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Aside from the fact that he spent about 40% of the time searching for my golf balls amongst cacti and 100% of the time listening to me complain about how cold I was- he’s pretty stinkin’ lucky to have me for a son. #imtheluckyone #foreverawfulatgolf #lovemypops

Desert Dunes Golf Club

So much more than just a boy and his dog. Missing you already sweet girl. #alldogsgotoheaven

Twin Falls, Idaho

Family shenanigans. ❤️

Twin Falls, Idaho

It’s weird being a big brother cause like one day you’re in your teens and beating each other up cause you’re stealing each other’s clothes then all of a sudden you’re at your little brothers medical school induction ceremony doing everything you can not to cry your eyes out cause you’re so stupid proud of him. I hate that I have to share him with so many other people and that we are LITERALLY on the opposite sides of the country- but I make sure he feels my love when we do see each other, even if it’s through hugs, kisses, and doing my best to embarrass him in front of his friends. #somethingsneverchange #ms1 #ms3 #medicine

VCOM-Carolinas - Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

Curly headed cuddles are just the damnedest things. #Oliver

Corona, California

No sun out but guns out. Trail run in the 8-0-1 with the not-so-little, little. #blessedup #saftb

Snow Canyon State Park

interracial best friendships 💯

Sun Valley, Idaho

*commence nervous giggles* #idahome

Harding Ranch


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