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Snip snip ⚔️. I absolutely love cutting, there is something so gratifying in cutting off length and totally transforming a client. I love to detail and personalize cuts around each client. I always taking into consideration their face shape, the length of their neck and where their bob should fall. I've been getting more and more clients taking the big leap to chop and each one I've been so happy with. This cut I used my razor, twitching my blade twice, my @hanzonation dry cutting shears and my texturizers to remove weight. Do you guys want to see more cuts?

Virginia Beach, Virginia

All about the naturals today. Winter and Fall vibez are taking over Xo Hair Studio. Did you check out my story yesterday for the transformation and formulations? We even went live. Please comment below if you caught it. 🐻🦊🍂🍁❄️☃️


Its so important to take time and the right steps to achieve this look. I loved creating this for my client we used @pulpriothair #blondeaf with #brazilianbondbuilder #b3 and 25 v being careful of overlapping. I used Pulp Riot #barcelona to tone her hair.Then I smudged her root using #pulpriothighspeedtoner Violet,Silver, and Natural, for 10 mins. Shampooed out and formulated Pulp Riot Mercury, Smoke, Lava and a drop of Noir. This will give my client longevity and it allowed me to control my desired depth. This is a raw shot with no edits. Double tap to show some love ♥️♥️.

New York, New York

Just ya know some public dancing to start the morning off. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ Live life freely, and never look around for approval.


I had fun getting creative this morning using #pulpriothair. To check out her fun Bang marble check back in my Stories and I will share it soon! ⚡️⚡️


Hang out with us today if you wanna get creative. ⚡️⚗️ Story Time #pulpriothair


I love cutting and I cant wait to explore more with cuts. Where all my test subject ah hem 🙃 I mean models at? Shears are @hanzonation. Color is #pulpriothair


Leaders become great not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others. ⚡️ 2018 is going to be a strong year for change. You guys have always heard me apply the 3 principles that started my buisness years ago Inspiration,Motivation, and Education and while that is still and will always be my foundation, Empowerment means so much more to me because its what you give. I see too many platforms that are more about the Me than the We. 💗⚡️Are you supporting the We or the Me?


I could overdose on hair every day of the week.What videos leave you hypnotized? #pulpriothair

Los Angeles, California

Moon Stone Feathers throwback to this #moonstone #hologramhair. Should I do a new twist on this look? Drop your feedback below. ⚡️⚗️

Los Angeles, California

I am continuing to work on my 2018 calendar and I am excited to announce some awesome places Ill be heading this year. I am expanding the style and reach of my workshops this year. If your salon would like to host or learn more about my workshops please email Stylist’s who could share this that would be amazing! Also keep an eye out for some fun collaborations!