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The worst part about leaving for Antarctica for a month (besides the -40° temps) is leaving @sannimccandless behind. Though she’s probably just excited to have more time to focus on her coaching. Hopefully she’s busy enough that she doesn’t notice that I’m gone... Anyone that’s interested in life coaching should check out her website (link in bio). @eliza_earle photo


I’m leaving on a @thenorthface expedition to Antarctica soon - been working on my 90s expeditionary poses up high on El Cap this week to get ready. @austin_siadak photo #TNFAntarctica17


The waterfalls in Yosemite are mostly dry this time of year. I felt like I had to do my part. @austin_siadak photo.


Last night. So lovely. Valley!!


One of the highlights of being at @thenorthface Athlete Summit this year was sampling the climbing around Sedona, AZ. @tedhesser captured the unique shapes on Center of Singularity 5.13a.


Moody days in Yosemite. I had to overcome a certain Mental Block (5 pitch 5.10c) to get this photo. Wideness!


Another early morning in the office :)


I recently got to visit the Dolomites in Italy for the first time. Lovely! Photo from a photo shoot with @christianspreitz


I haven’t been posting on social media because I’ve wanted to acknowledge the remarkable lives of Hayden and Inge in some way but haven’t been able to find the words. But I can’t post anything else because normal climbing pics seem trivial compared to the loss of such amazing people. So this is my attempt at saying goodbye. This is my only real picture of Hayden - taken from an adjacent desert tower in Utah. Seems fitting that I don’t have any pics of someone who eschewed the spot light so much. But despite never seeking attention Hayden and Inge both had such an impact on the entire climbing community. Such a loss.


Sport climbing in the Verdon! Such an amazing cave. @timkemple's photo really captures the scope.

Verdon Gorge

I took this in Vegas last winter - seems fitting today. Can't even believe what happened there yesterday. Devastating.
And while I'm at it: wtf America?! Why are guns so readily available when there are horrific mass shootings each year. It's insanity. Where there are fewer guns, fewer people get shot - pretty straight forward.

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've had a fun couple of days climbing with @margojain in this outrageous cave in France. Super inspiring to belay her as she hiked my project - I guess that being be first woman to climb 5.15 really does mean that you're strong AF. I'm glad that she's on @thenorthface's global team - she can rope gun me on expeditions one day. Respect! Thanks @joekinder for the photo, and inviting me out to experience such a crazy crag.


I don't understand how people in the US, and particularly our political leadership, continue to deny climate change. On each trip to the Valley over the last several years there are more and more dead trees, the result of drought and beetles. The trees are a clearly visible sign that our ecosystems are changing, a sign that anyone just has to look around and notice. @yosemitenps has been actively cutting down dead trees as a safety concern and yet more and more of the forest looks dead every time you look down from the walls. I hope it's not just an oak forest in a few more years...
This depresses me. But it's also why I offset my travel through and generally eat vegetarian/vegan And why I just put solar on my home. In the absence of political leadership we can still try to do things as individuals.


Smoke, deer, and Middle Cathedral. An early morning portrait of Yosemite.


@maurybirdwell is the ultimate renaissance man - he runs the Honnold Foundation for me, he's my attorney (whatever that means), and he takes me on solo tours in Eldo. And shockingly, he's single. So any ladies that need legal advice or a solo tour of the mountains hit him up. Seriously.

Eldorado Canyon State Park

I remember @tommycaldwell talking about the idea of climbing 3 14s in a day - super cool to see @carlodenali actually execute the vision. V14, 5.14, and a 14er in day. What a day! I'd be proud of my month if I could ever send V14...
Nice work @calstrin on the video!


I spent my morning installing solar panels with @gridalternatives. Or learning how at least. I've supported GRID's mission for several years through the Honnold Foundation - it's always a pleasure to join in and do some real work. Super satisfying day - especially knowing that the elderly homeowner will be saving thousands of dollars over the life of the system.
I didn't get any good pictures; too busy learning. But I'm stoked so I'm sharing anyway.

Sacramento, California

On Friday I had the great pleasure of being honored by the California State Senate for my ascent of El Capitan. Senator Ted Gaines introduced the resolution and it was a pleasure to meet him and his staff. My family and I got to sit through the Senate session which felt pretty educational. And I got a picture with this amazing golden bear which apparently then-governor Schwarzenegger bought with his own money to put in front of his office. All in all a pretty amazing experience at the capitol.


Pretty excited to point the van south - Valley time here we come!


@roam made this video about what I've been trying to do through the Honnold Foundation. I appreciate them highlighting the work - in a world where there are still one billion people living in poverty there remains a lot to be done. Link to the Foundation in bio:


My friend @jasoncurtisphotography has been making epic labeled panoramas of the Pacific North West. This shows the entire Cascades as seen from the summit of the Tooth (one of the only things I've climbed here...). He's selling them as prints for anyone who wants to tick every mountain. #makingmapssexyagain


This is the best my phone could do through my pair of eclipse glasses. Pretty cool life experience. #notaphotographer.


There was really only one way to do this photo shoot....
@thenorthface #wallsaremeantforclimbing
Photo: @deanalexander_


Walls have always been my biggest source of inspiration - they fuel my imagination and sense of exploration. My friends and community are all centered around climbing walls. Pretty proud of @thenorthface for deciding to build public climbing walls around the country to help share that inspiration. #wallsaremeantforclimbing


The highlight of Outdoor Retailer this year was taking a social lap up the south ridge of Superior. @jonathan_retseck decided to crawl the whole ridge - apparently road biking a lot doesn't help prepare you for thousands of feet of exposure. But no one perished! The @rxr_sports corporate retreat was a great success!


@tedhesser capturing proper warm up technique. Good times sport climbing!


Because @jimmy_chin asked for it - here's @50cent! We didn't get to chat or anything but I still feel slightly cooler somehow. Classy! Thanks @jimmykimmellive.
Edit: I was just informed that I look especially dorky next to a handsome, well dressed man. Thanks @sannimccandless.


Different routes, both desperately pumped.
I'm super proud of my girlfriend @sannimccandless for managing to launch a life coaching business while climbing on the road. It's been great to see her pursue her dream of helping people lead a more balanced life in the outdoors while still living in a car and climbing full time. For anyone that needs help finding their best balanced life check out her website (link in bio). I know it's a shameless plug, but I'm proud of her. And hoping to have a sugar mama one day...
Photo by @tedhesser

Lander, Wyoming

Whoa! I made it on @jimmykimmel! Pretty sure you can still watch it tonight on ABC, just finished filming. Whirlwind experience. I met 50 Cent!! #kimmel


Home life in the Ruth Gorge. Living beneath 5,000ft walls on top of a 4,000ft thick glacier sure makes you feel small. Here's @freddiewilkinson pondering his insignificance beneath the midnight sun. Alaska - sure puts us in our place.