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The best thing since sliced pumpernickel: Extra-sliced whole wheat!
This is the letter lamed ל, for “lekhem” לחם. Bread. .
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אאא - בית לטיפוגרפיה עברית

Woo! #goodtypetuesday this week is #surfacetype, and I’m combining it with another favorite: #typeforants
Swipe to zoom 👈👈👈
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Almond, California

(Tag a friend with whom you’d like to share ribs👇, and you can both win a TGIF gift card) I teamed up with @officialtgifridays to announce their new “bigger, bolder, meatier” ribs, coming this Wednesday. Bon appetite! .
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TGI Fridays

HT408 / You’ve probably heard of an en–dash, em—dash and the regular old dash-dash. But Hebrew has a special one called upper־dash, which for the most part is pretty much like a regular dash, used for things like repeating-repeating words-words. In chocolate here we have an upper־dash #ambigram of shwayeh-shwayeh שוויה־שוויה: a phrase of Arabic origins meaning “chill, one moment buddy, take your time.” Next time you’re feeling anxious, just reach for a bar of the nearest chocolate and remember to take things shwayeh־shwayeh.

Chocolate Works

HT407 / You may have noticed that my theme this week was same’ah שמח. Happiness. Apropos that the holiday which we consider a time for happiness (sukkot) fell at the same time as world mental health day. What does it mean exactly to be happy? I don’t think such a state exists; rather happiness is a journey of contentment, of being satisfied with the things I have. Your happiness isn’t the same as mine, necessarily, but for the next three days I’ll be away and focusing on counting my blessings. Journeying towards happiness, whatever it may be. #חגשמח #etroglettering


HT406 / Moadim L’simha מועדים לשמחה, friends. Make today a "time to rejoice,” no matter how small. This is white ink on a hadas #הדס (myrtle) leaf, a plant that is part of the #sukkot traditions. .
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Mo’adim lesimha. It’s a time for שמחה, happiness. Wishing you all a happy and festive #sukkot .


Something BIG is coming to @officialtgifridays. Can you guess what it is? Seriously- comment below and if you guess correctly (and maybe also if you don’t 😎) I can hook you up with some when it’s released (in the form of a TGIF gift card).
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TGI Fridays

HT405 / חג #סוכות שמח, and a Happy #Sukkot holiday 🍃🍋🌴
It’s happening tonight!
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Chabad Lubavitch HQ

The letter häf כ for kroove כרוב. Sounds like “groove,” but you don’t need a translation. Second slide is kusemmet כוסמת, which sounds like qos-emek, a curse with Arabic origins that I will also not translate 😎. Fun fact: Some letters in Hebrew, like ך, have a different shape when they appear at the end of the word.


Yom Kippur begins tonight. I wish you all a hatimah tovah, a good signing.



This will never get old. The coffee, the greeting, the shaky hand. Happy #nationalcoffeeday
Boker tov, good morning, and l’chaim!

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