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Dawn of renewal. Start each day with total body rejuvenation. #LaMer


Renewal by night. Soothe while you sleep with the healing energies of the #LaMer Body collection.


Body beautiful. Discover head-to-toe transformation with the best for your body from #LaMer.


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What is more self-loving than the gift of healing and renewal? Treat yourself and swipe up in our story. #SinglesDay


Celebrate the season flawlessly with The Moisturizing Matte Lotion for a smooth velvet canvas, followed by The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation. Finish with The Powder and a spirited hint of mascara.


The most precious form of self-love is to put yourself on the list. What will you gift yourself this holiday season?


For the man set in his ways, miracles do exist. Give him the gift of a regimen to remember. #LaMerforHim


What she's always wanted β€” never will she forget the brilliance behind the gift of #LaMer. How did you know?


Mistletoe magic β€” in a limited-edition tint, The Lip Balm soothes, rejuvenates and softens lips for the season's most magical moments. Limited-edition artwork by @allisnotlostart.


A sure way to illuminate the season β€” The Illuminating Powder is light and luminous creating the most perfected Holiday look in a cosmos-inspired compact. Limited-edition artwork by @allisnotlostart.


Otherworldly healing β€” a limited-edition, cosmos-inspired design celebrates the indulgence of the ever-so-soothing touch of #CremedelaMer. Limited-edition artwork by @allisnotlostart.


In the spirit of renewal, give the gift of indulgence. A luxurious set of hydrating The Treatment Lotion and 2 spa-strength masks to celebrate the season and feel miraculously new.


Cleanse completely. Multi cleansers with multi-benefits that detox, refresh and sweep away the day's impurities.


Treat your skin. #TheRenewalOil


What dreams are made of. #CremedelaMer


"I have always had a deep connection to the ocean. It is such a powerful force, and it’s always there for us, no matter what." β€” @katehudson #LaMerEditorinChic


"When there is La Mer on set, I know I’m going to have a good day. :) " β€” @katehudson #LaMerEditorinChic


"I indulge in my regimen, it is a moment to myself. Pilates is a huge part of my life but it is also in my beauty ritual that I reflect and gather my thoughts. It is truly another awesome form of self-care." β€” @katehudson #LaMerEditorinChic


"I do a lot to stay grounded and on top of it throughout the day, but to have a beauty routine you trust makes all the difference. Being a mom, working in Hollywood, my agenda is full and I take special care of my mind, my body and my SKIN (!) to literally FACE the day." β€” @katehudson #LaMerEditorinChic


Introducing the latest #LaMerEditorinChic. "So happy to be the #LaMerEditorinChic this weekend. Skincare is a big part of my everyday. A good night’s sleep and a little La Mer is everything. Waking up and knowing your skin has had time to recuperate and replenish itself with the best of the best, all night long." β€” @katehudson


@PatrickTa knows #redcarpet skin. For a camera-ready complexion, prime with The Reparative Skintint SPF 30 to smooth texture and even tone. Follow with The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF 20 for a flawless canvas. #BeautyBeyondSkincare #SkincolordelaMer


"I like to take a lighter shade of The Concealer and highlight the high points of the face β€” right where the light hits to create a more youthful, lifted look." β€” @1maryphillips, La Mer Global Makeup Artist and Skincare Artistry Ambassador #BeautyBeyondSkincare #SkincolordelaMer


"There's so many different takes on how to find the perfect shade β€” I like to match the shade to the shoulder because the body is typically darker than the face." β€” @1maryphillips, La Mer Global Makeup Artist and Skincare Artistry Ambassador #BeautyBeyondSkincare #SkincolordelaMer


@PatrickTa's tip for a precision pout? After sculpting with bold color, outline lips with The Concealer to erase any imperfections and help color stay put. #BeautyBeyondSkincare #SkincolordelaMer


Pressed or Loose. The choice is yours. #BeautyBeyondSkincare #SkincolordelaMer


Brighten up your under-eye @PatrickTa-style. Dab away dark shadows with The Concealer then dust to set with The NEW Sheer Pressed Powder in Translucent for an added boost of brightness. #BeautyBeyondSkincare #SkincolordelaMer