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Yulady Saluti

Happy Summer, everyone.
Life is good, health is good, I can’t believe the blessings. I don’t even know what to do with myself now that I don’t have to visit the hospital multiple times a month. I guess this is what “normal” is.
More to come about what has been helping me with my health 😍😍😍
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Yulady Saluti

@geraldsaluti and I had the privilege to share our story with @surftaco_official for their new project #JerseyShoreOriginals. If you have been following us for a while you know it has been quiet a ride. Check out these clips and for the full video click on the link in my bio.
Huge thanks to @wildbillhendrickson and @bonobostudios for putting together this video. You guys are the best production company I’ve ever worked with. You guys rock!
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Yulady Saluti

Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing dad @geraldsaluti
Thank you for being the best dad EVER!
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Yulady Saluti

I have never been a big fan of making New Year’s resolutions. If I want to change something or act a different way there is no better time than the present moment in my humble opinion. My health has been relatively stable for over six months now. This respite from hospital visits and surgery has given me the opportunity to try and live a healthier lifestyle. I have started cooking at home more often and eating out less. Being in charge of everything that I put into my body is my healthy gift to myself this year!
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Yulady Saluti

Happy Mother’s Day!
This is the first Mother’s Day in well over 10 years that I’m healthy enough to enjoy the day. I am so happy. 😊
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Yulady Saluti

Today is my Cancerversary. 7 years ago I opened my eyes from surgery and saw my husband @geraldsaluti’s face. Instead of the smile I was expecting I noticed a tear rolling down his cheek. Instinctively I asked him “how did the surgery go?” As soon as he spoke I understood where his beautiful smile had gone. “Honey, you have cancer” were his words. When he spoke the words they seemed to hang in the air for a while. Then the words started to settle. Out of the air the words drifted and took a seat right in the center of my chest. We had been through so many problems with my health already. We held each other and cried. It was one of those cry’s that leaves you heaving for breath. Why me?! Why now?! My mind raced. Finally, after what seemed like forever, we started to take slow deep breaths together. Syncing our breath made it feel like we were one. Cancer had no chance at that point. Together we can do anything. Whatever Cancer wanted it could have. It couldn’t take “us” away from each other no matter what it took from me. So fuck you very much Cancer! 7 years later and I’m still standing right next to @geraldsaluti and my beautiful family and friends
Photo by @robertsturman .
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Yulady Saluti

I read a quote recently the jist of which was that the healthy person has 1000 wishes but the sick person has only one. One is all I needed!
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Yulady Saluti

I’m super excited to read this book from one of the best humans I know. @jenpastiloff
Do yourself a favor, follow her and pre-order her book. You won’t be sorry.
@jenpastiloff is the epitome of what real life in this real world is.
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Yulady Saluti

15 years ago today I got to marry my best friend @geraldsaluti
No matter what life throws at me I know I will be ok because you are by my side.
Cheers to 50 more years of hopefully less sickness and more health. Thank you for loving me and being the best dad in the universe. #imtheluckyone .
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Yulady Saluti

Chillin like a villain with Jeffrey the goat. .
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Yulady Saluti

Being the caregiver is so foreign to me. This guy has sat in hospitals 26 times for hours at a time waiting for me to get out of surgery. Yesterday I had to do it for only 2 hours and it was the 2 worst hours ever. @geraldsaluti I don’t know how you’ve done it, but my love, you deserve a medal. To all of the caregivers out there I bow to you, thank you for all you do. .
In case you were wondering @geraldsaluti raptured his bicep and it needed surgery to repair it. He is home resting and feeling great.
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