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You know what I don’t recommend? Remodeling a house. I think I’ve cried every day for the past four months. Actually starting to think I’m on a hidden camera show that’s trying to remake that Tom Hanks movie “The Money Pit.” Do you think this look will suffice in hiding my discomfort/generalized anxiety? Send help and In N Out.


shut up, I love you!!! (also loving this short wig)

Good Measure

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Good Measure

The hardest part about buying a house is the patience it takes to find the perfect furniture for a space. It took me four months to find my dining room table and thanks to @parkmanwoodworks it truly is perfect. My house was built in 1932 and it’s very important to me to have pieces with a history. That goes for pretty much everything in my life: cars, clothes, I’ve even known my boyfriend for twenty five years. This table is all custom reclaimed wood from Los Angeles that’s over seventy years old, and the biggest winner of all was that it didn’t break the bank. Thanks Graham, Jonathan and Alejandro!


There's children throwing snowballs / instead of throwing heads / they're busy building toys / and absolutely no one's dead!

Verdugo Park

#tbt best opening lyrics to an album ever


Last night's bourbon steak al fresco featuring our host @nwkeyes and the unseen and inescapable Depeche Mode wafting through from the Hollywood Bowl. 🌿🌓✨


w i n n e r


they grow up so fast @saravhughes @nikhughesdrum


The worst part about this Harvey Weinstein news is that it isn't surprising. I have come across so many men like this in my life, in my career, and while pumping gas at Chevron. This isn't just an industry thing, it's an everywhere thing. When I was 19 I was pushing my guitar through the x-ray machine at LAX when a huge man reached across security and slapped his hand on the case, "Let me carry that to your gate for you" he said smiling. "No thanks, I got it" I said to Mr. Weinstein. He persisted. I declined. He asked me where I was traveling to. He asked me again if he could escort me to my gate. I declined again. I was 19. My own encounter with Harvey is so inconsequential it seems ridiculous to even write about because small fear and an icky feeling in your belly is nothing compared to the stories I'm reading, but I still want to share because small or very, very large, he deserves to have his actions exposed. To all the women coming forward about their sexual abuse, I hear you, I believe you, and I got you. One in five women are sexually assaulted during their time in college, and only 43% of all sexual assaults are ever reported, but that number rises every year. If you see something say something, but most of all, be a friend, listen without judgment and don't pressure someone to come forward if they're not ready. I also want to mention that today is world mental health day so be kind yourself and be kind to others because you never know the shape of the demon someone else is fighting. Who knows, it might look just like the one pictured above.


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"you're cutting my head off" #ariandgav 👰🏻🤵🏼


I've known this gorgeous slice of magic for twelve years and next year I get to watch her walk down the aisle. I love you @hay_there! #LillyAndJoannie #hiphiphoorayley #ragstorinaldi

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Thanks for my fresh blonde @colorbychrystal !! Feelin sunny all over. ☀️🌵


No one knew how old you were when I rescued you, but every time you get a haircut I feel like you lose a year. I love you, Joseph dog. 🐶


armpit dog. youth large shirt.


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you got yourself a trucker's atlas 🚍


This little cutie and her hubby opened the sweetest coffee shop in Eagle Rock back near my old college stomping grounds. Had the pleasure of stopping by with my @mallory_jansen and you should too!


Venice wall art doesn't last long, but look for this gorgeous piece on your way to Dune for some delicious falafel! Now open just off the boardwalk. 🌅

Venice Beach


It's that time of year again. ✌🏼

LA Coliseum For USC football