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If you're focused on backbends right now, this Backbending 101 could be your new fave! 🙌 @janiceliou ❤️
Notice how a "backbend" takes the whole body, not just the back!
What's your current pose focus?



🤸‍♂Handstand hack!🤸‍♀ Keep your legs staggered to gain the ability to balance BEFORE thinking about bringing your legs together. Like @adellbridges ❤️ in the bottom photo. How is your handstand practice going?

Handstand: (verb) to stand on your hands. It doesn’t matter if your legs are straight! 🤸🏻‍♀️ .
One thing I see so often with handstand learners is that they try to kick up directly to a straight handstand, legs together and extended, before being able to simply balance .
HINT: it’s SUPER challenging to balance in a straight handstand. It’s WAY easier to balance with your legs bent! Think of a tight rope walker with arms out wide to balance 🏄🏽‍♀️ .
Tuck, diamond, stag, double stag, straddle — all leg variations you may find are easier to balance with .
So, by all means it’s a great practice to kick or jump up to a straight handstand .
But learn to find the balance by getting the HIPS over the hands. Not the feet .
☝️It doesn’t mean your legs are completely relaxed and deadweight though. Keep them engaged and controlled!! Just don’t worry about that straight line .
Have fun with it!! ENJOY THE JOURNEY .



Hey Crow Pose yogis! Ever think to use a block...for your forehead? If you're afraid of falling forward, this could be the way you finally nail it! Tag your friends working on Balasana! @actionjacquelyn ❤️

CROW POSE Practice:
1. Create crow pose on your back to strengthen core. Use your core, and touch knees to triceps. Actually connect the two together to deeply engage the lower core!
2. Lolasana with blocks, and feet on the ground. Use lower belly and pelvic floor to lift knees to chest. Press into fingers and straighten arms like crazy. Protract shoudler blades (see yesterday’s post for more details on this). 3. Step on blocks to prepare for your crow pose to get the knees as high up into armpits as possible and understand what it feels like to start with the knees high up the arms.
4. Practice with a block in front of your forehead to help you feel secure and to catch your head if you lean too far forward!
5. Practice bringing both knees to chest and heels to butt! Use pelvic floor and lower core a lot (see yesterday’s post for more in this). **** Remember to hug elbows in!!!



Want to get a quick yoga flow in every day, but you're not sure what to do? This simple pose list is a solid place to start! Tag your friends and share the inspo! @ania_75 ❤️

These are 9 yoga poses you should do every day to feel great and stay healthy:
• standing side bend
• cow
• cat
• downward facing dog • upward facing dog • high Lunge • pigeon pose
• garland pose
• reclined spinal twist

I would recommend to make this daily yoga routine in the morning for 10-15 min. You will soon feel the difference!



Awesome sequence to prep for Bakasana, Crow Pose! @roxanne_yoga ❤️
✅ Strengthen abs and arms,
✅ Open your upper back.
Did this sequence help you in your practice? Tag your yogi friends for inspo!

Let's start by warming up the wrists, opening the shoulders and upper back from Cat to Eagle pose while working the core when we actively draw the belly in, lengthening the tailbone down to the knees. Do both sides.
In Low Boat variations, make sure your lower back is not arching off the ground. Hug your ribs into your spine as you press the back of your kidneys down. When you reach Supine Crow, squeeze knees to triceps, heels to bum as you push your palms up to the sky to lift the shoulders higher. 🔥🔥🔥
Hold each pose 5- 8 breaths
Eagle Boat variation: 5 times each side
Repeat sequence twice.



Curious about helpful prep poses for those common shapes we all want to master? 🐶🤸‍♀🐦🎡 Give these a try and tell us what you find! Tag your yogi friends for inspo 🧘 @aurorabowkett ❤️



It's easy to forget how many yoga poses it takes to do one pose. This sequence targets everything that needs to be ready - balance and open chest, hips and hamstrings. How do you prep for Bird of Paradise? @ericatenggarayoga ❤️⠀

The secret to not feeling like your shoulder is going to dislocate in a bind is Gomukasana & reverse prayer the 3 mins is going to feel like shit, I understand I'm with you but trust me that everything is going to be ok⠀
Don't forget the prayer hands k? if it jacks up your wrists just hold onto opposite elbows, I've put the two shittiest parts of the sequence up first so you guys can get it done & over with⠀
Sorry I lied, this part is also shitty. But in all honesty it does get better the more you do it, I promise⠀
K it's all shitty, but this one is a different kinda shitty, yes I just said that. You wont feel like anything is gonna break but you will frustrated that that something like forehead on the floor is even possible⠀
Just thought you'd like more hip work after that devotional. No big⠀
And when you thought it couldn't get worse you get to realise how tight your hamstrings are & doubt why you started doing this sequence⠀
VINYASA i.e chaturanga, updog, down dog⠀
Repeat steps 2-6 on the other side⠀
Like as if she thought the gomukasana wasn't enough... no. No I didn't⠀
No you don't have to straighten your top arm, it's just a new skill I've acquired recently & like taking photos of it⠀
A full minute, ya I know. But this is the one guys, this is the juicer that's gonna make that bird of paradise super juicy⠀
Mhmm don't just straighten the unbound leg, straighten BOTH legs, ya I know, I know what your thinking but it's gonna be worth it k⠀
After all that hell we're here. Hallelujah. How can she be smiling in the picture?



Mothers are magic! Moms, your balancing powers are the REAL DEAL. And sure, Photoshop had a role here...but did it, though? 😂 Tag your mom friends who can relate! 💫🤹‍♀💫 @the_life_of_aivax



Are you the yogi on the top or the bottom? 🙈⠀
Learning all the micro details to a pose can totally transform your experience in it. Thanks @janiceliou ❤️ for this handy visual!⠀

1) hand is too close to standing foot. the biggest thing i see that hinders finding balance in this pose is taking your hand too close to your standing foot. Think of creating a rectangle with your standing leg and arm while lengthening your bottom side waist. Take your hand directly under your shoulder a little bit wider than your standing foot.⠀
2) disengagement in the lifted limbs. Engage through your fingers (think of creating a line from top wrist to bottom) and kick through your back leg (as though you’re pressing it against a wall)⠀
3) standing toes are turning in and hip is jutting out. Try instead to externally wrap your bottom him back (think hip to back edge of mat)⠀
4) torso is turning down to mat. Instead imagine a wall behind you and pressing your back and hip into the wall (stack your body)⠀
If you’re just starting to practice yoga it can be confusing. I didn’t learn what i was trying to do until teacher training (and I’m definitely still learning!).



Upward Facing Dog is one of the top poses done incorrectly. Are you the yogi in the top photo? Read ❤️ @actionjacquelyn 's helpful tips to make sure your Up Dog is adding to your body's wellness!⠀

This pose will open your chest and heart, while simultaneously engaging and strengthening your triceps, upper back, and core.⠀
Correct Photo ✅:⠀
•Shoulders externally rotated open⠀
•Shoulder blades towards each other, creating a support system in the spine for your heart⠀
•Chest is open and proud⠀
•Triceps and forearms are engaged, taking weight out of the wrists. Weight is in knuckles of fingers.⠀
• Ground down through first finger and thumb, and there should be a slight pulling back sensation of the hands (down and back) just like yesterday’s Baby Cobra 🐍 post.⠀
• Lower belly is pulled up, supporting lower spine⠀
• Hug outer glutes⠀
• Lengthen low spine⠀
• Hip are lifted off floor, thighs are engaged, and knee caps are lifted off the floor⠀
•Feet are parallel to one another and pointed. Arches of feet hug in and ground down into the floor⠀
Incorrect Photo ❌:⠀
• Shoulders rounded forward⠀
•Chest collapsing⠀
•Dumping weight into wrists⠀
•Shortened spine⠀
•Slack belly and vulnerable lower back⠀
•Heavy legs⠀
•Open ankles⠀
• Limp legs



Thank @ania_75 ❤️ for breaking down another pose that is too funky for a brain to understand at first! 🤨😣 Have you tried this pose? My how yummy it feels once we finally figure it out!



Doorways and dogs 🤗😍⠀
@amandabisk ❤️ gives beautiful inspo to stop, drop and yoga wherever - or whoever - makes you feel inspired. Where do you love to practice and who's your favorite yoga buddy? 🐶🐱