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honesty time πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ I have been feeling like absolute shit about my body the last little bit, actually cried on my bf about it the other night (πŸ’• u) I have been really busy with school, homework and my job so I haven’t been having as many home cooked meals as I would like which makes me feel worse about myself. In all honesty today’s the first day that I’ve felt somewhat better. I’m trying to remind myself that this is TEMPORARY and it will get better - in the meantime I find talking to my friends about it, wearing looser clothes and drinking water helps a little πŸ™‚

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this wasn’t cold at all πŸ™‚

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I know holidays can be anxiety provoking for me and many others because of all the food so I just wanted say a few reminders 🌸 it's okay if you don't make it to the gym 🌸 you need/deserve to eat 🌸 enjoy the time with your loved ones 🌸 if you need to take a break and be alone for a few hours, THATS OKAY 🌸 tell yourself it's okay to have that second piece of pie 🌸 you don't need to punish yourself for what you consume this weekend 🌸 take deep breaths!! It is okay, listen to your body, eat what you want and remind yourself there's more to life than the number on the scale πŸ’•
Happy thanksgiving, be kind to yourself πŸ‚πŸπŸ’“

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when I decided to start my recovery, I knew one of the big things I needed to do was eat more - easier said than done mostly because in my mind eating meant gaining weight which was a huge fear of mine. I've been challenging my thoughts and eating more and honestly it's been hard but it's also been really rewarding (I get to enjoy food all the time now) which is something I never thought I'd say. So here I am, eating more, embracing my body the way it is and also hitting so many PRs in the gym (which is the most exciting) so ya dis is my body and I need to stop hating it and realize it does so much for me and eating means more than gaining weight!!! getting there slowly but progress nonetheless πŸ™‚

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I have been the most productive these last few days, yesterday I woke up @ 545 and went to the gym before class, went to work and even got an assignment done and same with today!! It can be really easy to forget to eat or feel like I don't have time but I've been doing a pretty good job of keeping on top of it either by packing things to take with me or cooking a bunch of things at once so I don't have to do as much work the next few days after πŸ€—
anyways I'm super stressed and tired and vv ready for thanksgiving and camping w my fav peanut @nklongo πŸ’•

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heard it was #nationalboyfriendday and mines above average especially in the last two pictures πŸ˜‹πŸ‘…

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what I'd give to be travelling right now instead of constantly being stressed πŸ™‚

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learning that the gym is not synonymous with how much food I allow myself to eat. Also learning that I don't need to go to the gym every day to see progress πŸ€—
Being in school and working part time can be super overwhelming at times (as I'm sure a lot of you know) and some days there's just not enough time to fit in going to the gym and that's OKAY!
It's still super important to eat properly, sleep enough and keep on top of your work - I'm learning how to reassure myself on the days where I can't make it to the gym and pushing myself to eat just as much as I would on days where I would go πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ’“

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celebrating the first day of fall with a hike πŸ‚

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learning to accept my body has proven to be more than challenging for me, I have days where it's pushed to the back of my mind and I'm okay and then I have other days where I look in the mirror and see myself as 4x larger than the day before and my ED blames it on eating. I think the hardest part has been forcing myself to eat even on the days where I feel like food is the enemy, because I sit with the feeling of being disgusting and I walk around and feel as though everyone sees what I see. These days have been less since I've started recovery but they still happen frequently, reminding myself that this is part of the process helps as well as talking to the people in my life about how I'm feeling and having them put it into perspective for me, so if anyone ever needs to talk just to vent about how they're feeling, I am always here to listen πŸ’“

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today I was vv productive and had a super sweaty leg workout, then I ate 8 tacos so that's how my Tuesday has been πŸ™ƒ

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