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From the tales of Huckleberry Finn as a child to studying Creole languages during my Linguistics degree in college, I've always been entranced by the tales of Louisiana and the Mississippi River. Getting to come down here for the first time with @yeti has been everything I thought it would be. The food amazing, the culture thick and the wildlife abundant. The South is something a lot different than the rest of the United States.

Mississippi River/Gulf of Mexico

Yeah I know winter started. And yeah, I know there isn't any skiing in Louisiana. But down here for my first time in the South for a "training" trip of sorts. Not quite divulging what exactly I'm training for but it involves really really really big fish in a remote corner of the world with @yeti. In the mean time, "training" is going quite well thanks for asking. @smithoptics 📷: @captjackproductions

Mississippi River/Gulf of Mexico

Best opening day ever? Well that's not really quantifiable in real scientific terms, but it was definitely top two. @squawalpine 📷: @ben_arnst @salomonfreeski #timetoplay

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

Skiing is really fun and it's really fun to have skiing back in Tahoe. I mean it was only gone for like 3 months but I still missed it. Some scenes from Day 1 of the 17/18 ski season @squawalpine . 📽️: @whiteroomfilms with appearances by @c0nnery @salomonfreeski @yeti

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

Well that was an opening day to remember. As fat as I've ever seen the upper mountain at this time of year. Full send sessions on the Kangaroo Kicker (48 year old @scottgaffski christened it with the first backie of the season), full send sessions on Mainline Pocket, and of course everyone getting sendy off Cool Guy Rock. Lower mountain still needs quite a bit more coverage before that gets going but upper mountain at @squawalpine is good to go! 📷: @ben_arnst

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

Shoulder season kinda sucks. Patiently waiting for this week of forecasted storms to hopefully pan out and get the chairlifts at @squawalpine spinning this week. In the meantime, just scrolling through old footage of going a little bit bigger than planned. @salomonfreeski #timetoplay #itscalledbackcountryskiing

Lake Tahoe

Hi. I'm Cody and I'm running for the office of Powder Poll. I'm running on a campaign of skiing, how to carry skis and proper GoPro techniques. Most people think I'm "out of touch" but I assure you I am a man of the people and know exactly what I am doing. So please, before midnight tonight, vote for me in the @powdermagazine poll. Your polling location link is on my bio page. 📷: @blakejorgenson


Sometimes I think skiing is just a convient vehicle for getting upside wherever you can. @smithoptics #codetofun


Scenes from Kashmir & India. The photos tell a bit of the story. The @salomonfreeski episode tells much more. But the only way you truly can understand a place is to go there, meet the people, and be a part of the culture. The episode link is in my profile. Hope it inspires you to go on your own "Dream Trip". #timetoplay

Jammu and Kashmir

Took a little break from social media this last week...cause damn it's good to get away from the phone for a bit. Which on that note leads to the @salomon TV "Dream Trip" episode launching tomorrow, featuring the trip I took last year to Kashmir with @lmroseng & @kalenthorien. These kind of trips connect you with people in a way that no social media update can. I suggest you give it a watch, not because I want you to be on your phone, but because hopefully it'll influence you to take that trip that pushes you out of your comfort zone, into a new way of life and connects with humans from around the world in unique ways. #timetoplay ...oh and of course score some damn pow!


The views at the @micaheli lodge are spell binding. Thing is, they don't even compare to how good the skiing is. Link to the @salomonfreeski episode from Mica is still in the bio. #timetoplay

Mica Heliskiing

Fun is the epicenter of skiing for me...but sometimes that fun involves scaring myself quite a bit as well. So last season, with a new brain bucket from @smithoptics on my head I stepped back to a gap that I had shorted a decade earlier. One try, one flip, called it good. That day that was my code to fun.

Pemberton, British Columbia

ALERT: If you don't like powder skiing I strongly suggest you don't watch the new @salomonfreeski TV episode. The link is in the bio for everyone else that does like powder skiing. #timetoplay


Icebergs have a titanically bad reputation but I think they're pretty cool. @swatchandsports #keepmovingkeepticking


Sometimes it doesn't go as planned yet still works out. This one got a little buck wild but somehow managed to stay on my feet. 🎥: @mspfilms in #DropEverything @salomonfreeski #timetoplay

Lake Tahoe

I remember hating ski helmets. Never wore them until @smithoptics came out with the infamous Maze helmet. It was so light, comfy and fitted so well that wearing a helmet became a habit. Now, nearly a decade later they've updated the Maze with a new reinvention called the Code and I wear it every dang day on skis. It's safer, lighter and has a sweet Boa system fit system. Also, I think they named it after me which is cool. Side note: I'm pretty sure I'm laughing like an idiot in the picture cause I had just farted.


These are the type of lines that haunt you for years. Over and over, your mind wrestling with the eternal back and forth of "it goes" vs "it doesn't go."


A list of good things right now.
1. I'm in Canada with my lady and my best Canadian buds.
2. We're watching ski movies.
3. It snowed yesterday.
4. The @freshskis Freshtival is a heck of a lot of fun.
A list of not so good things.
1. Elyse and I are starting to smell pretty ripe because we're on Day 3 in the same clothes with our luggage being lost.
Conclusion: The good heavily outweighs the not so good.

Calgary, Alberta

Last night's @mspfilms show at @squawalpine was something special. One for the eternal memory bank. There were 4 generations of legends in attendance on stage, from the people that built skiing to what it is today like Greg Beck and Scot Schmidt, to tomorrow's superstars outta Squaw like @c0nnery @bosssrosss @tylercurle @xanderfire and many more. The crowd went bananas for an amazing Squaw segment and the energy to go rip, shred and huck was so high. It made me realize how damn lucky I was to grow up skiing Squaw, and getting to learn from the legends. It's why I'm posting this shot from 12 years ago, my first MSP shoot with @shanemcconkeyfoundation and @scottgaffski with @hankdevre behind the lens. That was fun. Thanks Tahoe, you rule!

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

Climbing is an enjoyable off season activity. [This is the type of caption you write when your brain keeps farting every time you try to write something interesting/witty/not sucky]

Donner Pass Summit

...And then right after this @markabma went and sent the bejeezus out of the diving board in the middle, fell out of the sky for like 80 feet and proceeded to violently tomahawk the rest of the face. Hence why I wussed out and hit the little baby air to the right. 📸: @acpictures #timetoplay @salomonfreeski

Velvet Curtain

Someone flipped the temperature switch up in the mountains and it feels really good.

Hwy 395

Yeah, that's the spot.

Tuolumne Meadows

Flawless executing my favorite grab. 📷: @jeffcricco with @mspfilms in Tahoe last winter. @salomonfreeski #timetoplay

Lake Tahoe

One time, @bodemerrill told me scrambling is just rock climbing without safety equipment. He's got a point. #arcadebeltcamp @arcadebelts / 📷: @graythompson_

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

Since I'm just sitting around on the computer and working on my house not doing anything cool, here's a clip from #chasingarumor out in the Ruby Mountains, NV with @joshdaiek. When we found one skinny ass little pencil of a couloir deep out there. @salomonfreeski #timetoplay

Volume UP

Here's a little something something to get y'all horned up for winter. @salomonfreeski #timetoplay

British Columbia

I'd like to show you my fish. Have you seen my fish? Man, what a nice fish. @smithoptics @swatchandsports @yeti


I'd give a lot right now to be in the skin track, deep in the mountains, away from this crazy new world we live in, just distracted from it all for a few moments.

Lost Paradise

Out of Office Reply No. 3: You've reached Cody, I'm a little weighed down at the moment. Probably won't be able to get back to you until this weight on my chest has been given sufficient treats, naps and toy time. Sincerely -CT and @theothebrave