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@SofiePhoenix has sooooo much to say all of a sudden! Her latest word is “crazy”🤪 As you can see, we have officially entered a new stage of parenting called #letmeguesswhatyouaretryingtosay 👻
Any idea where we can we find a baby-talk dictionary???

Sydney, Australia

#Trikonasana is one of the quintessential standing poses of yoga. I still remember studying this pose in my first 200hr training at Kripalu some 15 years ago. At first I thought I was really good at it, but boy did I get schooled! I was basically told that everything I was doing in the posture was wrong and it would eventually lead to an injury. Talk about an ego check! 🤦🏽‍♀ The last three weeks spent training with Maty Ezraty has been a great reminder of finding more stability, integration and elongation in my practice. I still consider my triangle pose a work in progress (just like all asanas), but I’m excited to feel a newly found freedom in this pose. Grateful to have the capacity to adapt, listen and shift the way my body moves. Do you find that your yoga practice offers the perfect framework for all other areas of your life too? I do. 🙏🏼C.
If you’d like to join our upcoming 200hr YTT in Bali in March 2018, the time to apply is now! Early bird pricing expires on 31st December. Check out yogabeyond.com for details and registration.
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Tomorrow is our last day of Maty Ezraty’s teacher training. A bit sad, but excited to integrate Maty’s wisdom and let it percolate into my teaching. Feeling very blessed and grateful to have had this opportunity to study with one of the legends of yoga.🙏🏼 BIG THANK YOU to my amazing hubby for holding down the fort and looking after little Phoenix over the last three weeks, whilst also renovating our home and somehow finding time to snap these great pics. You da best!💓 PS what do y’all think about my concentration face?
d) all of the above
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One of the most precious gifts we can offer children is our presence. When mindfulness embraces them, they blossom like flowers.🌸🌼🌺🌻
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@SofiePhoenix is such a little badass. Check her out climbing all the way to the summit! There is no stopping her now!👊🏼 We love watching this little monkey encounter obstacles and use her determination to try over and over until she figures it out... and feel pretty damn proud of herself. Oh and in case you’re freaking out watching the cliffhanger moment, know that no babies were armed in this expedition to Mt.Holdbabynotphone 😜 But seriously, I had one hand on my phone and the other stretched out toward her just in case. At times we cop a bit of criticism about some of our parenting choices, but we are firm believers in giving children the freedom to follow their curiosity. Rather then always saying “no” to what seems unsafe, we let little Phoenix spread her wings and explore all kinds of new horizons, whilst creating safety around it. We’re basically letting the principles of our yoga and acro practice inform our parenting style. So far, so good!🤙🏼H.

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Want to study and practice acro with us? Applications are open for our next @ACROVINYASA teacher training 2-14 April 2018 in beautiful Bali, Indonesia. Register now for an early bird discount. If you missed out on the bitcoin mania, we also offer payment plans. 😉 Check out yogabeyond.com for details and registration - link in bio👆🏼


Ever wondered what #yogahigh looks like?🤪 Here is me going a little cray cray right after another full day of practice with one of my favorite teachers Maty Ezraty. I’m loving being a student at her teacher training here in Sydney. Big thanx to @yogamisfit and the entire team at @bodymindlife for bringing Maty to Australia. And thank you papa Honza for gifting me this time! Maty is a very insightful teachers’ teacher, having studied with BKS Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois. She is steeped in the primary lineages that constitute the modern day vinyasa classes that we all know and love. It’s been such a treat to be a student, break old habits, integrate new ones and listen to Maty’s yoga tales. I feel that beyond the postures, what she is really trying to teach us is about more kindness and acceptance. There are still so many people that see yoga as a weird and exclusive practice. Maty is fiercely committed to awakening deep focus within anyone who shows interest in the practice and she introduces yoga with tremendous enthusiasm. She’s a powerful pocket rocket full of firey directions, and yet she always seems to know when to push the compassionate button. My favorite part is that she reminds me of my Jewish relatives in New York, so everyday I get a slice of Yiddish mixed in with my Sanskrit and I get all shmaltzy!🤩C.
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Central railway station, Sydney

Back home in Sydney for the summer holidays. 🎄☀️🏄🏼‍♂️ Our time on the road is always exciting, but after 8 months away it’s home time for the rest of the year - farmers markets, cooking, home-practice, sleep-ins... and binge watching #strangerthings on netflix!😉 What’s your fave tv series? Any suggestions?
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Woke up this morning and the first news I see is yet another high profile sexual harassment case. With the recent wave of inappropriate misconduct against women, I’m starting to wonder what exactly does an empowered female look like in our modern culture? We have discussions about pollutants in the air, but what about the pollution in our personal interactions on and off the big and little screens that have profound effects on how our society holds together and evolves. It’s not only a telling subject of our times, it’s also a very personal one as I continue to claim my voice and not let others push me around. I feel a strong call to action, so I’ve decided to formulate my thoughts and experiences into a new module for all of our teacher trainings! Can’t wait to open up and grow with y’all. 🙏🏼❤️C.
If you’re interested in studying with us in 2018, check out yogabeyond.com for more info:
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@SofiePhoenix has a cute new answer for everything!😆 Her first word was #dada, then #mama, then came the mysterious #baidu (we still don’t know what that means) and now it’s #noway! What do you think is next??? #parenthoodrocks

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Here is a sneak peak into our December #ACROVINYASA challenge. Get ready for juicy twists, side bends & back bends!👍🏼 Check out @acrovinyasa for tutorials and spotting videos.
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There has been a lot of talk about #selflove on ig over the last week. It had to do with a clash of two paradigms of modern yoga - spiritual vs commercial. Well, we’re not here to get sucked into the vortex of polarizing opinions and heated discussions, we’re here to simply remind you that life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Here is guruji @SofiePhoenix giving us a precious lesson in Self Love!😍

Sydney, Australia