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✨This is a perfect place to start if you want to practice yoga, but don’t know where to begin!
Here are some basic poses with tips, modifications and things to avoid!👀
🙅🏼‍♀️ The poses include:
🙋🏼‍♀️Tips for BEGINNERS🙋🏼‍♀️
✨BEND YOUR KNEES: It’s okay if you can’t touch your toes or need to bend in a Down Dog 👍🏼 It’s better to keep good alignment VS keeping the legs straight. Start there and work on straightening the knees over time!
✨DONT COMPARE: When you start yoga the poses might feel awkward in your body. That’s normal! Do your best & don’t compare your pose to someone who has been practicing for years. Find your best version of the pose & keep practicing!
✨MODIFY WHEN NEEDED: It’s okay to modify & when you’re starting, I encourage it more than ever. Yoga is about coming as you are & not forcing yourself to go to a place if you are not ready. Take it slow, listen to YOUR body & breathe
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TAG YOUR YOGA BUDDY! 👯‍♀️ This is too cute! 😍 Zombie press by mom and daughter .⠀
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@yogastrike 😁BEGINNER YOGA FLOW😁
“I want to practice yoga, but I don’t know where to start!”🤷🏼‍♀️
🤔Sound familiar??! ☝🏼If you want to start a home practice, START HERE!
✨Don’t feel the need to over complicate things, just practice this flow (or the modified version) 3-5 times to start. As you get stronger, you can add more!



Today I felt I have to work on my balancing skills and gave a try to upward facing #seatedwideanglepose on my limitlesswheel 😉 This felt good🙏
Wish you all a beautiful day🤗 @yogastrike



Before even getting out of bed (let's be real do I ever even get out of bed? 😂) Poses in order: ❃Reclined wide leg straddle
❃Happy baby
❃Reclined cobblers pose
❃Thread the needle (both sides)
❃Frog pose with pillow and without
❃Half pigeon (both sides)
❃Pancake fold
❃Cobblers pose
❃Middle splits & Then cuddle your furry friend. 🐶🐱 Happy stretching 🙃 🖤 @yogastrike



Absolutely incredible 💪💕 Tag your favorite teacher!






What's your favorite morning workout with your partner? 💋💞💪 adorable! @nayitavp & @e_zdays



Some stretch that helping me alot to get hollowback,just remember practice,and attitude it will come to u. Not in in 1day, but it will come.



Working on flipping your grip in bow pose? Two straps (or two belts) are the perfect props to use to help you safely practice flipping your grip and deepening your bow pose!☺️ If you swipe left, the first video is showing you how you progressively work your way up to your feet (this doesn’t happen over night or in just a few weeks – more like months, sometimes years). The most important part about this practice is making sure your taking you time, respecting your bodies limit and not forcing anything – every pose should be a gentle invitation.

Third video is just a mini warm-up I do before getting into that serious backbend in bow pose – also, I do more warming up then just what’s in that video. I do 10 sun salutations plus warming and stretching my hips, hamstrings, quads and shoulders Please, please, please do you warm ups, and practice safely 😘❤️ - 📸@alexzandrapeters



Working on finding height in your locust pose? This is one of my favorite drills to build muscle strength, control & memory for the lift.⁣

Ways you can practice this if you don’t have a floor heater😉: Ask someone to hold your feet down, or place your toes under the little space under a door, you can also use 10-20 pound weights and stick your feet under that little space as well! Really just looking for something low to the ground that can support for weight for when you lift 😊⁣

The pose itself is not an easy one, by any means. It involves everything in your body working together as one and requires a lot of warming up before entering into it – because your body needs to be prepared to know where its going and to be able to get into the pose safely. Also warming your back up prior will help you achieve you’re your maximum lift and find that height and spine flexibility you’re looking for.⁣

Warm ups:⁣


-Up Dog⁣

- Variations of puppy pose⁣

- Bridge⁣



-5-10 rounds of lifting to Corbra and work on lifting your palms off the ground holding for 5 breaths.⁣
⁣ ⁣

Final pose:⁣

Take an inhale in to prep for the pose, stick your toes into the space and press up.⁣

Exhale, engage your hamstrings, quads, squeeze your glutes, press your hips into the earth, fire your core⁣

While reaching your arms back -shoulders together and down the back (engaged), heart forward and view looking towards the sky.⁣

Hold for 4 breaths,⁣

Then working on coming up and down with each inhale and exhale. This is a great way to build strength in the back body 🙌 you’ll probably feel it tomorrow morning 😂❤️
📸 @alexzandrapeters