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Isle of Bute, Scotland, October 20th 2017. Yes really! 😁
Absolutely dreamy trip back home for a few days to clear my head and lungs and enjoy the sea, sand and ice cream.
I am so surprised at how lucky we were with the weather!
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On the workbench today, our brand new #metoo pin badge raising funds and awareness. Link in bio to order or just find out more.
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Bonnie Bling

I haven't made it to the laser today but these are going to be made up first thing tomorrow.
It's time we stood up and spoke out for all the times we've been shouted at, heckled, sexually intimidated or worse, all because of not being part of 'the patriarchy' Screw those guys and their neanderthal behaviour!
Here to show our solidarity with all the other out there our #metoo pin brings our sisterhood together.
Let me know which charity you think we should donate to from our sales when you order yours and we will split between the most popular three in December.
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Me too.

Verbal harassment and intimidation in the workplace by colleagues, managers and customers when you're just trying to do your bloody job. Patronising and derogatory comments from guys you have to work with who don't get that you're just as capable, being treated 'like a girl' and likewise being advised to behave like one. Shouts from groups of guys when you're trying to get home safely on your own day or night, being told to 'SMILE' on the underground by guys when a family member just passed away, being groped whilst out with your friends at busy public events, walking home when it's dark with your key between your fingers because you don't feel safe, assholes the same age as your parents thinking you are giving them the come on for just being polite and trying to get them to leave you alone, guys who shame you for not sleeping with them or spread rumours about the opposite. Ugh, and the mansplaining!!! Honestly, the list is endless and worse for many other women. I am glad that at last more people are starting to speak up and understand that this is not appropriate behaviour. It is not the world I want my daughter to grow up in, it needs to change NOW! #metoo


Thank you to all the wonderful couples and their wedding pals for coming to blether with us at @brawbrides yesterday. What a lovely chilled but busy day we had! Time to get on my followup emails now, you'll be hearing from me soon! 😊
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A thought for all the babies gone too soon. #waveoflight #babylossawareness


Superhot off the laser! Our wedding menu all set to head over to @brawbrides See you soon! #scottishwedding #brawbrides #westbrewery


Fancy some bespoke lasercut pieces for your upcoming wedding? We are just the women to help you out with that! Come along tomorrow to @brawbrides wedding workshop and see what we can create to accessorise your special day. #weddingfayre #weddingsupplier #scottishwedding #lasercutwedding #caketoppers #favours


Really proud to be a finalist in two categories for this year's #heraldfashion awards. Thank you to all the judges for recognising the hard work we put in behind the scenes. Has been a crazy journey becoming a mum and learning how to juggle work and family so that I can enjoy both. Finally getting there and this recognition means a lot. Looking forward to a proper night out with my right hand gal @mari____on to celebrate! #awards #indiebiz #smallbusinesssaturday #theherald #scottishfashion


Have you been looking for one of our limited edition PINK #nastywoman brooches made for @luckydipclub ? Well we have a small amount available now.
If you'd like one for a bargainous £10 then leave your paypal email below and I'll send out a payment request this weekend for shipping on Monday. Postage is all free from now until Xmas too! 🎉🎉 #luckydipclub #friyay


Proper freezing out there today pals! Grab a Bonnie Bling bunnet to keep yer napper toastie out there.
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Ever thought of just hopping on yer bike and running away from it all? Maybe best not to choose this saddle-less but shopping basket equipped little number I clocked in Finnieston this morning! 😂

You all probably tired of my whinging I'm sure, but really starting to get bizness frustrated all up in here! It's been one drama after another and the laser machine is still only 80% functional, it needs new parts now to get back in tip top condition but October is a quiet month so we'll have to make do.
What I SHOULD be doing today is showing you previews of xmas goodies but instead I was welcomed with a very sad imac who seems to have lost her hard-drive. Le sigh! I'm away to drink all the tea and eat all the cake until I figure this all out!
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