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Raising kids isn’t easy but it pushes me to be the best version of myself. I’m not perfect, I lose it often and get extremely frustrated with myself when I raise my voice at my son, Sydney. Sometimes he doesn’t listen and we have complete communication breakdowns. But, I’ve come to realize that him being a good listener has to come from me role modeling it. Over the next 7 days of vacation, that is one of my main more present with my kids. Leave a 💝 emoji or some advice or shares in the comments if you relate. #yogimama #goodlistener #rolemodel #consciousparenting #mom


Seek to understand, rather than seeking to be understood. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

A couple of years ago, I realized I was spending a lot of energy arguing with people in my life, trying to prove to them that they were wrong about me. That their negative experiences with me are their problem and perspective and not my responsibility.
Boy was I wrong. Although I don’t have any control over anyone else, I do have the power to change myself. But, my problem was I tried to control everyone and thing around me and never practiced any accountability for my own actions…everything was someone else’s fault. These 2 qualities of my personality made me a very harsh & cold partner, and even though I was in a marriage, we both felt very alone. —
When Dice and I split, I blamed him for everything. However, as the same patterns unfolded for me over the past 2 years, I came to the painful and daunting realization that, it was in-fact me who was standing in my own way of finding happiness and blaming him was just an easy way out. —
So now, when I find myself trying to force someone to understand ME…I try to refocus my attention towards understanding THEM. Through leading with that empathetic listening, I find that it’s opened the energetic lines of compassionate communication and actually encourages BOTH people to see, hear, and feel each faults, no blaming, no energetic draining...just present from the ❤️ #empathy #communication #modernfamily #yogifamily #yogawithbriohny


I never want her to think the world revolves around her. But I want her to know, without a doubt, that my world does. .....
In a couple of days, I take the kiddos (and mom) on our first family trip as a single mama. I’ve been too scared to do this because I’ve always felt like I NEED the support of a man. But, I’m working on being strong within myself so that when I do have a love interest in my life, I WANT him in it, instead of NEED him. And I want to be the best role model for sustainable self love for both of my kids...especially my 13 year old daughter.
Anyone relate to this? .....
We will be in Lagos & Lisbon (and having a road trip driving north). I would love recommendations if you have any! #travelingyogini #yogamama #singlemom #travel #portugal


People have different feelings and opinions when it comes to the @instagram community. I think it is what you make it and yesterday, I felt so much support, connection, and love from all of you. Thank you for your wishes, words of wisdom, and shares...I found this below quote on the topic of vulnerability so I’m sharing it with you:
“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable but they are not a weakness.” - Brene Brown
If you connect with it, leave a 💪 in the comments. #vulnerability #igcommunity #support #loveyourself


How much vulnerability is appropriate for a yoga teacher or IG personality? It’s a challenge to tow that line between sharing my truth and being a buzz kill. But, I wrote this post below and it is where I am now you go. ......
What is wrong with me? This is the question that constantly comes to mind when I ponder relationships. Am I too picky, too busy, not lovable, not able to love????? All of the above might be true and it may just all mean I need time to cultivate a stronger and more deeply loving relationship with myself. But, it is so hard being a single mom again, for the second time.
Seeing other family units makes me miss my makes me lonely even though I’m surrounded by people. But, I’m guessing this is what alone time is meant for, to help bring up the tough stuff so I can work through it
I’m trying to stay focused on falling in love when I’m ready, rather than when I’m lonely. PS...this shot was taken in Koh Samui, Thailand but, I’m writing this post from Dublin, Ireland. ❤️
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How do we learn to trust ourselves? We doubt our worth all of the time...we doubt we are good yoga teachers, we doubt that we have something interesting to share on social media, I even doubt I’m a good mother sometimes. This self doubt for me comes from a lack of awareness and connection to the beauty that lies within me. My conditioned self deprecation and doubt, although it doesn’t serve me, is a habitual mind pattern that is hard to change. And, because it causes sadness, I am constantly looking to someone or something else to make me happy.
But, that momentary happiness never sticks because I wasn’t working on it coming from within me.
Once I began to practice accountability for my own happinesses, I realized the only thing standing in the way was me. Now, the hard part is working on connecting with ME everyday. How do you practice self love? #selflove #selfcare #youareworthit #trustyourself


When we first started to dream about our @bryceyoga teacher trainings, we had a picture in our head of what it would look like. And this was exactly it. I am so grateful and lucky to be partners with the best #yogis and I am so proud to call them my friends and family. Dice, Claudine, Honza & Mathieu, 2019 is not coming fast enough! 👉This is where I'll be next year!
●FitFlowFly 200 HR: June 10-29 in Thailand with @diceyoga
●BeyondBryce 300 HR: July 3-29 in Thailand with @yogabeyond
●Bryce Yoga Yinyasa 300 HR: July 20-August 23 with @mathieuboldronyinyasa
Click on the link in the @bryceyoga bio to find out more about our trainings
📸: @drishti_videography .
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Flows just come naturally when you are happy, don't you think? I filmed this while we were in our @bryceyoga #yogateachertrainings in Thailand this summer and today I went back and looked at it and it made me happy again. I was so present that day, enjoying my life to the fullest while balancing all my roles: yogi, yoga teacher, mom... I guess I was channeling everything I learned! What will you do today to make yourself happy?
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Counting down the days for our family to be complete again! As we arrive here in Dublin and settle in...our excitement is overflowing for the last module of our Dublin 300hr and for @taylorchanarat to come and join us!!! Can’t wait to see you baby ❤️ #missingmygirl #momlife #yogamama #acroyoga #yogateacher


“To be ourself is effortless. To ALLOW ourself to be ourself is terrifying.” - @jonnipollard @1giantmind ...
Meditating daily on leading with love and not fear. .
Comment with a ❤️💛 if you’re on the same path. #fuckfear #leadwithlove #meditation #yoga #selfgrowth


In 12 hours I’ll be back home for a second with Sydney in my arms. And in 6 days we all get to snuggle fest together every night until school starts! We love cuddling with one another! Even though my daughter @taylorchanarat needs more space these can tell she still loves it 👩 Do you still cuddle with your kids/parents? When/Does it ever get weird? #mamalife #yogamama #familytime #snuggles #love #love


Finding small moments to let my hair down here at @wanderlustfest in Whistler. Honestly, it’s challenging to be present when I miss my kiddos (especially when there are SO many families around 😭). But, it’s through challenging times that we are forced to shake things up...either we can dwell in our discomfort, or find ways to be happy and present. In all of my classes, I’m teaching what I would need right now. And, I’m excited to finally have the opportunity to take classes and be a student’s been a while! How do you stay present when you miss someone? #metime #wanderlusting #wanderlustfest #whistlervillage #yogamama