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Wintery nights after warm mornings.. ✌️
Filled with friends, fueled by deliciousness and driven by love and togetherness ❤️
These days are long, loving, funny and amazing and it's so precious to have a community who join (and rejoice!) in these days with you!!Thankyou all!! Thankyou my incredible friend and Brunch partner @joanamlimao ❤️ Our beautiful shala @casavinyasa_ashtangayoga and @isaguitana ❤️ Our wonderful partners who believe in these events and us, and who help us spread the love!!
Share it, love it, live it! We all need love :)


🍍🍍Brunch + friends, fun and Ashtanga practice! It's our recipe to make a delightful Sunday special @casavinyasa_ashtangayoga with @joanamlimao 🍍🍍 !
A selection of NEW recipes from my favourite cook/girl, following our sweet Sunday morning Mysore practice. We can't wait to be back with you all again for this day!
SIGN UP with us 🍴
And we'll keep you posted with the delicious partners we've got joining us once again too!


A new shelf as their home, holding the same place in my heart.

I successfully collected my visa this week to study once more with my dear Guru Sharath.
Thankyou all!
Once I feel this in my hands.. I feel ready, it's real, and a feeling like I'm flying back home ❤️
Christmas + New Year in India, hold up! Even more magical!


Gardens of Estrela behind supporting (roots)..
British Embassy as my neighbour (heart)..
Corner of my new road (chapter)..
Hills of Lisbon (life) in front..
Here's to it all!
Thankyou everyone for getting me here!

Those removal men, you guys rule forever! ⭐️


A hand to guide us,
A voice to lead us,
A heart to inspire us.
Happy Birthday dear Guru!
We are lucky students and beings to be blessed by having you in our lives!
May you shine even brighter today, receiving love and blessings from us all!


As I offered the flowers to Sharath this morning at our last class, I said 'Wherever you choose to go, we will be there with you.' Because it is what my heart and all my being tells me.
At the final mantra, I couldn't control the tears as they streamed down my cheeks, my heart and being so full from this person. It is an indescribable feeling of being with your Guru who toughens you, softens you, surrenders you and encourages you.
Yesturday in class, as Sharath stood close to the top of my mat, each jump through and exhale down was a salute to him and a Thankyou ❤️
Until next time!
Pic from the wonderful books from Hamish. Photograph by Sharon Matarazzo.

Astanga Yoga London

Back on home turf.. 🌲
Yet flying on the clouds.. ☁️

Smiles met, heart filled, breath synced, bandhas held (!) There is something nostalgic and familiar, practicing in an English Hall. I close my eyes and all I hear and feel are Sharath's words ❤️ An assurance and tranquility he brings.. I'm so incredibly thankful to be with him this week! Filling my heart to the brim, with sentiments only my Guru can bring ❤️

Thankyou to everyone who has made this week possible for me! ❤️❤️

Kensington Palace Gardens

Absolutely stunning in every way.. London, I'm living you right, right now ❤️

The Ritz London

Holidayss with my incredible Sister ❤️ Cruising, singing, dressing up, shopping, laughing, tanning, supporting and growing together! You're always there for me and I Love you so, so much @alice_ball1 ❤️❤️ Miss you! #lisbonliving #sistertimes #cruisetunes #momentsforthesoul #lisbon2017🇵🇹


Guru Purnima ❤️ I can't wait to bow at the feet of my dear Guru Sharath in August ⭐️⭐️ For those moments when I chant the mantra in our shala in Lisbon, I turn to the alter where Guruji is holding position. As I take in three offerings at the shala flame, this has grown as a symbol to me, when I also honor three. Guruji, Isa and Sharath.. And then I glance left, to the photo of my teacher @isaguitana with my Guru Sharath in India, and thank and look to them ♥️♥️ This has become my lineage and we each have our own line which is so wonderful to share. It goes back and back and back.. and may it go on and on and on ⚪️♥️⚪️ It always feels an incredible moment, humbling, honor, anchoring and truth #lineage #parampara #ashtangayoga #ashtanga -- This is my all time favourite picture of Sharath, now recognised as taken by @ilpo73. Thankyou!


... free
... open
... alive ... where your heart desires
... where the music takes you ... in the hands of the djs ❤️

Let's practice!
Let's party!
#beinggathering2017 #boomland #portugal #wonderland #magic #music #discodance #trance #tracks #inthehandsofthedjs


Summer rooftop practice!
First day of Summer, International day of Yoga, and a day to get on your mat and do your thang!
Epic morning with our dearest teacher @isaguitana ❤️
Physically taking us to a rooftop, but beyond in your teachings!
Dristi is the toe, and then out to the sea, and then better yet, into the depths of you!
#aintnopartylikearooftopparty #stillhigh #amoreiras360view #lisboa #lisbon #ashtangayoga #ashtangafamily #practicealliscoming


Life-long-dream achieved !! White beaches, freedom, a mysterious Mare wanting to canter in the sands! Thankyou to the best friends a girl could *dream* of @joanamlimao, @caferraro ❤️✨❤️! You make everything a Dream-Believe-Achieve reality!
Thankyou for this A.M.A.Z.I.N.G Bday present and for all the moments we share together!! I love you a trillion times over! And to @christine_pausewang for being the best riding partner, thankyou ❤️❤️!! #birthdaydreams #birthdaymoments #dreambelieveachieve #horselover #portugal #comporta #hellyeah!
@cavalosnaareia 🐎❤️

Comporta, Setubal, Portugal

These are a lot of my favourite things ⭐️⭐️ Lineage, Sunday, the practice, flowers, the candle light, mornings of dedication, devotion, laughs, smiles, friends, your best friends with new friends, practice friends and yoga family and that special love that binds it all together ⭐️🌈❤️ #shalalife #sunday #superfoodssundaybrunch #casavinyasa #love #devotion #parampara #springtime #lisboa #weekendstogether #weekenditwell #feriadofun

Casa Vinyasa - Ashtanga Yoga Shala

Our l❤️ves! Sunday Brunches with THE BEST partners who provide us with their loves and passions ❤️ Thankyou for making these days with us!
@quintadoarneiro - Your produce reigns all others! 🌱
@mariagranel.lx - The quality and top of the top! 🍒 - The extra touch to nourish all senses! 🍬
@iswariofficial - You make everything just Super! 🍍
@pachamamainsta - The tastiest tostas in town! 🌈
@puro_bio - To provide the extras to bring it together 🍨

At the blessed place we call Home ⭐️⭐️ @casavinyasa_ashtangayoga @isaguitana!
With the S⭐️E⭐️N⭐️S⭐️A⭐️TIONAL @joanamlimao!
Mixing it up, swirling it together, blending and combining in ways that just leave us amazed! You rock and rule! Thankyou!! ⭐️🌈⭐️
Tap for the team!

Casa Vinyasa - Ashtanga Yoga Shala

SPRING Brunch ❤️🌱 30th April
The air is warmer, fresher, greener and full of energy! And we're delighted to be back with you for our April Superfoods Sunday Brunch @casavinyasa_ashtangayoga !
Fill your entire self with energy from your morning Ashtanga practice, awaken and delight your taste buds with the freshest, most tastiest dishes from Joana @joanamlimao in your Brunch experience!
We'll refresh, relax, gather together, enjoy and inspire each other to live a happier, contented way of life!
Set your body and taste buds alive with love for a healthier you!
Full details at

And send us an email to **** to BOOK your place!
Health is Harmony
!❤️! Refresh, relax, gather, inspire and renew!
Way hayyyy!! .
#healthisharmony #love #ashtangayoga #seventhseries #food #foodship #nourishmentinthebestway #greentimeofyear #springforward #springtimes #spring

Casa Vinyasa - Ashtanga Yoga Shala

Thrilled and excited to be returning to the mag🎆ical BOOMLand for this years @beingathering! Assisting my wonderful teacher @isaguitana and sharing the amazing practice of Ashtanga with such a dedicated group of people!
For this year we'll be there for a Sunset season 30th June, 19.30pm at the Yoga Shala 🎆 Join us!! Music, people, soulcare and fun!

Can't wait to be back with those boom vibes 🙌!
Thankyou for the capture @sohlo.siod! Throwback to 2016!
First time wearing the sensational @pukawear also! !! Completely going to miss you this year @mayasantimano ! #tentbuddy
#beinggathering2017 #ashtangayoga #ashtangafamily #summer #summertime #festival


The level of talent ✨ and love ❤️ from this girl @joanamlimao is tremendous!! Last night's epic dessert finale, from the plant based, Mexican themed, love fueled, girl gathering #supperclubnasubcave! And a breakfast whipped up, of all your friendships favourite thangs! #foodship #friendship #skills #asubcave #shesthebestest #luckyluckyus! Thankyou!!


Old skool pictures from the first @casavinyasa_ashtangayoga ✌️💓✌️ It was an awesome day and practice Rafa @rafasunwarrior! Thankyou for capturing the magic!
Thankyou to our dear, amazing teacher @isaguitana!! Your love, strength and adjustments are as strong and wonderful as ever #takingusbeyondtheuniverse #ashtangayoga #ashtangafamily #oldshala #lisbon #lineage #love #practiceforallisthere

Casa Vinyasa - Ashtanga Yoga Shala

New M❤️❤️N tomorrow, live up the high energy, Spring in your step and thoughts vibe ✌️ #restfrompractice #takethatenergyintoyourlife #springforward!


Me and my dearest teacher, mentor, friend and everything else we share @isaguitana ❤️
You have brought so much light, so much joy, laughter, moments of transformation and learning, dances and dreams into my life! Eternally grateful and thankful for you!! I am who and where I am today, because of you and our path ❤️💫❤️ #lineage

Casa Vinyasa - Ashtanga Yoga Shala

Happy 💖 Mothers Day Mummys! LOVE, hugs, kisses and cuddles to all the incredible Mums everywhere, helping their daughters and children feel blessed, loved, supported and believed in, as I do because of my Mum. 💖 LOVE that little stronger today!! #motherslovelikenoother #mothersdayiseveryday #igotitfrommymama


LOVE in ABUNDANCE! Thankyou for yesterdays special #brunchsuperstars!! Thankyou to all our guests for joining to learn and grow on this *super* day!
Thankyou to the incredible talent, joy, love/care, excitement and sharing by @joanamlimao 🌟! I'm so inspired by you!
Thankyou to our beautiful home, our love and source @casavinyasa_ashtangayoga and all that @isaguitana and we aim to share with you! ❤️
To our dearest partners and their products - their loves, @quintadoarneiro @mariagranel.lx @puro_bio @iswariofficial @pachamamainsta ❤️
So beautiful to see it altogether!! Thankyou, thankyou!! #sharingiscaring #letsdothistogether #dreamingitreal #thisisyoga #health #harmony #balance #collectiveloves

Casa Vinyasa - Ashtanga Yoga Shala

Brunch Sundays 💫✴️✴️💫 I love your mix! Dearest students together, inspiring each other, building each other, lifting each other up with your practice ❤️ This is the greatness of Ashtanga, on your own mat doing your thing, and doing it together ❤️

Practice + Brunch with the incredible @joanamlimao ✴️✴️ Where post practice nourishment is taken to another level 🌠
I love these mornings @casavinyasa_ashtangayoga! Thankyou all for joining us!
#ashtanga #sundays #brunch #superfoodssundays #practicepractice #alliscoming #doingittogether #casavinyasa #home #love

Casa Vinyasa - Ashtanga Yoga Shala

In a dreamy place at @casamae.. So excited to return soon for the Wellness Week, 14th - 19th March ⭐️⭐️ to give daily Ashtanga classes, mornings and early evenings, and meditation moments - straight from our love and teachings from @casavinyasa_ashtangayoga.
With delicious workshops and tastings from @joanamlimao, and that glorious Sun and the most tranquil setting of @casamae ⭐️⭐️
Book your place at
You can book for one day, as many days as you can, or the full week!
We can't wait to welcome you ❤️
#wellnessweek #casamae #casamaelagos #lagos #Algarve #yogaalgarve #ashtanga #march #healthislife #parampara #dreamitout

Casa Mãe Lagos

We're thrilled and THANKFUL to welcome a selection of fantastic partners to JOIN us for our delicious Brunch day on 5th March!

We love to combine the BEST of produce, ingredients, EXPERTISE, ORIGINAL and authentic and CONSCIOUS companies to make your day the best it can be! ♥️! Our loyal and wonderful @quintadoarneiro will be sharing their HAND PICKED SELECTION of organic, fresh produce, straight from their farm hills ❤️

Combined with the QUALITY and CONSCIOUS selection of products from the incredible @mariagranel.lx , organic bulk store ❤️

Complimented by the fantastic, local, abundant and fully organic @puro_bio store, with everything you need for a sustainable, organic lifestyle ❤️

Taste a little something special with a New @biocol_labs NATURAL REMEDY, to heal and strengthen you :) And delight in the scrumptious, addictive granola that we all love; the REAL FOOD makers and taste lovers ❤️

Indulge fantastically in the @iswariofficial products, where SUPERFOODS are taken to another level of taste and EXCITEMENT for all your senses :) With the sensational bread from @pachamamainsta - translated as our Mother Nature, from the FIRST organic restaurant in Lisbon. Handmade with complete LOVE.

And bringing it all together in a menu like no other, our incredible Joana, @joanamlimao
See you all on Sunday! ❤️

Casa Vinyasa - Ashtanga Yoga Shala

Rise and SHINE! Early morning excitement woke me up, visualising, practicing and planning for your shala here at @casamae ✴️ I'm so excited to bring our love, energy and teachings from @casavinyasa_ashtangayoga to you in Lagos, Algarve! ⭐️14th - 19th March ⭐️
Daily Ashtanga classes, restorative meditations, that essential time for you to tune in and strengthen your Self from within during this Wellness week ✴️
Divine food workshops to follow your practice with my dearest @joanamlimao, and the Sun and serene setting of @casamae. JOIN us!
Reservations at

Casa Mãe Lagos

Life is abundant! The beautifully curated farm of Julio 🌱🍃🌱 where green, luscious crops grow. The plants definitely feel his passion and dedication to them, they grow here so abundantly and thrive off a generous, kind, gardeners hand! Wandering the fields with @joanamlimao and hearing them chatter about the Farm to table Workshop on Sunday 19th March - I'm definitely joining for this one!
@casamae, You can BOOK your place at 🌿

Casa Mãe Lagos

Good Morning, New Moon ⭐️ New day! Waking up to a serene room, a delicious breakfast and a day of plans. Next stop the Quinta.. Chatting, resting and re-setting with @joanamlimao @casamae ❤️❤️

Casa Mãe Lagos

Thankyou for a stunning, tranquil welcome @casamae ⭐️ Incredibly excited to be here and discover this special place in Lagos. I can't wait to get discovering with @joanamlimao, and roll my mat out!
Our full wellness week will be 14th-19th March, join us! Full details at ⭐️⭐️
#wellnessweekend #lagos #discovery #wellnessweekpreparations #friendtrips

Casa Mãe Lagos