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Happy to be in school in #Cambodia!
#foreverychild, education. © UNICEF/UN077902/Llaurado


Flower power 🌼💛
#foreverychild, hope

Thanks for the photo @UNICEFEthiopia.


😊 Andrea and her 2-year-old daughter Milena ready to go home after the child’s physiotherapy session. Milena was born with Down’s syndrome and had heart surgery. “She was like a doll... she could only move her eyes... All the movements that a baby should know how to do, she had to learn. And now she’s daring.” Andrea, her proud and loving mother. #ThisAbility #Bolivia © UNICEF/UN0119257/Alanes


​Imagine being forced to flee your home - travelling vast distances in search of safety.
This is the tragic reality for half a million Rohingya refugees who’ve fled violence in Myanmar. 60% are children. #foreverychild, a place to call home.


“I want to be a doctor when I am bigger.” The key to breaking the cycle of poverty is keeping children in school and on the path to success. #EndPoverty @worldbank © UNICEF/UN0120240/Rose

Democratic Republic of the Congo

#foreverychild, a bright future 💫
Thanks for the photo @unicefrdcongo.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Climate change is no rumor. It’s real and children around the world are most vulnerable to it. Talented artists from around the world are joining our #ClimateComic contest. There's still time to join! Send us your Earth saving superhero for a chance to work with an artist and have it come to life in your very own published #comic! Click on the link of our bio to join. Huge thanks to @Rachelignotofsky @Gabriel_Ba @Literaluis and everyone who has joined so far!


Happy #WorldFoodDay!
#foreverychild, a healthy meal
Thanks for the photo @unicefethiopia. #WFD2017


Happy #GlobalHandwashingDay! Soap can be fun - here's a group enjoying themselves at UNICEF-donated taps at their school in #TimorLeste. Handwashing with soap is one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent diseases. © UNICEF/UN067569/Helin


New to life and into the bath! Using soap is one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep babies and mothers healthy and safe. Tomorrow is #GlobalHandwashingDay, spread the word. © UNICEF/UNI111170/Connelly


What's her name?
What's her superpower?
What her greatest adventure?
We’re looking for the coolest, most phenomenal #comic superhero with superpowers to save our planet. Click on the link in our bio to access the submission form and join this year’s #ClimateComic contest for a chance to have your very own comic published.


#foreverychild, a chance to be a child. Jannat, 9, skips near a UNICEF-supported child friendly space for Rohingya refugees in Cox's Bazar, #Bangladesh. © UNICEF/UN0120152/Brown


Swing! Four-year-old Jacob from #SouthSudan plays in a make-shift camp for refugees in #Uganda. Conflict and famine have forced masses of families to abandon their homes. We’re working tirelessly with partners to provide essential health, education and safe places to play. © #UNICEF/UN068660/Oatway

South Sudan

Smiling into life! "Exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months is very important," says Kadiatou, "this helps my baby to be bright [and] more resistant to diseases.”
© #UNICEF/UN0119045/Sokhin #Mali