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Who else looks like @yogawithbriohny in the beginning of this video when they handstand? 🙈 Arching your back and flinging a leg won’t get ya there. This genius handstand drill helps you feel what you’re supposed to feel in the legs! 🤗



Challenge your perspective today - on and off the mat!
What if your “mistakes” were actually what made your life beautiful? 🤯 What would change? In love with @meghancurrieyoga 's artistic words and movements. 🙌 Sound on! 📣



“Dreams won’t work unless you do.” 🙏💪💖 @janiceliou
Such inspirational and truthful words regarding your yoga journey, and, really, your whole life journey! In the comments below, name 1 dream AND 3 actions you will take to make it happen...GO! 📝

Top photo was about 3.5 years ago. That intense look of concentration? Hasn’t changed...that is probably still my expression whenever trying to learn something new when I’m refining my foundation

Nothing comes easy, it all requires work...and we all have to start somewhere. The key is to find enjoyment in the work -’s the key motivation.

What are your passions? And are you ready to work towards your dreams? share in comments below!



When we place our egos aside and ask for help... We take a big leap closer to our goals! @lamise + @kaylala88 ❤️
How has yoga helped your relationship with asking for help? Tag your favorite helped to say thank you! 🙏



We spend majority of our days right and folded inward instead of opening up (maybe emotionally and energetically, too)!
It’s time to air out that beautiful heart! 💓
Can you practice all 9 poses from @jnet_voo ? How do you feel after?



Do you have yoga pose envy, too? 😍 The real question is: what are you doing about it? 🤨
Option ☝🏼: Struggle, huff, puff, pull a muscle.
Option ✌🏼: Use props and these smart preparatory tips from @riva_g_ !

🔸 Open the Upper Back:
Place one or two blocks (depending on your flexibility) between the shoulder blades, or just under your shoulder blades. (2-4 min)
🔸 Shoulder & Triceps Stretch:
Place both blocks shoulder-width apart on the highest setting. Rest your elbows on the blocks & lower your head & heart. (1-3 min)
🔸 Backbend Prep:
Wheel & Forearm Wheel with a block in between the legs will help keep your adductors engaged & your feet parallel (hello safe knees! 👋🏼). (5 breaths, 3 reps)
🔸 With Blocks, Against the Wall:
A great opportunity to practice a more accessible variation of this backbend without having to worry about the balance. The further you are from the wall, the less deep the bend. You can start playing with the gaze shift here too. 😍
🔸 With Block(s), Away from the Wall:
When you’re ready to move away from the wall, use one (or two blocks stacked) to keep the backbend more accessible (& to help keep forearms parallel). 🙌🏼
Remember: 👇🏼
🔹DON’T force anything. Listen to your body, & take your time. It may not happen right away, & that’s ok, because the most important thing is how it feels (& it should feel good!)



🥨 pose alert! @ania_75 lists all the prep essentials:
✅ Hips
✅ Core
✅ Wrists
Deep twists are practiced safest after thorough warm ups. Love your body, don’t skip the warm up!
What pretzel pose are you dreaming of right now?



Stack your bones! Have you noticed the genius architecture in your body? If a pose feels impossible or straining, you may be relying too much on 💪🏼. Follow @alexzandrapeters ❤️ tips to make forearm stand easier.

Pay attending to my body in the video and where I’m palacing my palms, feet and legs. ⁣

-To start, sit down with your feet against the wall⁣
-Place your plams mid thigh height⁣
-leave one palm there while you work on turning around and then place one elbow where that palm was.⁣
-Then grabs opposite elbows (this finds your shoulder distance apart, doing this will help yojbone stack vrs. Having your muscles pick up a lot of slack that they don’t need to). ⁣
-Then place your hands however comfortable(prayer hands, hands flat on the ground, clasping hands).⁣
-Push out of your shoulders and bring your view to the wall and place one foot at hip height, then step the other up next to it and work on extending one foot while bringing the other knee to chest. ⁣



Yoga practice need some spice? ❤️ @yogawithjib shows tons of variations on classic poses! Always nail the warm-up poses before getting fancy.
Tag your yogi crew and see how many variations you all can do! 🤸‍♀🤸‍♂️



@Patrickbeach ' s post-plane routine is 🔥! We may not look exactly like this after dropping our bags in a hotel, but any movement counts!
How do you like to recover from plane rides? Tag your travel yogis for major inspo! ✈ 🤸‍♂



Level up your Ustrasana 🐪 pose with the split! Not much beats deeply stretching the quads AND hamstrings at the same time 🤤  @ania_75 ❤️
Who is going to work on this pose with you this week? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️Tag them below!

How to: Camel Split
This pose opens your hamstrings and the front body. It’s a great prep for a full standing split.
1. Runners Stretch, hold for 8 breaths each side
2. Extended camel pose, hold for 5 breaths each side
3. Grab your heel
4. Push the hips forward, engage your quads
5. Slowly extend your leg and lean back
6. Engage your core for more balance and extend your leg as much as you can.
Stay safe and have fun!



Can you relate to @alexzandrapeters hilarious and accurate demo of a first yoga class experience? 🤣 Moral of all those yoga-repellant excuses: We’ve all been there. Don’t let fear keep you from freedom!
Tag a procrastinator below 👇🏼