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When in doubt... Look up. .
You are made of stars and earth and dust and moonlight and without you .
nothing would be the same.
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Naked babies. Sunset. And this light🙌🏼☀️ The love❤️ @orothschild @dennisfromsalad @patrickbeke @tangerine_aruba @cado297 #family


So @dennisfromsalad has decided to pick up the camera again out of the blue and it’s so much fun! Look at how he made me harvesting moringa for our morning smoothie look very serene and put together (although actually the baby was waking up and I had oatmeal on the stove and the dogs had gotten into the trash all at once)🙄🤗 .
Two months into veganism now and I am feeling SO GOOD. I was vegan for years but years ago and somehow I’d forgotten what my body feels like without dairy. I knew when I had the baby I’d never feed her animal products and now I marvel over the fact that I was so conscious about her health but careless about my own. I’d eat ice cream and cheese (ah, the cheese) thinking I was doing it the way I eat dessert and drink wine; “I know it’s not great for me but I’m conscious about it and eat it anyway because it makes me happy”. Well, I conveniently chose to not think about the fact that for me to have cheese on my toast a mother has to lose her baby😭 I feel it in my core and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it again: I want to lead a life that inspires love and healing and that brings as little suffering into the world as possible. Eating dairy is NOT IT. Forcefully removing babies from their mommas so we can drink their breastmilk is not it. And that’s putting all benefits for health an the environment that veganism brings aside... I just can’t stop thinking of the moms and the babies❤️ And vegan this time around is SO EASY! I’m mashing avocado on my toast instead of cheese and switched over to coconut ice cream. Piece of vegan cake!
If you want more info about vegetarianism vs veganism, google James Aspey + dairy and watch any of his videos. Thanks @jamesaspey for helping the voiceless!🌱 #vegan #health #vibrant #plantbased #food #yoga #yogaeverydamnday


HAPPY PODCAST DAY EVERYONE!! In today’s episode I share the story of how I left shark baby for the first time ever to travel to Los Angeles last weekend and how, inevitably, chaos ensued. From having a super difficult time leaving Aruba in the first place to arriving to find LA on fire (literally!) I spent the weekend arguing with my brother about politics and fighting with @dennisfromsalad about baby stuff (he thought getting a baby sitter for the first time ever while I was a thousand miles away and already panicking was a great idea🙈), going head to head with the airlines about getting home on time and pushing through the longest photo shoot ever while just feeling overall crappy. A whirlwind of a weekend, indeed! I did have some fun moments of course and slept two whole nights by myself so it wasn’t all bad but I could have never predicted just how hard leaving Luni would be!😳 .
I also talk about how to bridge the gap with our family members when we can’t see eye-to-eye (is it possible?), letting go of control, facing your fears at your own pace and how, sometimes, all you need is a really good cry.

Tune in now! Click the link in my bio or go to www.rachelbrathen.com for a list of all podcast providers❤️ Happy podcasting! x #yogagirlpodcast #podcast #fromtheheart #familybusiness #holidays #travel #family #love


Don’t worry. Be happy❤️ (or be sad! That’s ok, too. Or anxious. Or content. Or angry. Or happy and sad and sort of grateful for everything at the same time. Be whatever you are. Just feel your feelings)👌🏼 .
You are doing your best and everything you are is good enough. 😘 x #allthefeels #gratitude


Life. .
I’m home, wrapping presents and watching Luna pull books out of the bookshelf, laughing to herself each time one falls to the floor. I love her so much. My entire body is warm with love. Sometimes it seeps out of me, the love, and I have no choice but to cry a little. Dennis asks me often; “what’s wrong?” but I’m just happy. I have such a good life. It’s not always easy and I’ve been through my fair share of pain but right now, everything is so beautiful and I’m not ashamed to say that. I feel purposeful and loved and in love. And I want to speak it out loud.
When we get lucky and find ourselves in a moment where things are perfect we need to soak up all the beauty and store it so that when, inevitably, struggle eventually arrives again... We’ll remember that magic is always just around the corner.
If you’re happy, be happy. All in. All the way. x


Run little hippie, run!😂😍 This is her absolute favorite thing. Best is when Ringo is in the room barking and chasing her and she laughs like she is about to pass out with happiness😅 I could spend all day rolling around on the floor playing with her.
She is just starting to walk holding onto just one hand too! But very tentatively. And she is doing this super funny crawl where she is on one knee and one foot. Half puppy dog crawl half gorilla! Looks hilarious. Oh and since I left for LA she has been sleeping 12-hour nights without eating at night at all. WHAT IS GOING ONNNN. Maybe I was just the problem the whole time😬🙈🙄 . I honestly wish she nursed more but I can’t get her to be still. Have accepted that it is what it is - no more forcing or pushing anything that isn’t flowing for me. Practicing the art of totally relaxing every damn day for the rest of this year. All is well!
In two days she will be nine months old. Where has time gone? @loving.lealuna #sharkbaby #cuteness #happiness #joy #laugher #baby #love


On my way home to this!!!!!!!!!! Currently sitting at the airport in Columbus, Ohio feeling like absolute, total crap after they canceled my flight from LA to Aruba😩 We were at dinner after the longest day when I got a text out of the blue saying my flight had been canceled and that I was rebooked for one 24 hours later. NOT HAPPENING, DELTA!🙄 I have a baby to get home to! We jumped in the car and raced to the airport where I managed to get on a flight to Columbus and now boarding another one to Atlanta where I’ll hopefully make my connection and get to Aruba today. We are just about out of milk and not coming home to hug shark baby today would just kill me😭 Wish me luck. Oh and it’s 6am and I’m in full hair and makeup because I didn’t get a chance to change after my shoot or anything. Feeling very gross and beyond exhausted... These 48 hours in LA were intense🙈😬 Don’t think I’m cut out for that kind of traveling anymore! Mamahood has changed me! All I want to do is cuddle up on the couch with baby. Hope I can squeeze her today. Pray to the weather gods that Atlanta snowstorm has mellowed out! x❤️ #travelnightmare #deepbreaths #sharkbaby #motherhood #love


Happy Friday and happy podcast day all the way from LA!!!!!! In this episode my best friend @orothschild takes over as host of the show😱😅😍 She interviews me on my way to the airport, freaked out about leaving the baby and overwhelmed about the intensity of motherhood (perfect time for her to take over!!). We start off with a lot of laughter, of course, and Olivia asks some very serious questions I normally do not answer (like “when was the first time you ever farted in front of Dennis?”) before we venture toward more serious subjects (...like pooping during childbirth)😝 .
After getting the many, many questions about bodily functions out of the way we dive into stories from our high school days, what it’s like having husbands that are BFF’s and the very important subject of #MeToo - what’s next? We chat about how we can raise vulnerable boys and empowered girls while continuing to strive for equality in the most loving way possible. We also talk about how to find your true passion in life and stay on course - even when life throws you challenges. Listen in now!!! Link in bio as usual❤️ #podcast #yogagirlpodcast #fromtheheart #bff #yoga #yogaeverydamnday

Downtown LA

Laughing hysterically at my brother trying very hard to be a good Instagram photographer and get this shot right. Five minutes later we were drinking beer arguing about politics loud enough for the neighboring table to become concerned and and ask what in the world we were talking about so passionately🙈 Just the way it’s supposed to be!😝😋 #losangeles #family

Santa Monica, California

I’ve had many surreal experiences in my life but this moment right here... I’m using a breast pump. In a public bathroom. Standing outside a janitors closet. At an airport.
Took me an hour to find a spot where I could pump in “private”. The pump is balancing on a trash can.
Ah, motherhood. You are just so glamorous😝😂😅#normalizebreastfeeding #normalizebreastpumping #normalizeEVERYTHING !!!

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport