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Yulady Saluti

#10yearchallenge is fun because I really enjoy looking at old pictures. It brings back so many great memories. 10 years full of illness, surgeries, but more importantly love.
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Yulady Saluti

Grateful every damn day!
This has been the first Christmas in a long time that I wasn’t worried about ending up in the hospital. Life is good and I feel so lucky. .
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Yulady Saluti

Nothing makes me happier than having all 6 of my kids in one place.
I am so grateful! Merry Christmas 🎄
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Yulady Saluti

#nopantssunday Thank you everyone for the beautiful birthday wishes. You made my day extra special. I had the best day ever. I felt healthy and strong. I had a couple of bad days a few weeks ago but I’m better now. I have to keep reminding myself that healing takes time. Thanks @jenpastiloff for making me take my pants off 🤣 now take off your pants @stephynow, I choose you 😘
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Yulady Saluti

“The Giving Birthday” was invented by my son Wyatt. In our house, on your birthday, you give presents instead of get presents. Today is my birthday and I decided to give my family an experience as my gift. So @geraldsaluti and I took the family to NYC to an incredibly cool art exhibit. We had the best time! After we took the kids to a place that only serves French fries!! Add a quick stop at our best friend’s house for cake and I’d say I had the perfect birthday!!
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Yulady Saluti

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
I wanted to take a family picture but nobody was into it. I had to settle for a selfie.
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Yulady Saluti

Happy Halloween!
I haven’t posted in a while because I have been keeping busy with my fam and healing from my last surgery. I am happy to report that my life has significantly changed since my surgery. I haven’t had any pain and my ostomy has been working very well with very little help from meds. I am still being cautiously optimistic and staying positive. I hope you all had a great day and thank you for constantly checking on me. Love you guys.
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Yulady Saluti

Hi everyone,
New video up on @oneoeight.tv. This video is perfect for someone getting back into yoga after abdominal surgery. I shot this video 5 weeks after #ostomy surgery. Please make sure you ask your doctor if it is ok for you to practice yoga after surgery. #bekindallthetime #yoga #colostomy #livingwithanostomy #yogagirl


Yulady Saluti

We ain’t got no quit in us!

I am finally home from the hospital after 9 days. Thank you all for your amazing outpouring of love and support for @geraldsaluti and I. That was one of the roughest, darkest experiences of my medical mystery history. I ended up having an intestinal blockage that just wouldn’t give up. I had surgery and the doctor released a large band of scar tissue that was wrapped around my intestines. The minute I opened my eyes I felt different. I could breathe. So much so that I felt dizzy at first. It’s remarkable how I feel after surgery. Call me an optimist but I know my future is bright.
We ain’t got no quit in us!
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Yulady Saluti

Friends I am out of surgery! I am so touched by all the love, help, and support of everyone around us. Thank you all. I wish I could hug all of you.
My medical team at Morristown Medical center was magnificent. Especial Thanks to Dr. Huk and my fave nurse @samibird -I adore you both.
Now off to rest for more info on my health make sure you check the hubs @geraldsaluti
Love you all so much #sorryforthetypos #bekindallthetime #iloveyou #healthiswealth


Yulady Saluti

I like waking up to this bug.
I may not have my health but I do have the best kids and husband. I am one lucky woman. #goodmorning .
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Yulady Saluti

I know I often post pics on here of my #ostomy showing BUT today was the first time going out in front other people (other than my hubby) with my bag out. 👊🏽🙌🏽. It felt pretty nice 😊
It also helps that I have the best friends and family ever they are so supportive and encouraging. ❤️
Thank you @haileyabigaily for making my bag cover.
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