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Good morning and happy Saturday!
New video up on @oneoeight.tv
Join me and the beautiful @wildheart_yoga in a 30 minute flow to get you moving while staying with your breath. It’s a yummy one, I promise. Link in my bio
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When I first took these pictures on the same day I erased the one on the right because it was not “perfect” I recovered it because guess what?! Nothing and nobody is perfect. It’s is important to remember that not everything you see in this app is accurate. I wanted to share this little piece of my life with you to help you remember that. #ipoopinabag .
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Happy #internationalwomensday
Today I would love to honor this amazing woman. @sacred.shape
Summer, @geraldsaluti, and I teach the the @yogapeacekula teacher training together. Want to talk about knowledge, spirituality, and kindness?! Well, this woman has it all down. I’m so inspired by her, I want to be just like @sacred.shape when I grow up. Love you Summer ❤️
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There is a sense of relief and freedom when you decide to just be yourself. 🌈Love the sh*t out of yourself. 🌈Accept your faults. 🌈Be awesome. 🌈Be kind all the time. 🌈You are perfect. .
Photo by @shawna.rodgers
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I have been wondering what to post on this account since I don’t practice yoga very often. @emilybessemer has me off yoga for a while. She has been working on the adhesions I have from all the surgeries I’ve had. She has been helping me so much but no yoga is hard to do 😭 I’m being a good patient don’t worry @emilybessemer. So getting back to what to post on here, well I don’t know I guess I will post whatever I want and hope you like it. @stephynow has inspired me to be more me. Thank you girl 👊🏽 Ps. Don’t forget to practice with me on @oneoeight.tv .
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#ad loving my new @Jockey super comfy underwear. I loved practicing yoga with them on. The top and bottom are so soft and stretchy… But the best part? The #retro vibe. See link in my bio!


Hey IG friends meet @outonalimbyogi
She graduated from our teacher training yesterday. Melissa and I are teaming up for some workshops. She inspires me so much. She will inspire you too. #yogateacher .
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Photo by @shawna.rodgers


Happy Valentine’s Day!
@geraldsaluti your love keeps me alive. Thank you! ❤️
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Phuket, Thailand

The world lost an amazing woman last night. @heidiyogi was the definition of strength, positivity and the most inspiring person I know. My heart is broken but I’m so glad she is not suffering anymore. @heidiyogi you will be missed and thank you for leaving the world a better place. 💔


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Remember #bekindallthetime

Planet Earth

#sponsored That’s right, sometimes I spend the whole day in my @Jockey pajamas. Get your own comfy PJs via the link in my bio and use code YULADY20 for 20% off your purchase!


According to my dear friend @stephynow no pants are the best pants. I’m starting to think she is right! Lounging around in my underwear feels decadent and amazing. @geraldsaluti wasn’t complaining either😜. Enjoy your Tuesday pants on or off!