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Photo by @TimLaman. The transformation! By raising and spreading his long cape, the male Vogelkop form of the Superb Bird-of-Paradise shape-shifts into this amazing pose at the peak of his display to a female. Note the overall crescent shape as opposed to the oval shape of the regular Superb Bird-of-Paradise. I believe these are the first-ever photos of his Vogelkop Mountains form displaying. This former sub-species is now being recognized as a distinct species of Bird-of-Paradise. See link in profile for the full story. #CornellLabofOrnithology, @BirdsofParadiseProject, #Birds-of-Paradise, #BirdsofParadise, #Papua, #NewGuinea, #Indonesia, #IndonesiaBiodiversity, #ShotonRED, @reddigitalcinema.


Photo by @TimLaman. The Vogelkop form of Superb Bird-of-Paradise begins his display by trying to lure a female down to his display log with this pose, shining his bright breast shield and fake eye spots in her direction and calling to reveal his bright yellow mouth as well. Do note that those blue spots are not his eyes! You can just see his black eye below the blue spot more on the side of his head. #CornellLabofOrnithology, @BirdsofParadiseProject, #Birds-of-Paradise, #BirdsofParadise, #Papua, #NewGuinea, #Indonesia, #IndonesiaBiodiversity


Photo by @TimLaman. I just got back from photographing this unique form of the Superb Bird-of-Paradise found only in the remote Vogelkop Peninsula of West Papua, Indonesia on a Cornell Lab of Ornithology expedition. Here is the male with his blue breast shield visible, and his unusual cape hanging down on each side. Stay tuned to see the display pose of this amazing bird in an upcoming post. See link in profile for the full story. #CornellLabofOrnithology, @BirdsofParadiseProject, #Birds-of-Paradise, #BirdsofParadise, #Papua, #NewGuinea, #Indonesia, #IndonesiaBiodiversity, #ShotonRED, @reddigitalcinema.


Photo by @TimLaman. Welcome to the Birds-of-Paradise Project Instagram account, where we plan to share pictures, videos, and stories about the most amazing birds in the world. We are starting with this old favorite shot of Red Bird-of-Paradise male performing an upside-down display in Batanta Island, #RajaAmpat, #Indonesia, because as you can probably tell, it is the basis for our logo.
There will be a lot more to come. So if you are a Bird-of-Paradise fan, please enjoy it.


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