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GLAAD, the world’s largest LGBTQ media advocacy organization, is honoring Jay Z at their 29th annual awards ceremony! The rapper, who's leading the pack with 8 Grammy Awards nominations, is set to receive a Special Recognition honor for his song “Smile,” which details his mother Gloria Carter’s coming-out story from her son’s perspective.

_________________________________________ “Mama had four kids but she’s a lesbian/Had to pretend so long that she’s a thespian,” Hov raps on the #444 track. “I cried tears of joy when you fell in love/Doesn’t matter to me if it’s a him or her.” The song also includes an original poem by Ms. Carter


This year’s awards will take place in -- read more at TheShadeRoom.com! 📷: Jamie McCarthy @gettyimages


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Self Haircut Video by @360jeezy


“Dead 🌹 Roses” Matte Lipstick @styledbysahar


#Sammie out here tweetin’ and thirst trappin’ 😩👀😩


#PressPlay: #ViolaDavis delivers a powerful speech at the #WomensMarch in Los Angeles today!


An univited guest
cr: @RyanFollese
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#Plies ain’t havin it with this fish...🐟😳😂 @Plies #WSHH


Facts! 💯 #WSHH


How Cute Does @gisellelynette Look In The "Front Lines Ruffle Top" | 💚💚


Hj foi dia homenagear uma das mulheres mais maravilhosa que ja conheci; Tia Socorro. Que saudades. E que orgulho do quanto sua filha, Juliana, as voluntárias e apoiadores do Lar Acolhedor estão honrando sua memória e legado. 🙏🏻 E obrigado mais uma vez meu amado amigo @pefabiodemelo

Mosqueiro, Para, Brazil

🙏#Repost @sthefanybrito (@get_repost)
Gente, estou viajando e soube agora que o Snow sumiu! Estou completamente desesperada! Ele estava numa casa na Barrinha (Rj), que tb hospeda outros cachorros e ele já ficou lá um milhão de vezes!!! Não sabemos exatamente o que aconteceu (estamos checando câmeras dos vizinhos)! Por favor, eu imploro me ajudem a encontrar meu filho. 🙏🏼 Pra quem não conhece ele tem um olho azul e um pretinho! Tem mais fotos no insta dele @showdosnow 💙 Pelo amor de Deus me ajudem!!! Qualquer informação: (21)966626043 Vanderli ou (21) 994083061 Josef ou (21)996790379 Caetano


Hooman, you still have me.
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Video by @riepoyonn
Canele and Amelie (@riepoyonn) have gotten the memo: getting out of bed on the weekend is highly overrated. Watch our story now to see these two sweet cats at home in Japan.


This long sleeved navy blue wool sweater with ribbed round neck is finished with a large Dolce&Gabbana logo patch to the chest for an instantly recognisable look. Available on the online store through the link in bio. #DGMen


Photo by Corey Arnold @arni_coraldo

A leisurely drive through downtown Unalaska, a small city in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, is an easy way to spot a few of America’s national bird... or a few hundred. The population of bald eagles has exploded over the past few decades in many cities in Alaska as eagles increasingly find easy meals from human food waste and leftover fish from the thriving commercial fishing industry. Writer Laurel Braitman @laurelsara and I teamed up this past winter to document the scene up close! Click the link in my personal profile @arni_coraldo for more snaps and a short story written by Laurel in the Jan issue of Nat Geo Magazine. How many eagles can you count in this video??? #birding #birdsofinstagram #baldeagle #alaska #dutchharbor #humananimals #coreyarnold #aleutiandreams #eagle #natgeo #potd #votd

Unalaska, Alaska

❤️ so in love


😂😂😂😂😂😂 @jbalvin


Photo by @anastasiagav
Frigid temperatures of -53 degrees Fahrenheit (-47 Celsius) can’t stop Anastasia Gruzdeva (@anastasiagav) from getting outside this time of year — even if it means her eyelashes freeze after 15 minutes. ❄️ #TheWeekOnInstagram

Yakutsk, Russia

Ontem lançamos o Cheetos Anitta ... edição especial de Cheetos pro carnaval.. obrigada pela confiança durante essa longa parceria. Obrigada @gb65 por colocar sua arte nessa embalagem. Obrigada Pepsico, @map_brasil , @anazambon ❤️


Get your Wildcat claws ready. 💃🏻🏀 It’s the anniversary of #HighSchoolMusical! (💅🏻: @disneystyle)


Happy Saturday 🌴🔥 I have an Xbox to giveaway, should I do it on Instagram?? Or Youtube?? Comment which one and I’ll decide tonight 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Palm Springs, California

New pose, who dis?


When you're freaking out but also have a sense of responsibility
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Photo by @joeleep
As a remote geospatial engineer, Joe Leeper (@joeleep) spends his time working out of the back seats of car and in hostels — and sometimes hanging out cliffside with puffins in Iceland. “They got really comfortable with me being so close,” says Joe. “They must be one of the most comical, clumsy and chilled-out animals.” #TheWeekOnInstagram


Não é verdade que os animais não falam...o Criador colocou as palavras nos seus olhos ❤️ ADOTEI! Essa é VITÓRIA REGINA e ela vai ser muito amada a partir de agora 💗 Que sensação inexplicável vivi hoje no Shopping Morumbi na adoção do @institutoluisamell 🙏🏼 Muita emoção e corações reunidos em prol desse gesto lindo que é a adoção!!! Brigada @luisamell mais uma vez pela oportunidade e por agora ter um pedacinho de você e da sua bondade junto comigo 💕 Faça como eu e adote também 🐶 Apaixonada pela minha nova peluda 😍


I can’t believe I’m going to be 60 this week! I love rating your babies but this week I want to rate the 60 year olds in your life. #EllenRateMy60YearOld


Photograph by Anastasia Taylor-Lind @anastasiatl | Alexander Kydrin, a member of the “All Powerful and Great Warriors of the Don Cossack Army”, instructs his horse Tribunal to lay down at Azov aerodrome, where the troop practice Djigitovka tricks, a traditional form of Cossack trick-riding that are performed at state ceremonies. These complex acrobatic moves were originally developed by the Cossacks as battle techniques, and laying horses down allowed a whole army to hide in the grass of the Russian Steppes and attack advancing enemies in close quarters with the element of surprise. Azov, Southern Russia.



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