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We've seen this in a few bios. We can "keep up," whatever that means. Unless you're doing a triathlon, in which case, we probably can't "keep up" because we don't want to.


Unsubscribing from your life. Reporting late night texts as spam. Setting auto filter on “you up?” messages to Trash. (*This is not a real notification we sent you all😂)


If you’re doing anything disruptive and you know it to be good and true, let the naysayers fuel your work. - @whitwolfeherd


We refuse to get used to the growing list of sexual harassment allegations against high-profile men across industries. Surveys show that one in three women report they’ve been sexually harassed at work. This is disheartening and stifles the progress of women in the workplace. Sexual harassment is incredibly common, and yet so often it takes multiple reports—and years—for it to truly come out. Why? So often, because we don’t believe the accusers. Those in power have resources to silence these stories from surfacing. We cannot live in silence.


Is there someone in your life who believed in you, encouraged you to take chances, or gave you your first big break? We call that someone your #OneConnection. Check out our story or blog to hear these incredible entrepreneurs on their work philosophy and the One Connection that changed the course of their careers. We are committed to building empowering relationships which is why we're exploring One Connections from not only our role models, but also our users. Who's your One Connection that gave you unwavering support? @alliwebb @lionbabe @stephkorey @payal @laurabrown99


Real talk: marriage is a beautiful thing and you should be allowed to do this crazy thing no matter whom you love.


There is so much power in seeing women of color represented more on television now. It expands the dreams and possibilities for young women everywhere. Let’s put an end to characters like the psycho girlfriend, absent father, gossipy housewife, princess who’s just beautiful, etc. Strong characters are real characters. (quoted via @mindykaling tweets)


Your kindness is your first impression - whether you’re on a first date, meeting a new friend, or connecting with a mentor. Kindness is a key part of our mission and how we communicate with each other and our users at Bumble HQ. Kindness may not sound trendy or sexy but for healthy and long-term relationships, it’s what matters most. #worldkindnessday #beekind

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Can we get a slow clap for our rideshare drivers? They listen to you drunk cry, understand your slurring directions, witness fights, ignore your makeouts, and don’t get upset with your really indulgent late night fast food runs.


Good morning to everyone who’s not on a sexual harassment list. (via @eggsnraam )


True love alert ✨⬆️✨


It’s hard when you’re a people pleaser. Learn to say “no” more to others so you can make time to do things that matter most to you. (Credit to @kdyldy, @monstersongs & @haveagoodattitude)


Women, you don’t need to passively accept bad behavior. Men, you don’t have to seem aggressive and hide your emotions. If you’re in a same-sex relationship, no one needs to “be the dominant man.” Don’t limit your personality, education, career, or relationship expectations based harmful gender roles and stereotypes. No matter how you identify, be your realest self.


One of the hardest things is to accept that someone wasn’t right for you. But moving on also means losing their meme tags. We’ve all been there and we’re here for you. Learn to love your independence and cherish all the 🔥 memes you find on your own. Real talk: you’re fucking fabulous, with or without a partner.


Danice Roem is set to make history as the first openly transgender person to both be elected and serve in a state legislative body. Roem represents a social victory for the LGBTQ youth, community, and allies. We hope for a future where candidates continue to be judged on their platform. 💪


As we all know, sexism in the workplace is a serious issue. It’s something that needs active disruption and change. We set out to change the way people date by allowing women to make the first move. Now, we really wanted to pull that change through the rest of your life. We are tackling sexism and gender stereotypes in the professional space with @bumblebizz. Stand up for what needs to be changed - challenge it.


Until technology allows us to download food, we’re looking forward to date night that includes semi-successful attempts in the kitchen.


Today, we grieve with all the families in Sutherland Springs harmed by an act of evil. We stand with the survivors as they recover from this senseless tragedy. Take a moment to tell your family, friends, and loved ones what they mean to you. You can't let them know enough. 💛 (image via @eyesneverliechico)


Like most things in our life, we overestimate what we can do in one hour. #daylightsavings


We’re hooked and we can’t stop staring... at your amazing personality and ambitions. 😘 #sirmixalot #lyrics


When you swipe on your grandma, she automatically shows up at your door with baked goods like the wizard that she is. 😂 JK grandma, we love you.


Other people are not your competition. Stand with them, not against them. At some point growing up, we’ve all been envious of a friend’s accomplishments. That envy never feels right. In this current climate of pay inequity and sexism in the workplace, we have to be focused on bringing each other up. As our CEO @whitwolfeherd always says, “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”


Badass inspo from style icon, @iris.apfel, who dresses and thinks for herself. Don’t overthink your personal style or dress to please others. There’s so much pleasure in knowing you look good for you. You are your own style. (via @katespadeny )


Even if you can’t pick them up, it’s nice to make sure they landed or reached their destination. The little things are remembered as the bigger and more memorable traits of a relationship.


Some friendships can start to fade if you no longer have things in common. Friendships should not be an obligation after people change. Relationships are meant to be fun and supportive, not forced. @bumblebff


We used to make a lot of mistakes growing up but now that we’re older, we make serious and far more advanced mistakes.


Your ex is an ex for a reason. Sometimes we forget all the shitty things they did in the past, but taking an ex back doesn't usually lead to the fairytale ending we hope for. If they’re not the right person, move forward.💛


This kind of teamwork to achieve a common goal would be inspirational for all.


We’d rather have clowns chasing us with chainsaws.


We’re dressing up as a celebrity at home who’s watching TV and eating pizza. 😬