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The scale of the peaks in Denali National Park is probably best appreciated by standing below the towering summits; inevitably feeling small and insignificant. But, in my opinion, the grandeur and scale of the place is probably best felt from the air. // C4 Director @timkemple


C4 director @timkemple photo // I took one 'photo class' in my life, freshman year of college, and on the first day the professor taught a lesson that I still remember today (in the age of cell phones that take amazing photos... it's more true than ever) •

A camera is a tool that you can put just about anywhere to capture an artists perspective during a specific moment in time. So lay on the floor, stand on a chair... or in the case of this image, from last night, put it on the end of a pole an inch above the ground. The world is 3 dimensional and my favorite photos bring that to life, and my favorite cameras allow me to do that simply and easily. •

Super fun evening with @stripe_cult_painting last night shooting with our new @nikonusa #D850 and @sigmaphoto #14mm. Camera in the end of a pole, fired remotely with a cable release.


Photo by C4 friend @j.j.kelley // Beautiful Iceland just before midnight on a summer evening in July. This is a geothermal power station. Iceland is actually the tip of the tallest volcano in the world (if you count ones that start below sea level). So the whole country is brimming with energy, and the Icelanders have very cleverly figured out a system to convert the earth’s heat into electricity. #iceland #geothermal #cleanenergy ⚡️


81 year old Grandma holds a basket of corn grown by her grandson on the Cochiti Peublo Native American reservation in New Mexico. Completion of the massive earthen Cochiti Dam in 1973 and the resulting seeping and flooding nearly destroyed farming here but her family is hanging on. The last few days we ate fresh tamales from their farm and listened to her stories as she gave one of the most poignant and heartfelt interviews we've experienced as filmmakers. // C4 Director Renan Ozturk


C4 director @renan_ozturk // Art is healing. It can also help us see more clearly where we as Americans come from, especially the parts of which have been hidden or distorted from text books and cultural understanding. @taylorfreesolo and I feel really honored to be helping to document the work of two African American artists - Shirley and Winfred - who are acknowledging the past through their art in order to better understand where we are today with racial issues. In the video teaser above are moments from the funeral that Dr. Shirley Jackson Whitaker put together as a memorial for the 4,000 men, women and children unlawfully lynched in America, most of whom never had a funeral because it was too dangerous for their families to retrieve the bodies. It was also through Shirley that we met Winfred, a lynching survivor and artist who uses leather work and painting to address racial trauma in America. Feeling so grateful to receive the @mountainfilm commitment grant to help us finish this project with the help of filmmaker and writer @versacejpgs (Cameron Granger) and Taylor's father who set this all in motion, @todd.rees. #ashestoashesfilm Song by @andradaymusic


@camp4collective director @ansonfogel and partner @alexandrafuller spend a lot of time exploring the Escalante in southern Utah. Finding a stark peace in the big. And the small. @alexandrafuller 🎥


C4 director @renan_ozturk // Our new @thenorthface short film just went live, link in profile 👆🏼 ~

It’s a vulnerable look into our mission to Alaska’s Great Ruth Gorge at the beginning of the summer. I think a lot of us question how to find the right formula for meaning in life. Although I don’t have any definitive answers it’s always a learning exercise being on expedition with @alexhonnold to put it all in perspective. #lifecoach #stumprider ~

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Photo by C4 DP @renan_ozturk on his new feature doc project with Director @mrsanjayr on Native American food systems // On the San Carlos Apache Reservation, young Mae prepares wild harvested green indigenous bananas over an open fire. Mae represents the future of the ancient Apache food ways, but an uncertain future at that. Like many children on the reservation, she is a product of a severely broken home. Her mother had her at the tender age of 15. And Mae is the second oldest of eight. Thankfully Mae is now living with a relative/guardian on the Rez who has promised to give this little dynamo all the opportunities life has to offer. Under the watchful guise of her aunt Twila and her guardian, Mae has a rare opportunity to break a horrifically vicious cycle. If she does, I guarantee you this young girl will change the world. @gatherfilm @sterlinharjo @tanya_meillier @frau_mit_katze @apachefarmer @fndi303 @taylorfreesolo @nephi_craig @daharbfilm @turner_a_c #apachecorn

San Carlos Apache Airport

Photo by C4 director @renan_ozturk // Children in the remote Nepali village of Saadi make the most of a monsoon cloudburst // words by @jetbutterflies @dzifoundation ~

Where do you look to for examples of how to live your life? ~

We live in a gilded age. We barter in miracles and medicine. We fly. We photograph distant planets and galaxies. We are more connected than ever before, than many of us ever imagined possible. ~

Yet we still seek and we search. We face self-doubt. We run inside when it rains. ~

#Nepal #Nepaliloveyou @sonyalpha


Photo by C4 friend @j.j.kelley // The Colorado River just south of the Utah border in Arizona. I'm not stretching the truth when I say that this is the most beautiful river I have ever seen. The contrasting colors are an absolute knockout. The river itself meanders between towering 2,000-foot cliffs. If you've never been, you've got to check it out! #coloradoriver #getoutthere


Photo by C4 friend @j.j.kelley // Just 25 years ago, an intrepid adventurer named Chris Mccandless ventured into the wild. His objective was to live off the land; it was to be an endeavor that challenged him and a theater where he would prove that he was capable of surviving in one of the harshest environs in the world. He was successful for 113 days, but Chris ultimately met his ends when a flooded river materialized as an impass. Fairbanks Bus 142 was where Chris retreated and ultimately where Chris died. His is a contentious and heart wrenching story that inspired and anguished a generation. It's with great fondness that we look back. #intothewild #25yearsago #chrismccandless

Fairbanks, Alaska

Photo by C4 director @renan_ozturk // words by @jetbutterflies Last night, the community of Saadi, Nepal cobbled together a makeshift movie theater in an abandoned home to host the Nepal premiere of The Last Honey Hunter short film. ~

The doors and windows were fastened tight against the monsoon downpour outside. Inside, dust from the dirt floor and the heavy smoke of homemade cigarettes hung in the light of the small projector, playing the film wavy and bright across a white sheet tacked to the wall. ~

In so many ways, we made this film for a audience of one: Mauli Dhan Rai. The main subject of the film and @natgeo article, he developed an almost mythical presence in our imaginations as we told his story. But there he was, front and center, enjoying himself entirely while grinning and laughing with his neighbors and honey hunting teammates. ~

Mauli Dhan and his community have immeasurably changed us all for the better. The least we could do was to make the effort to give their story back to them -- hopefully in a condition that was at least as good as we found it to be. ~

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