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Azzedine Alaïa will never be forgotten as an artist designer a man who truly understood the art of sculpting for a woman’s statue of beauty power and strength that will be remember and inspired forever 🙏🙏🙏


My best neighbor inspiration model mother actress friend from sun valley to cpw to hamptons to parrot cay to la and Austria it s all just beginning the 2 D s Demi Donna finding the calm in the chaos happy happy bday @urbanzen


Happy birthday my love Demi from the other D. From Sun Valley to Central Park West to Parrot Cay to the Hamptons and LA. So many memories, our yoga and silent retreats, hurricanes, beach days, our amazing New Years with the kids, and so much left to do. My inspiration, always a true model of an actress, mother and friend. We'll always be two Ds in zen @urbanzen. miss you 💋💋🙏❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍🎁🎁🎁


25 years celebrating @ejaf an organization who has touched the lives of so many in caring for one of the largest health crisis, AIDS. Last night at the Cathedral of St John the Divine, where 10 years ago his beloved best friend Ingrid Sischy & sister Sandy Brandt honored Elton at his 60th birthday. And this year @eltonjohn and his husband @davidfurnish hosted #PresidentBillClinton, the @clintonfoundation, @trudiestyler, @theofficialsting, @nygovcuomo, and #ArethaFranklin who tore the house down.
Candles lit, lighting the cathedral with love and compassion for what Elton and David have created. Thank you both.
@urbanzen sharing and caring for those in need

Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC

@donlemoncnn how you spoke out on @CNN last night with tears in yours eyes as we all sit in shock over yet another shooting. #sutherlandsprings a baptist church with 26 dead. A month ago in Las Vegas with 58 dead. How many more children, grandchilden, sisters, husbands, friends and loved ones must we lose? Let's stand up as a country, not a republican or a democrat but as one community. Thank you @juliannemoore @katiecouric for your amazing film shown at #sundance 2 years ago maria CUOMO and her husband @mr_kennethcole
#notonemore @urbanzen #guncontrol


JOIN @everytown's MOVEMENT by Texting ACT to 64433 for common-sense gun safety. We MUST protect our families, children, loved ones and communities. #NOTONEMORE senseless act of violence. @urbanzen

Urban Zen

What a way to start the @nycmarathon how lucky we are looking right over the park good luck and congratulations to all those participating, watching, and producing this event every year. Next up @macys thanksgiving day parade now that is @urbanzen creating a community of mind body and spirit here in #nyc #centralpark


Happy Birthday Anna, THANK YOU for all these years giving so much of yourself Dressing and Addressing with Seventh on Sale, Kids 4 Kids, Fashion for America, @CFDA, @METmuseum and building a family both personal and around the world. @voguemagazine @urbanzen
Flashback Friday Fashion Moment.
1990, the first Seventh on Sale event.


My heart goes out to every single person affected by the acts of terror and gun violence. We stand strong and united in #NYC and all over the world, let's spread love and peace, not HATE. ❤️ @urbanzen

New York, New York

So inspiring to be a part of the future of health conversation @milkeninstitute surrounded by like minded leaders who are passionate about HEALTHCARE and share @urbanzen's vision for holistic change. Thank you MIKE Milken, Indra Nooyi and my fellow panelists @melanieanya of @soulcycle, @alexiabrue of @iamwellandgood, @joycemarg and Nancy Brinker of @susangkomen


Congratulations on ALL of your accomplishments @ritawilson. A mother, wife, actress, singer, songwriter, and friend. Looking more and more BEAUTIFUL each day. Safe flight, see you in LA @urbanzen

Café Carlyle

What a beautiful night celebrating the 20th anniversary of Andrew Saffir and Daniel. Thank you for sharing your love and bringing together so many great NEW YORKERS @thomasjhilfiger, @hamishbowles, @unclerush, @christiebrinkley and many more @urbanzen


Two great men always by my side with a smile and a good morning or good night. @thechrisbauer keeping me on schedule @urbanzen throughout our travels


Flashback Friday Fashion moments ----
The closing dress of my Spring 2001 Donna Karan collection which was postponed on September 11
Spring 2002 Donna Karan dress which reflected my husband, Stephan Weiss's, wire sculpture
Celebrating my daughter Gabby and husband Gianpaolo @gianpaolodef all white wedding at #parrotcay after my husbands passing
#FBF @urbanzen


What an honor to CONNECT the dots with the interior design community at the NYC & G Innovation in Design Awards. Thank you Kendell Cronstrom, Marianne Howatson and @cottagesgardens for this wonderful honor.
It all started with @TreyLaird, @DominicKozerski, @PeterMarinoarchitect and Christina Ong an unbelievable team that brought to life the launch of DKNY and Donna Karan London and back to NYC THEN my collaboration with Yew Kuan to create a sanctuary in Parrot Cay for my family and friends. And now @UrbanZen the ideas continue with the work we do to preserve the cultures of the world. The epitome of calm in the chaos with our home furniture and objects of desire found at Urban Zen LA, NYC and Hamptons.#cgidas

Rainbow Room

Saying goodbye to Paris with my oldest friend in fashion lisa horn from my years at @anneklein to @donnakaran @dkny and now here showing @urbanzen
paris is where I started my career with PATTI CAPPALLI when I was just 19 years old how time flies my journey my story

Paris, France

My inspiration of what is truly the next big step in the fashion @fashiontechlab seeing these two extraordinary women who are the magnets of change @miraduma and @carmen.busquets my inspiration and influencers for our industry looking forward to connecting the dots @urbanzen soon


From Paris to LA with beautiful @MiraDuma congratulations on the launch of @fashiontechlab connecting the dots between sustainability, technology and fashion the way of the future bringing together a community of creatives and like minded people and @carmen.busquets reunited after 6 months awaiting our journey to a far away place where we can help and support with @urbanzen

Urban Zen

last night in paris how beautiful the lights of paris surrounded by our beautiful full moon see u soon off to @urbanzen zen la


As I celebrated my birthday in PARIS with so much chaos around the world from TEXAS to PUERTO RICO to MEXICO and the recent devastation in VEGAS I'm praying for all trying to find the calm in the CHAOS. THANK YOU all for the birthday wishes and love now more than ever it's time to come together as a community and create the change we need in #healthcare #education #climatechange #womenrights #gunsafety @urbanzen


We MUST all come together to STOP GUN VIOLENCE NOW the recent tragedy in Las Vegas was a shock and horror. Let's express our love ❤️ for those affected by this devastation. Let's join @everytown's movement by TEXTING ACT to 64433 for gun safety with our partners @juliannemoore @mikebloomberg @momsdemand and #notonemore @urbanzen


Half way there from PARIS to Africa my dream with #nana from #MALI where we've been dying to go and of course #Ethiopia such an inspiration @urbanzen sneak preview showing my stores in PARIS


At peace and serenity watching the sunset always a shinning light holding us all together from donnakaran to @urbanzen kevin salyers


Always the calm in the chaos for all of us @urbanzen from London to perugia @mariagrachvogel


Ok ready set go off to Paris fashion week from Perugia with my hotties @nanakeita the light and love who makes every @urbanzen design look better than the next @hollyHAUPT who's passion love caring exemplifies the perfect @urbanzen integrative therapist how lucky we are to have her support day and night and the man of the house @thechrisbauer who keeps all of us together from am to pm around the world by my side


Ok a dog I've never seen bigger than my grandson but this Russian borzoi so @urbanzen


What a way to arrive in PARIS with an amazing group ready to show @urbanzen


Off into the sunset or a message from# Stephan my husband who's birthday it was yesterday and other Virgo @gianpaolo my son in law #pilot #race cars #ducate motorcycle rider like my husband STEVE who created @urbanzen on CHARLES which was #thestephanweissstudio


Sunset at the car show in bridge hamptons some #message being sent between @ralphlaurens fall show with his extraordinary collection of impeccable cars and his #fall fashion show in season my partner of change with those magical moments so zen @urbanzen timeless and


My love of my life Stephan WEISS my husband whos brilliance and creative will always be a part of me creating and manifesting everything in my life family grandchildren @donnakaran @dkny @urbanzen which was the STEPHAN wieiss studio where he created all his art that will live on forever the Apple on the river the horse at the winn hotel and shoe larger than life the the film at @urbanzen studio