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Long day. Bath tub. (it’s a perfect equation)🛁🌿💦😌 .
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A sea of peace.
So damn lucky to get to do this for a living. I count my blessings every day❤️ Thanks for this time New York! Now, home to baby and YTT. #yogaeverydamnday


THANK YOU NYC! Thank you everyone for coming! Thank you @propelwater for putting together this epic event! Yoga on a rooftop overlooking the Brooklyn bridge was🔥 So much gratitude. Thank you everyone who came, who flew in to take this class(!!), who stood in line to get in, who waited patiently for hugs... And for moving and setting intentions for joy and sharing so much love💕 This class sold out so fast I couldn’t believe it. We were 1,000 in NJ when I was pregnant with Luna and I’d love to find a venue big enough to top that here in the city... And raise funds for @yogagirlfoundation !!! Hit me up with your best suggestions and I’ll be back soon, soon!❤️ I love you all. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. x #YogaGirl #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #community #LOVE


I’ve always had a hard time making, and keeping, girlfriends. One of my biggest childhood wounds is related to female abandonment so I have a tendency to push women away; to be the first to create a problem, to separate myself or deem people not good enough. I have a lot of good friends but my real, true, best girlfriends I can count on one hand. One lives in Sweden. One, the US. The other one, Costa Rica. One is in the UK. One in Belgium. Ok, maybe two or three are in Sweden when I think about it. And there is @ahlaluna of course but she died and for a while I thought maybe I’d die with her. The girls I can count on one hand today are the ones that got me through it and made sure I’m here today.
Maybe... I have more girlfriends than I think I do. @bluewaterlove is here in NYC with me now and it’s so fucking beautiful to be reminded of friendship and what it feels like when it’s genuine. We don’t see each other that often. We don’t talk every day. But she flies in from Savannah to be with me for one single day and we hug and immediately I want to punch her a little because she annoys me in the best possible way. I love her so fucking much. There are no conditions to this friendship. I can be who I am. She makes fun of me a lot. Calls me out on my shit. Rolls her eyes if I ever get too full of myself. She’s excited to assist my class tomorrow but keeps asking why the hell this many people would want to come practice yoga with me (do they know we’re total weirdos and just here trying to figure life out, just like the rest of the world?) and right now she’s asleep and even though we have two rooms she dragged her stuff across the hall so we could share a bed because it felt weird to be apart.
I’m not sure what my point is with sharing this post but I want to remind myself that no matter how separate I feel... I’m actually never alone.💛 .
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This sneaky little baby raiding the yoga mat cubbies is a whole 16 months old today!!! And I just landed in New York. It’s so strange to me how I can miss someone so immensely after only a couple of hours💛
Being her mom is just the best thing in the world. #lealuna #16months #sharkbaby


Swipe left for WHAT NOT TO DO IN DOWNWARD-FACING DOG! I almost never talk about asana alignment on social media because it’s such a limited space to offer instruction but after receiving so many questions on IG Story about the meaning of “hanging in the shoulders” and “flaring the ribs” in down dog I did a mini Live on this today. Well... This is it! The second photo was actually painful to take and I was only in the pose for a second🙈
In Adho Mukha Svanasana, bend your knees a little (or a lot) so that you can keep your pelvis in a neutral position while drawing the lower ribs IN to connect to your center. Stay active in the shoulders and pull the front of your throat in toward the back of your neck to avoid jutting the chin out/compressing the neck. Your heels do not have to touch the ground and believe it or not, down dog is not a great pose to work on your hamstring flexibility in! It’s not a resting pose but a place to consolidate and create length (if you have tight hammies and want to create space, make your way to Supta Padangustasana with a strap). We talk about this and so much more in today’s episode of the Yoga Girl podcast! My friend and spirit animal @lara.heimann joins me on the show and we talk about the over-glamorized flexibility in yoga and how it’s hurting us, common misconceptions about “basic” poses, how to build a sustainable yoga practice to last you a lifetime and of course, how our entire lives change when we live from our CORE. It’s a great episode, as always with Lara on the show! Link in bio to listen❤️❤️❤️ love! #yogagirl #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #adhomukhasvanasana #downwardfacingdog #downwarddog #downdog #practice #asana #alignment #space #length #strength #breathe #life


Breathe space into the tight
the tense
the stagnant
the dark
the harsh
the painful
the closed off
the tired
the anxious
the sad.
Breathe into it
lean into it
open it up
love on it
forgive it

watch it change.🌙 .
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🌅🌙 I wake up before sunrise every day. Not to work out, or sweat, or get “more things done” (although sometimes my mind tricks me into thinking that would be more effective). I get up before sunrise so that I can sit in silence. It’s pitch black outside when I get out of bed. It’s hard. When it first goes off I curse that damn alarm clock and every morning I negotiate with myself. “5 more minutes / this is ridiculous / you need the extra sleep / just go back to bed”... But then I make myself open my eyes and throw off the covers and stand up and from there, it’s easy. I make a cup of tea. Cuddle the one dog who enjoys early mornings (Laika). Roll out my yoga mat on the back porch. And then... I sit. And I breathe. Sometimes I stretch. Sometimes I move. Sometimes I flow through a whole big practice. But most of the time I just watch the world wake up around me. There is a moment before the first rays of the sun filter through the cactus when the sky looks something like this - colorful in a way that takes your breath away. Brushstrokes of orange and pink and purple on a dark blue canvas. So much color. The sliver of the moon still lingers above me. The whole thing lasts just a moment; if I look away I miss it. It’s magical. And then it’s gone and the world gets bright and the sun comes up and I am reminded that this sky happens every morning and if I’m not awake, I miss it.
Before I roll my mat up and the baby wakes and regular life resumes, I speak my gratitude out loud.
That 5am alarm clock is at the top of my list, every single day.
Rise, babies. Rise early. It’s worth it. .

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I used to think that when it came to self compassion, I was doing a pretty good job. I’d look in the mirror and for the most part, for as long as I can remember, I’d feel ok about being me. There were times when I didn’t like something, sure, but I wouldn’t panic about it. I never had an eating disorder or engaged in self harm. But there was always something I wasn’t happy with. For a while it was my arms. Sometimes I’d obsess over my thighs, or my feet. I hated my teeth. Stuffed my bra with padding as a teenager. Felt self conscious all the time. When I think about it, I’ve gone through phases of hating almost every part of my body at least at some point or another. My boobs were too small, then they were too big. I’ve felt too tall, too muscular, not muscular enough, flabby, fat, disproportionate. These days, when I’m having a “bad” body day my attention always goes to my belly. It used to be firm and flat and now it’s... Well, less of both of those things. Still, I often look myself in the mirror and think “hot damn!” because I KNOW I’m beautiful and my sense of self love has only grown since becoming a mother. But here is the thing:

It’s not possible to love most of yourself. Self love and acceptance is an all or nothing deal; you have to embrace it ALL. You are not only a part of the whole - you are the whole. Resenting a part of your body means resenting all of it. You are one connected, living, loving, breathing being. The way you feel about a part of you will translate to how you feel about the whole of you.
Confidence has little to do with what your body looks like. You can be a super model and live in disgust of yourself every day. You can weigh a thousand million pounds and love yourself immensely. The surface only has importance because society has made it so and we continue to feed into it.
I look at Lea Luna and remember what it was like to be a child, living in my body instead of looking at it. Her whole existence is a celebration of who she is - it’s marvelous. And I know that somewhere buried beneath a lifetime of feeling like I’m not enough there is a toddler version of myself just waiting for me to come back to love so we can play❤️


💛 Dynamic meditation. Silence. Deep in process. It’s Day 10 of this yoga teacher training and absolutely everything is moving. .

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