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I can't really think of anything profound to write. This year has mostly been about surviving. Surviving without sleep, surviving endless doubt, deep insecurity and depression while trying to overcome chronic body pain. At the same time this year has completely overwhelmed me with love. I may be alone in this photo, but I know I'm not alone in life. That feels pretty amazing. Happy new year to you all ❀️✨ #valentinomor






William Morris x halfgirl 2.0


In semi real time I'm supposed to be studying for my final exam this semester. Copenhagen is eternally grey and I'm procrastinate-baking tartlets I don't even feel like eating just to avoid sitting down with my books. It was a nice cup of tea, though and not a half bad tartlet as far as I could tell from my husband's expression when he ate it ☺️


What an amazing break from paper writing last night. Dinner on a rooftop farm in great company as the sun set over Copenhagen. I was so energized by the experience I filled the basket on my bike with elderflowers on my way home and ended up making cordial in the middle of the night 🌸 Thank you for bringing everyone together @mettehelbak #grammasters3

Stedsans in the Woods

I still dream about Peyto lake sometimes, even with a deadline next week (ending this school semester!) and being up to my ears in research and paper writing. This summer is going to be crazy, though hopefully in a good way! I'll be working no less than three jobs and am still trying to push in as many trips out of the city as possible. It's strange trying to imagine those summer holidays when you were a kid where all you did was hang out in the sun with absolutely no plans to do anything specific at all for several weeks in a row β˜€οΈπŸ˜±β˜€οΈ




THIS close πŸ‘Œ to being done with my herbarium curation paper, so obviously I'm dreaming about Canada because @mikestinson hired me as company for his cat which means I can totally move there and make a nice living 🍁


I put my root down