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"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." - Roald Dahl ✨

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Mixing business with pleasure. Casually plotting world domination over brunch with @marni_little and @indiabarry. #SLTC #WomenInFilm #WIFT #Filmmaker #FemaleFilmmakers #Writer #Director #Actor #Sydney #Australia

The Clean Treats Factory

Celebrate women not just today but every day. Incredible things happen when women come together and empower each other. I’ve seen it first hand. Here’s to the women who continue to inspire and encourage others to stand up, use their voices and demand change. Cheers, my sisters! 💕 #internationalwomensday #thefutureisfemale


Sometimes we dress up and get to leave the house. 💕 This weekend the newly minted Larues said, “I do”, and we were lucky enough to share in their beautiful day. Thank you so much Hope and Jermaine for having/putting up with us. We wish you a bright and wonderful future together as husband and wife. #TheLaruesSayIDo #Wedding #Love


✨Small steps, big change💫
Tried Pilates for the first time. 😱 Guys, it’s no joke! Pilates is hard! But I’m making a habit of trying new things as often as possible. #Pilates #SaturdayVibes #SaturdayGrind #Courage #Disney #LunarNewYearLunarNewMe


When you’re your own best Valentine. Christine, you shouldn’t have! 😆💕💋#Valentinesday #Valentines #BrokeGal #JustAnotherWednesday #HumpDay #CoffeeLover #CoffeeAddict #Love #ButWaterSoHealthy 🤷🏻‍♀️


💡When you realise you only have three items in your wardrobe and they are in high rotation because you have only three items in your wardrobe.💡#Farshun #CapsuleWardrobe #InadvertantMinimalism #Uniform #Sydney #Coffee

5th Earl Rosebery

Putting in work as an #InstaWife. ***He didn’t actually ask me to take this. I just like to take photos of him when he’s not looking. It’s not weird.*** 💕
I’d follow this guy to the ends of the Earth but you’ll find that he’s usually the one behind me pushing me forward, picking me up and getting me up the mountain (both metaphorically and literally). Thanks for being the usual you this week. I needed it. ❤️ #OkayEnoughOfThat #UghLove #Feelings #PDA #NotValentinesDay #LA #LosAngeles #Sunset


“The world needs to see images of women directing. It’s hard to become what you do not see.” - Chloe Sevigny
They may not be your typical director shots but here I am directing nonetheless. If you had told me a few years ago that I would write, produce and direct a short film of my own I would’ve called you crazy. ‘Me? Nuh, uh. You’re thinking of a different Christine.’
Whilst I’d always had this burning passion for acting and have been chasing that dream like it’s the last bus of the night, the idea of making of my own film was out of reach, too hard.
But I did it.
I had a team of wonderfully talented and generous women (and men!) who made ÜberRICH a thing. A real thing.
To the female filmmakers who continue to inspire others to pick up a pen, a camera, a mic, to say, “I can too” - thank you.
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...then DECIDE that you WILL and GET IT DONE. ✨#Friyay #Courage #DoWork #SorryForTheCaps #ImNotSorry #ImSore-y #OkayIllStop