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T h i s M o r g a n i t e T h o u g h 💕 JUST WOW! Check out @_littlewitches #BmmBespoke Morganite & Rose Gold Engagement ring 💗  Shop here ▹ #bloodymarymetal


C r o s s b o n e s C r e w ⚔️ THE BEST CREW! @roseyjones looking as gorgeous as ever! Shop here ▹ #bloodymarymetal #bmmclassics


B e s p o k e ⚔️ A completely one off 9 carat Yellow Gold Chevron made specifically to fit around @lolavictrola 's gorgeous engagement ring ✨  Shop here ▹ #bloodymarymetal #bmmbespoke


N o W o r d s N e e d e d 💛 Shop here ▹ #bloodymarymetal #bmmclassics


C o f f e e N e e d e d ⚔️ When is coffee ever not needed? The lovely @helenanderz rocking our Triple Bones 🖤 Shop here ▹ #bloodymarymetal #bmmclassics


B l a c k B e a u t y ⚔️ Our Midnight Polaris looking ace on @kerrence_carter 🖤 Shop here ▹ #bloodymarymetal #bmmclassics


P i n G o a l s ⚔️ LOVING all of these pins! Thanks for the tag @myenamelheart 🖤 #BmmClassics Mens Stacks looking the part too! Shop here ▹ #bloodymarymetal


T h i s G i r l ⚔️ Always looking totally stunning @kristina_micic 💕 Kristina wears our Death Before Dishonour 💗 Shop here ▹ #bloodymarymetal #teambmm


N e o n ⚔️ Still loving these nails by @nailsbycarolannlouise on the lovely @lucynalv featuring our Crossbones & Bellatrix 💚  Shop here ▹ #bloodymarymetal #bmmclassics


D o o d l e D a y s ⚔️ Pretty much how our sketches look at BMM HQ - @_littlewitches does Loiris want a job? Still swooning over your #BmmBespoke oversized Morganite engagement ring in Rose Gold 😍  Shop here ▹ #bloodymarymetal


D a r k S i d e ⚔️ Death Before Dishonour ⚔️ Shop here ▹ #bloodymarymetal #bmmclassics


C r o s s b o n e s ⚔️ Our iconic best selling classic as worn here by the gorgeous @the_future_mrs_seven 🖤 Shop here ▹ #bloodymarymetal #bmmclassics