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A trip down memory lane with this 1980s illustration from #EltonDiamonds! These images are so beautiful and you’ll find them all in my Ultimate Greatest Hits, out November 10th. (Pre-order link on bio) 💎#art #1980s #illustration #diamonds


Very emotional being back in Vegas. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at my @caesarspalace shows these next few weeks. #LasVegas #live #caesarspalace

The Colosseum at Caesars Palace

With everything going on in the world right now, the message of #LoveIsLove is more important than ever. Australia, Iet’s #VoteYES for #marriageequality.


George Michael was an icon, musical innovator and most importantly, my friend. Watch me on #GeorgeMichaelFreedom this Monday at 9pm on @channel4 as I discuss his life and incredible career. #GeorgeMichael #icon #documentary


Our next illustration from #EltonDiamonds is from the present day. You’ll find this image and others of me inside my Ultimate Greatest Hits album, out next month. (Pre-order link on bio) 💎 #art #2017 #illustration


Australia, you really did make these concerts "once in a lifetime". A beautiful country and people, thank you for the wonderful shows and for the love. #EltonTour #australia #mackay #wollongong #hobart #cairns #coldstream #yarravalley


An Australian 14 year old with the most astonishing voice and a huge future. Check out Ruel. @oneruel @beats1official


My favourite band of the moment. Winston Surfshirt from Sydney. New album is "Sponge Cake". Get it ASAP

@winstonsurfshirt @beats1official


Tom Petty's music and songs are timeless.
They sound as relevant now as ever.
He was a wonderful writer, musician and singer. Irreplaceable and unique.
This is such a sad, sad day.
Sending all my love to his loved ones.
#TomPetty #RIP @tompettyofficial


Las Vegas is like a second home to me. I’m utterly devastated by the tragedy of last night’s shooting. My thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of everyone affected by this horrific act. And I continue to pray for a more peaceful and tolerant world.


I’ve just seen this fantastic poster which was created by the talented @XavDrago after he saw me in #Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Thank you for sharing your work, Xavier. #art #illustration


If you’re seeing the @KingsmanMovie this weekend, unlock the #Kingsman #Snapchat lens by snapping this image to become a Kingsman or even me! Have a go with it and enjoy the film. #movienight #cinema


This beautiful illustration is from my forthcoming greatest hits album, #EltonDiamonds. I’ll be sharing one each week for each decade, starting with this one of the 1970’s. (Album pre-order link on bio) 💎 #art #1970s #memories #illustration


#EltonDiamonds, my Ultimate Greatest Hits album celebrating 50 years of my songwriting partnership with Bernie Taupin, is released November 10th. Even more exciting, the special limited edition boxset version includes a third CD of songs I have personally chosen. (Pre-order link on profile bio) 💎


#EltonDiamonds 💎


Amazed by the #GucciEltonJohn collection. What @gucci have created after visiting my archive is like a beautiful old dream come true. Alessandro, I love you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻. 😘😘😘 @lallo25 #fashion #gucci #GucciSS18 #AlessandroMichele


Hello from Australia! The weather and welcome have both been so warm, just loving all my shows here. #EltonTour #australia #mackay #wollongong #hobart #cairns #coldstream


Coming soon... 💎


Who’s ready for Saturday Night? If you’re seeing #Kingsman this weekend, I hope you have as much fun watching @KingsmanMovie as I did being in it.


What a start to my Australia shows. Not only were Mackay a wonderful audience but the mayor also named a street after me. Next stop, Wollongong! #EltonTour #australia #mackay


Today’s the day! See me on the big screen in #Kingsman: The Golden Circle, in cinemas now! Here’s just a little sneak peak of my @KingsmanMovie role - can you spot me in this trailer?


Awed and amazed by the #GucciSS18 collection, parts of which were inspired by my own fashions from over the years. @lallo25 and @gucci, thank you for involving me in your beautiful vision. #fashion #gucci #AlessandroMichele #guccieltonjohn

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I'm so excited to be back in Australia for a series of shows. Many years ago, I chose Australia for my wedding to a wonderful woman for whom I have so much love and admiration. I wanted more than anything to be a good husband, but I denied who I really was, which caused my wife sadness, and caused me huge guilt and regret. To be worthy of someone's love, you have to be brave enough and clear eyed enough to be honest with yourself and your partner. Almost 24 years ago, I met the person with whom I could be fully myself. When we married in 2014, it felt like that fact was accepted by the world. For David and I, being able to openly love and commit to one another, and for that to be recognised and celebrated is what makes life truly worth living. That acceptance and support makes us want to be as kind, responsible and productive members of society, as well as the best parents, that we can be. I love Australia. I love its spirit, its lack of pretence, its passion. I hope it can embrace the honesty and courage that seeks gay marriage as an expression not of desire but of love. #loveislove #marriageequality


I can’t wait for you all to see #Kingsman: The Golden Circle this Friday. I had such terrific fun filming with the cast and crew. You’ll find me in Poppy Land… @KingsmanMovie #TheBitchIsBack #teaser


Matthew Vaughn made #RocketHour very special this week, as we spoke about his #Kingsman: The Golden Circle movie, musical inspirations, my role in the film and much more. Watch our @KingsmanMovie chat in the bio link.


Thanks to everyone who came to support last night's @kingsmanmovie world premiere! #Kingsman #London


Suited, booted and ready for last night's @KingsmanMovie premiere ! #Kingsman #london

London, United Kingdom

'Saturday Nights Alright (For Fighting)’ features in the new @KingsmanMovie and here, the film’s director Matthew Vaughn reveals why he chose the song. I hope you enjoy this #Kingsman #RocketHour special tonight, 7pm PST on @beats1official!


Something I can certainly relate to, Matthew Vaughn explains how music is his inspiration to life as we discuss soundtrack selection for his @KingsmanMovie. My #Kingsman #RocketHour special airs tomorrow at 7pm PST, @beats1official.


The impact of @pepfar in the fight against HIV/AIDS is vital. @ejaf and I are thrilled the US Congress and President have agreed to continue their lifesaving investment into it until early December. #HIV #AIDS


Watch @KingsmanMovie director Matthew Vaughn reveal why he picked my track, ‘Jack Rabbit’, for #Kingsman: The Golden Circle. It was a real pleasure to have Matthew on this special #RocketHour, which will air Monday on @beats1official.


Bursting with pride seeing my sons as mascots on the pitch today at Watford Football Club. I get very emotional when I think of how much joy the club brought me during my days as Chairman. Here Zachary kicks the ball to Elijah. @watfordfcofficial @davidfurnish

Offical Watford Football Club

Just recorded next week’s #RocketHour with my brilliant #Kingsman director, #MatthewVaughn. We chatted about how he picks the music for his films and why I qualify to be a Kingsman. This special @beats1official show and @KingsmanMovie are both out next week.