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YOU GUYS! TODAY IS THE 1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE YOGA GIRL PODCAST!!! Today’s episode marks an entire year! Whuuuuuuttt?? I literally cannot believe it. 52 episodes! How did this happen??? I can’t believe an entire year has flown by so quickly. Swipe left to see a photo from when I recorded the very first podcast episode... Lea Luna was less than a week old! Seriously - who does that? A crazy person, that’s who! It’s been a wild ride but I’ve come to realize that launching this podcast was a way for me to share and process my emotions and it’s become a deeply sacred, spiritual practice. I spend a lot of time holding space for others - it’s what I do best - and I’m terrible at giving myself moments to slow down and reflect. I guess what I want to say is... Thank you for listening to my words and for holding space for me to just be. I have so much gratitude for you all. You’re basically saving my life on a weekly basis😭❤️ The podcast is how I process and every week I get to cry, laugh and share my innermost feelings with people who GET ME. Who feel it, too. For that I am eternally thankful. .
We are at a steady 600.000 listeners a month and I plan to take that to 1 million and beyond this year! THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING ALONG ON A TRULY EPIC JOURNEY! To listen to today’s anniversary-episode click the link in my bio or search Yoga Girl wherever you get your podcasts (iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher). Loving you. Always. x .
Oh - and comment your favorite episode below! Mine is the one where I hadn’t slept for 4 weeks and have a full on meltdown while recording😂😭 Or the one with all the poop. Or any of the ones with my most amazing guests (can’t pick one!!)❤️❤️❤️ #YOGAGIRLPODCAST #FROMTHEHEART #PODCAST #LOVE

Island Yoga

Shark baby and daddy and I kicked off our first retreat of the year today! 52 people here from 10 countries🌸🌍 Opening circle was DRASTICALLY different compared to 4 months ago at our last @island.yoga retreat... Then, Luna was crawling around but wasn’t very fast and pretty content to just chill on my yoga mat. Now? This child is WILD! Toddlerhood is here in full force and it’s awesome and crazy all at once. Tonight she walked around the circle clapping her hands, ie urging everyone to clap for her (she’s a little performer already), tried to eat the flowers, ran away with all my pens and ventured dangerously close to all the candles and started shrieking when we took away the giant crystal and the bells and everything else she wanted to throw on the floor🙈 Luckily grandma is here and little moon child got to go home and eat her oatmeal and go to bed😅 I don’t think she’ll be joining many meditation sessions this week... Or maybe, if we want to give our retreaters an extra challenge🤔🤓 Having her in the group is the sweetest thing - she loves, loves people. She’s so determined. So very much herself. I aspire to be a little more like her every single day❤️ @loving.lealuna #toddler #1year #lealuna #baby #motherhood #family #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirl #yogagirls #islandyoga18 📷: @anikafseverns

Island Yoga

Tiny sandy feet. A sunset. And peace❤️☺️ .
(she points at a kite surfer in the end)😍 #beachbaby #islandbaby #lealuna #beach #sunset #serenity #sea #ocean #sky #nature #peace #love

Fishermans hut

Give yourself permission to slow down today. Soften. Just be. In case you’re having a hard time calming your mind (I often do); here is a simple meditation that you can do right now, wherever you are.
Switch your phone off. Sit down; either cross-legged or on a chair with your feet firmly grounded on the earth. Let your shoulders drop and allow the crown of the head to pull toward the sky, creating length and space for your breath to grow deeper. Close your eyes. Now: count your breath, silently. Inhale - 1. Exhale - 1. Inhale - 2. Exhale - 2. Inhale - 3. Exhale - 3. Each cycle of breath is one count, same on the breath in and breath out. Keep your breath slow and steady, letting your belly expand and contract with each cycle of breath. When you get to 10, count in reverse until you’ve made your way back to 1. And here is the trick: if you lose count or forget what count or breath you are on... Begin again. Inhale - 1. Exhale - 1. If your mind is very busy it will take you a few minutes to become present enough to stay with the breath without letting your thoughts take you elsewhere. With time and practice, every thought serves not as a distraction but as a simple and important reminder to return to the breath; to come back home. .
It’s simple, but not easy. Sit in silence. Count your breath. Stay here.
Do it now. #soften #relax #meditate

Island Yoga

Every day she squats down next to the dogs, leans in and opens her mouth wide to give them kisses (aka have them give her slobbery open-mouth Dog-to-baby tongue kisses)🙈😂❤️ During our last visit to the @sgtpeppersfriends shelter she did the same with all the puppies! People ask me if it doesn’t freak me out or say that it’s unsanitary... But I want her to be a little messy! I want her to be barefoot and play in the dirt and not be afraid to walk in the rain and give the doggies kisses because she loves them and lie face down in the grass and let the earth hold and caress her the way it’s meant to. If I had the time and patience I’d transform our home into a little farm (but with two goats and three dogs we are pretty busy as is at the moment). Life is messy and that’s a good thing. When she eats I take her clothes off and let her go nuts with whatever is in front of her - she eats with her whole body. And then we take a bath and walk around naked. It’s the best. Naked babies, dogs, family. Just the best. Whenever my mind takes me elsewhere I come back here. The little things and the everythings❤️ #gratitude


Behold: a visual representation of my spiritual journey🤓❤️✨🌙☺️😅 (watch until the end) .
. .
Music: Mul Mantra by Snatam Kaur .

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Birthday party bliss!!!! Had the best day with this little princess celebrating her first birthday with friends and family today. She is so sweet and gentle and calm it just melts my heart... She’s the kindest, happiest little girl❤️ And after a whole day of music and cake and laughter and a house full of people she ate all her oatmeal, put on her PJ’s, hugged her new teddy bear and put herself to bed without a word. I LOVE HER SO MUCH😭 and she looks like a fairytale princess in this dress! So proud to be her mom. And so tired now after a very exciting birthday week. I’ve never had this much vegan cake in my life (today we had a coconut caramel cake, vanilla cake and an upside down pineapple cake - the sugarrrrrrrrrr)😋🤓 Wishing you all a beautiful evening and love, love, love ❤️ #family #love #birthday #bdayparty #lealuna #joy (beautiful photos by @dayennearuba !)


Walking the line between showing up with love, speaking up for what I believe in, fighting for what’s right, being a voice of reason, letting go of perfection, caring for my wellbeing, being a source of inspiration, changing the world, remaining authentic and also giving absolute zero fucks about what other people think of me. IT’S A LOT TO BALANCE! I do my best. Take a lot of risks. Stir a lot of pots. Piss a lot of people off. And speak up as much as I can without risking a lawsuit (been there done that). I fucking hate injustice and insincerity. Can’t stand it. Gets me all fired up. But then I remember, my job isn’t to breathe fire. It’s just to breathe. So deep breaths all around while I contemplate the #metooyoga movement and corporate greed within the yoga world today. If you have a story to share email me. 600 women have shared so far. You are all so brave. x #justice


Just very casually wondering if its socially acceptable to put your baby in tie dye every day🤔🤓😇 .
I’m so forking glad I have you guys. Seriously. You listening and commenting and giving reviews on the podcast makes my week every week. It feels so good to just be weird and normal all at the same time knowing there are people out there that feel the same as I do. I LOVE YOU!!!!! And I can’t wait to share with you the new stuff I’m working on. To heal and help and love and share and give and be and breathe and move and LIVE. All of us together. Loving all. x #yogagirl #community #gratitude

Island Yoga

In today’s podcast episode I tell the most insane story of all time, fully give up trying to be perfect, admit that I have a crush on a 90-year old man and talk about major fuck-ups, shitty days, unconditional love and how at the end of it all gratitude will change all of our lives. It’s a good one! Tune in now! Link in bio or search Yoga Girl wherever you get your podcasts😬☺️❤️ .
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Island Yoga

do you ever feel
like just walking away? .
Day started off crap and has sort of gotten crappier since. Sometimes I feel like I’m banging my head against the wall with the same issue again and again and nothing ever changes no matter what angle I take. So what do you do when no matter how hard you try things just don’t work? Well. You stop trying. You hug your baby and you stop. In 50 years... Will anything else really matter?