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Waiting on spring adventures like... ⏳ // 📸: @ashruns100s (or @zeeger6? 🤔 I can’t remember..) #smokymountains #outdoorwomen #goatworthy #latergram #getoutandexplore


Sometimes you’re just sitting on a wall having a romantic moment with your camera. 📸: @barefootkakes // #fromwhereiperch #moabutah #outdoorlifestyle #playmore #travelshots


You know that feeling you get when you see somewhere amazing you climb up to? // 📸: @barefootkakes #outdoorwomen #archesnationalpark #getamongstit #playoutside #desertlove

Arches National Park

GUYS. Three things: 1. I’m working on the vlog from the Moab trip last week and it’s gonna be AMAZEBALLS. Think burgers in the desert at sunset. 2. I have acquired a new secret weapon for my outdoor adventures. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the incredible footage you’re gonna be seeing. 3. I. LOVE. RED ROCK!! 🏜️ #livetheadventure #visitmoab #desertlove #travelstoke #shotonrylo

Arches National Park

What really is the value of accomplishing anything if it doesn’t help us relate to each other? 🤲🏻 // Photo: @ultracraig32
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Some of you know by now I’ve been experimenting with this little thing called YouTube. The idea that we can create movies telling meaningful stories from our lives and share them with anyone anywhere for free blows my mind. I know it’s not new, but this aspect of it is a new venture for me. If you’re a fan of YouTube content, check out my latest video (link in my bio). And if you’re into that, please subscribe! ** #tbt to running Buckskin Gulch last October with great friends. (Photo: @scfrogley)

Buckskin Gulch

THREE CONFESSIONS :: 1. I don’t care about people knowing my age or seeing my wrinkles. 2. I love raisins in my cookies. NO SHAME. 3. I haven’t done anything photo-worthy in a while, so here’s a shot from a smoky day in the Wind Rivers last fall. // #noregrets #consumelesscreatemore #creativelife #windrivers #earthpic


And then some days, chasing dreams is like sprained ankles. You’re abruptly derailed and it kinda makes you wanna throw up and you’re mad cause it wasn’t even a big thing you tripped over. That’s why we walk it off, right? ....right?? ⛰️
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I often wonder why the phrase “AF” doesn’t stand for “As Fries”. Not a lot of things are as awesome as eating French Fries. Like.. “I am stoked As Fries about running downhill.” What are you stoked As Fries about? I mean, other than fries, of course.


Go barefoot more often. Especially when you have wussy, tender feet like I do. ☀️🏝️ The Siberian tundra that currently is my mountain home has me missing this paradise today.

Oahu, HI

I have a perfectly posed picture of me sitting on this rope swing. Boring. Spontaneous play is life’s candy center. Do more of it.

Oahu, HI

When you’re stoked on where you’re going, it’s hard to resent where you’ve been. #tbt #wasatchrun