression crew that is hosted by the Bighorn
N.F. #wyoming_hotshots


Crew went available today. Here's a little Thursday throwback and hoping for another Minnesota roll. Who needs paddles when you've got a Mark III? Photos By:Kyle Miller @kwmiller945


Hey former crewmembers, we're getting some coffee mugs made up for the crew. Comment with the year you were on crew and how many you'd possibly be interested in. Nothing will be final, but I'll put together a mailing list for when they're ready for ordering and let you know how to order. If you've already commented on the FB post don't worry about it. @the.muggery


Saw team 3 putting in some line on a practice dig in the Bighorns. We'll be on the boards and hopefully rolling next week. Photo By: Kyle Miller @kwmiller945


Well we're back and kicking off the season again. We did our annual Beef Trail hike, just with a little twist to make it even more "fun." Follow along as the season gets rolling. I didn't get a picture today, so this is an old one. Photo by: @kwmiller945


I kind of like hiking out shots. The sun is always low so the light is always good. Here the crew is coming off the Snake Fire in Southern Wyoming. 📷 Kyle Miller @kwmiller945


Ray taking a look to see how his gunning cut is going to look as he starts into a burning snag. To add to the fun there was also a large hornet's nest up in it. This was on the final fire of the 2016 season in Wyoming. It won't be long and the crew will be rolling again and we'll have some current photos again for you. If you'd like to see more photos of the crew, follow along on our page this year. 📷:Kyle Miller @kwmiller945


Anybody else miss nights around the fire at spike camp? This is definitely my favorite part of working in fire. It's all the good people you work with. 📷:Kyle Miller @kwmiller945


Nate and Matt hiking back up the hill after doing a little test fire on Sunlight Mesa. We were getting ready for a most of the night kind of burn on a prescribed fire in the Bighorns. We were waiting for the cooler night air to help us mitigate the spotting potential from the subalpine spruce. 📷: Kyle Miller @kwmiller945


Terra torching away. This is a couple years ago now. The crew was helping the district out with a prescribed burn up on Sunlight Mesa. Photo by Bryce Perry I believe.


I saw this reposted the other day on another site. It's probably one of my favorite photos I've taken, not because the way it's composed, or the quality, but because it always reminds me of why I work on a hotshot crew. It's that camaraderie you have with the rest of the crew after spending all summer living and working together. Photo By: Kyle Miller @kwmiller945


How about a little Thursday throwback. Dave getting ready to end the burn Wyoming style. Those of you who have burned around us probably know what I mean. Photo By: Kyle Miller, @kwmiller945


With the fire season just around the corner, what's your preferred Spring time pt to get your legs ready? Here's a sample of a way a few of us get ready. Squadleader Steve out on a 2 day snowshoeing trip. It's one of the best ways I've personally found to get in shape. All day grinds up and down the mountains builds the endurance and strength you'll need for a challenging season, plus you get to look at something more exciting than gym walls.


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