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Michael Yamashita

A floating garden atop a submerged snag in the pristine waters of Panda Lake, Jiuzhaigou National Park. This, and several other of my prints, were auctioned at the The Nature Conservancy Hong Kong Gala. Honored to be a part of this worthy cause. @tnc_hk @nature_org #Sichuan #Jiuzhaigou #NationalPark #fundraiser


Michael Yamashita

Mingsha Shan, The Singing Sand Dunes, Gansu, China. Marco Polo gave this 1000 feet mountain of sand its name, commenting on the mournful wails produced by the wind blowing over the top. I’m honored to be a part of the The Nature Conservancy Hong Kong Gala this Friday where several of my prints, including this photo, will be auctioned. @tnc_hk @nature_org
#mingshashan #sanddune #taklamakan #silkroad #dunhuang


Michael Yamashita

Grandma gives a kiss while churning yak butter by hand. Yak butter tea is a staple in the diet of Tibetan nomads. #Tibet #Tibetan #nomads #yakbutter


Michael Yamashita

Tibetan fashion - amber and coral headdresses, worn on celebratory occasions - here, during a summer festival at Shechen Monastery. Amber is fossilized tree resin and comes from Yunnan. Red coral is precious as it comes from the sea, far from landlocked Tibet. There are still some spots available for my photography workshop in Tibet this fall. Visit @visionarywild for all the details. #tibet #photoworkshop #tibetan #traditionalfashion


Michael Yamashita

Lhasa’s Potala Palace, once the home of the Dalai Lama and now a World Heritage Site, is the most iconic image of Tibet. The palace seems to float among the mountains, hovering above the marsh in the foreground. Join me and @visionarywild from September 21 - October 4, when we will visit the palace and many other wonderful places in Tibet. All locations and info about the workshop can be found by going to @visionarywild. Spots are going quickly, so secure yours before it fills up. #tibet #photoworkshop #PotalaPalace #Lhasa


Michael Yamashita

Known by many names, the Tsanda Earthen Forest in the extreme south west of Tibet, in Zanda is one of the many breathtaking places we will visit this fall on our photo workshop in Tibet. Join @visionarywild and myself from September 21 - October 4. All locations and info about the workshop can be found by going to @visionarywild. Spots are going quickly, so secure yours before it fills up.
#tibet #photoworkshop #earthforest #zhada #ngari


Michael Yamashita

A rainbow of vegetation and the blue waters of Lake Manasarovar show that not all of Tibetan landscape is colorless. This lake is sacred to four religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Bon. Join me and @visionarywild this fall on our photo workshop in Tibet to photograph this lake, Mt. Kailash and Mt. Everest just to name a few, from September 21 - October 4. All locations and info about the workshop can be found by going to @visionarywild. Spots are going quickly, so secure yours before it fills up.
#tibet #photoworkshop #kailash #mteverest #tibetanBuddhism


Michael Yamashita

Less than a decade ago these steam-powered locomotives hauled coal, miners, and passengers in Diaobingshan. Now these iron horses reside in the Diaobingshan Steam Locomotive Museum. An annual, multi-day event is held each January where tourists can visit the museum, ride the trains, and see exhibitions. The SY Series, pictured here were the last steam trains to be built in China, with production ceasing in 1999. #steamtrain #steamlocomotive #steamengine #Tieling #Liaoning


Michael Yamashita

It takes at least two people to operate a steam locomotive, and it’s a dirty job. The fireman stokes the fire with coal, regulates the steam pressure, monitors the boiler, and cleans the ash box. The engineer drives the train, controlling the starting, stopping, and speed of the train. These are just the basics to the operation of the train. #steamtrain #steamlocomotive #steamengine #steamrailway


Michael Yamashita

View from my window: last night’s winter storm Scott dumped 6 inches on our doorstep. #winterstormscott #chesternewjersey


Michael Yamashita

It was less then a decade ago when many of the trains hauling coal from China’s mines where also powered by it, but now there are very few steam powered trains running in the country at all. In an effort to reduce pollution China is shutting some mines down, and has replaced old steam trains with modern diesel and electric ones. Even with efforts to reduce pollution, China’s coal consumption has risen slightly for the past two years, after falling between 2014 and 2016. #coal #pollution #coalmining #steamtrain


Michael Yamashita

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station: One of four major railway stations in Shanghai, serves 210,000 passengers a day, most on high-speed trains like this one departing the station. #traintravel #trainstation #railway #railwaystation