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Mangrove #forests are one of the best coastal defenses against #hurricanes.


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Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting down with @milisandovaldiaz and @ConservationOrg along with @amybraccobiden and @diegogarcianyc to learn more about their work with #women and #indigenous communities in #Peru 🇵🇪 (where my mother is from) and around the world protecting nature for the benefit of us all.
People need nature to thrive and survive 🌎❤️


It’s #WorldFoodDay! We know that it’s possible to feed the world without destroying #nature, which is why CI promotes more responsible #farming to help farmers adapt and thrive in a changing climate. As part of the Good Growth Partnership, we’re working to minimize the environmental impacts of soy, beef and palm oil.


Freshwater species have a publicity problem: unlike iconic tigers and sharks, no one is paying attention to the Baikal seals and hippos of the world. A new paper aims to show people how we can protect important freshwater ecosystems by turning up the "wow" factor and shining the spotlight on large charismatic freshwater species including Turtles river dolphins and sturgeons. (link in bio)


Melting sea ice and extreme weather are a few of the many Arctic-related topics up for discussion at this weekend's Arctic Circle assembly in #Reykjavik Iceland. CI distinguished fellow and former president of #Iceland Okafur Grimsson is among the many world leaders attending to chart a course for the rapidly changing #Arctic.


The 2017 hurricane season in the #Caribbean underscored how vulnerable islands are to the stronger storms that climate change is likely to create - yet many developing island nations lack the resources to mount an effective defense against #weather impacts. On the International Day for Disaster Reduction, learn how CI is helping #island nations protect their greatest asset in the fight against climate change: #nature (link in bio)


This week, ministers from 12 countries gathered in Botswana for the 5th year of the #GaboroneDeclaration. The Gaborone Declaration for Sustainability in Africa (GDSA) is unique in Africa, and the member countries are leaders in their field. A transformative, African-led initiative for sustainable development, the GDSA recognizes that nature is foundational to the prosperity and security of the African people and economies.
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DYK: By 2020, 75 - 250 million Africans will experience increased water stress? Nature is being eroded in Africa at an alarming rate. The loss of forest alone is costing the global economy between $2 and $5 trillion per year.
The Gaborone Declaration for Sustainability in Africa (GDSA) is a transformative platform for achieving sustainable development in Africa. Through the GDSA, 12 African nations have committed to implementing conventions and declarations that promote sustainable development.
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Here’s one swamp you don’t want to drain: mangroves in Brazil. Follow along as CI staff get knee-deep in mud exploring how these amazing plants help us tackle climate change and provide a sustainable source of crab for local communities (link in bio). “We seek narrow channels that wind through the trees and their spidery tangles of roots. Beneath us, the water is like black tea, its oily surface interrupted on occasion by the swirl of a fin of a fish, unseen below. No one dares speak above a whisper and break our holy awe.” - CI CEO M. Sanjayan


To better protect our oceans, we’re getting business on board. #ICYMI, at the #OurOcean conference in #Malta, CI announced that we’re teaming up with partners to produce an oceans-specific framework to help businesses evaluate their impacts and dependencies on the ocean. “By highlighting how businesses depend on healthy oceans, this new framework will help them take the necessary steps to protect oceans, in the interests of protecting their bottom line.” — Keith Lawrence, senior director of CI’s Seascapes program.


Great 🐘news today: The UK announced a near-total ban on ivory sales
DYK that every 15 minutes, an elephant is killed for its ivory? This cruel, gruesome practice could drive the species to extinction within a generation. Join us and pledge to continue the fight to never forget the elephants.


Illegal fishing is a big problem, and CI is using technology to help fight it. In #CostaRica, satellite technology is helping monitor illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. At the #OurOcean conference in #Malta, CI reconfirmed our partnership with the Costa Rican Ministry of Security, the National Coastguard Service, and NGO Catapult/OceanMind to address illegal fishing in the region. See link in bio to more about our work to promote healthy, safe oceans.


Over 3 billion people — almost half the world’s population — depend on the ocean for their livelihoods. Today, CI joins world leaders in Malta for the Our Oceans conference, designed to promote collective action on the biggest challenges facing our oceans: pollution, climate change, creating sustainable fisheries and more.
See link in bio to learn more about our work with oceans.


Happy #WorldAnimalDay! DYK that CI maintains the world’s largest wildlife camera trap network, with over 1,000 camera traps in 17 tropical forests? This year, our team in Indonesia captured the first sighting of the critically-endangered Sumatran Ground-Cuckoo during a camera trap study in North Sumatra’s Batang Gadis National Park. This rare bird was once considered extinct, and was only rediscovered in 1997. (See photo #2!) The Batang Gadis National Park camera trap study is part of Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring (TEAM) Network, maintained in partnership with @smithsonian. Last year, TEAM identified and recorded at least 37 species living in the area and captured 6 endangered species on camera: sundanese pangolin, sumatran clouded leopard, sumatran tiger, sumatran ground cuckoo, tapir and dhole.


What happens to #US landscapes when protected areas vanish? New research into the histories of places like #Yosemite #NationalPark show us the implications of relaxing restrictions within #America’s protected lands — even 100 years later. “The choices that we as a society make in terms of how we manage our land and what we decide to protect have enduring impacts,” says Ph.D. candidate and CI grantee Rachel Golden Kroner. Click the link in our bio for more


How's your #NationalCoffeeDay bean so far? Hopefully not too much of a grind....


Exciting news: As part of its commitment to address climate change, Tiffany & Co. announced that it is purchasing renewable energy credits equivalent to 100% of its U.S. electricity use in 2017. This milestone is part of Tiffany’s journey to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions globally by 2050.
As a part of their 2050 commitment, a portion of Tiffany & Co.’s 2017 emissions will be balanced through an investment in the Chyulu Hills Conservation Trust’s REDD+ Project. The Chyulu Hills Conservation Trust is a unique coalition of community, government and nonprofit partners, including the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. Supporters of the REDD+ project include actor Edward Norton, who is President of the U.S. Board of MWCT and U.N. Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity, along with Conservation International and The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation – key partners in Tiffany’s wildlife conservation efforts.

See link in bio to learn more about the Chyulu Hills Conservation Trust.


One morning without coffee can be challenging enough. But do you really want to imagine a whole world without coffee? Join Conservation International and pledge to#SustainCoffee


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Big news from CI: This weekend, from the stage of Rock and Rio, Brazilian singer Ivete Sangalo, alongside Gisele Bundchen, announced a massive reforestation effort in the Brazilian region of the Amazon. CI is proud to join our partners in this audacious effort to restore 73 million trees to the Brazilian Amazon. “Together, as Gisele said, we are stronger. Let us never forget that… This is the proof that it's worth dreaming and that together we are more. Long live Brazil, long live our Amazon, long live our planet,” said Sangalo from the stage. This is a huge milestone, but much work remains. Want to keep the momentum going? Act now: Photo CC Ariel Martini/ I Hate Flash


BIG NEWS: World’s Largest Tropical Reforestation Project to Take Place in the Amazon Rainforest
Today at Rock in Rio, a global music festival held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, CI announced it is taking part in a massive reforestation effort in the Brazilian region of the Amazon.
This audacious project is the result of a partnership between CI, the Brazilian Ministry of Environment, the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the World Bank, the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (Funbio) and Rock in Rio's environmental arm, "Amazonia Live."


How much of this total do you drink everyday? Take the pledge and help #sustaincoffee (Link in bio)


What is a Marine Protected Area (MPA) and why does it matter?


How do we make sure that ALL coffee is better for people and the planet? (See video link in bio)
#coffee #sustainable #sustainableproduction #conservation #cupofjoe


ICYMI: #WhaleSharkDay was on Wednesday, but you can still spend some time getting to know more about the world's largest fish.


ICYMI: Saturday was National Dog Day! Did you know Anatolian Shepherd dogs help farmers and wildlife live in harmony? #NationalDogDay


News from the U.S. Department of the Interior indicates that Papahānaumokuākea and America’s other marine national monuments are not safe yet. Join Conservation International’s action campaign to raise your voice in support for these critical ocean areas. (See link in bio)


Did you drink ☕️ this morning or have an 🍏 for lunch? Go ahead and thank a bee. ICYMI, yesterday was #NationalHoneyBeeDay

Click the link in our bio for the buzz on climate change. Surprise, surprise: It’s bad for bees


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There's less than 8 hours to speak out to save our national marine monuments. Take action now (see link in bio). Add your voice to the millions speaking out to save our marine national monuments.
Papahānaumokuākea and other marine protected areas are still very much at risk of having their national monument statuses reduced or revoked. In fact, a New York Times article* recently listed Papahānaumokuākea as one of the top five monuments under threat. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has already extended the period for public comments. With this window of opportunity fast closing, we’ve got to make these final hours count.


Elephants are truly worth more alive than dead. But if these animals continue to be slaughtered for their ivory at current rates, then in the near future, we will live in a world without elephants. They say an elephant never forgets, so in honor of #WorldElephantDay today, take our pledge to remember the true value of an elephant (see link in bio).