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“Best friends.” ⁣⁣
She took one look at @supermodelmomma1 baby girl Layla and immediately declared; “best friend”. Best friend. She held her hand all night. ⁣⁣
When you feel like the world is a gloomy place... Find a child and watch them love❤️


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well this has been a while.
I cut my braid out of my hair today and then waxed my legs. #thirdlifecrisis?
how is January 17 for you?🙃😌🥳


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From a scale of 1-100... I really REALLY hate this⁣

🏊‍♀️+🚴‍♀️+🏃‍♀️= 🚑🧟‍♀️⚰️⁣

#triathlon #ironmanvsyogagirl #IOFFICIALLYREGRETTHISBET


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little moon. big light.

hold your loved ones close.


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#10yearschallenge - this is so wild! Exactly 10 years ago I was... Younger😝 The photo on the left is from a Phish show in Chicago I went to with a friend and a bunch of people I barely knew. I’d scraped together money for the trip and slept on someone’s couch and the show was one of the most amazing experiences I’d ever had. By the end of it I’d decided I was going to be a Phishhead and follow them around forever and had already climbed into some Hawaiian guys car to road trip to the next show when my friend stopped me (I don’t know what was in the brownies I ate but they were delicious!)🙈⁣

I hadn’t met Dennis yet and was still living in Costa Rica, waitressing and bartending to make ends meet. I had absolute zero fear of anything ever going wrong and I always said yes to everything. Ayahuasca on a whim with complete strangers in the jungle? Yes. Live in a commune without running water or electricity? Yes. Run off to Nicaragua with a reggae band without my passport? Yes. I was wild. I never had any money but somehow everything always worked out. I traveled, practiced yoga, surfed, drank tequila and made friends everywhere I went. I didn’t have a savings account, or a steady job, or a phone for that matter. I was happy - and clueless. Life was awesome... But I was also faking it. I look confident as hell but on the inside I was terrified. I had a past full of unresolved pain I didn’t want to deal with and was so terrified of commitment I’d run for the hills whenever I felt stagnant or whenever the guy I happened to be dating told me he loved me. ⁣

I look at this photo of myself and I feel nostalgic; happy-sad. She doesn’t know it but this girl has some serious love, and some serious pain, coming her way. And so much hurt in her past it’s weighing her down to the point of self-sabotaging everything good and steady in her life. ⁣

In 2009 I was happy... But I was a mess. ⁣

Now, the picture on the right? My mom took it this morning. ⁣It’s 2019.

It needs no explanation. ⁣ 😍❤️🥰 #2009vs2019 #thankyou


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This photo looks cute and all but we are literally in the middle of the craziest toddler battles ever. We’ve officially arrived at the age where we’re not allowed to help her with ANYTHING - but she still doesn’t know how to do everything on her own. Putting on her shoes, taking off clothes, preparing food... Every moment is an opportunity to lie down on the floor and scream🤓 also, she is the boss of me right now (or trying hard to be). She goes “NO NO NO MAMMA!” and pushes me if I’m sitting five inches too far to the left of the couch for her liking. Oh and if I try to do yoga she throws a tantrum. Fun times galore! Luckily she’s so goddamn cute and cuddly at the same time and everything is still manageable. We’re walking the fine line of setting boundaries and letting her feel her all of her feelings. I’m⁣ good at staying patient and try to listen and just be present with her while explaining what’s going on. Getting dressed is hard! Brushing your teeth sucks! For most of it, I feel her😌⁣

Parents with kids of a similar age as Luna... Do you have any tips for dealing with major tantrums (ones that seem to never end?) - and is it common for one parent to have a harder time? For some reason with me she won’t accept that she can’t always have her way but with Dennis she gets over it much quicker. Would love to hear about your experience!⁣

(don’t go all internet on me over the straw, we try our best but sometimes we forget)👹🤷🏼‍♀️ #life


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Good morning, everyone! Wishing you a magnificent day! (and yes, this is how we eat breakfast now)😬😝 #saturday


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Best friends FOREVER😭 @orothschild I miss your face already! And then I look at the ridiculous selfies we’ve taken this trip and think it’s probably good we have a one-month breather until the next time😂
Our podcast is out NOW! Click the link in my bio to listen! We talk about long-distance friendship, how to nurture and cherish your most important relationships, raising babies the same age, not shaving our legs, what annoys us most about the other person... And much more! Oh and she breaks a glass and we drink a lot of gin😬 join us for a girls night and tune in now! Link in bio or search Yoga Girl wherever you normally find your podcasts❤️


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Podcast with @deepakchopra will be out SOON!🥰❤️ #yogagirlpodcast


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Sounds of the city. ⁣

🧘‍♀️🗽🚦🌆 #newyork


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Feeling fabulous as FUCK! Took this photo on self timer like an idiot while waiting for @orothschild to come back from the spa. We are having the most amazing time. I keep forgetting to take photos! Took this trip for no reason other than missing each other. Loving thousands of miles part from your bestie is hard so you gotta jump on every chance to hang out you get! So far we’ve had every meal at killer vegan restaurants, gone to a late-night comedy show, had a psychic reading, walked around Central Park, shopped a little, had a spa day at and literally just had the most incredible time. Now we are off to The Plaza for vegan high tea (what!), then getting our makeup done (what!) and then going to some crazy interactive theater show in a scary hotel(?!). IT’S THE BEST NYC TRIP EVER. With the best friend ever. I’m so lucky.
Podcast on friendship coming this Friday! Now, go tell your bestie you love them. x #girlstrip #treatyourself #LOVE


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NYC YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! And cold as FORK! I have no winter jacket or appropriate clothing of any kind but I’m beyond excited to be here. 4 days in the city! Guess who is flying in to meet me!!?🥰😋💃 #girlstrip #YAY