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Once you understand Self Awareness things can really click in, we all can do shit and we all suck at shit .. focus on You and don't apologize


... This was the theme of today's Vlog #DailyVee is linked in my profile! 👍🏻


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This isn't new shit ... stick to what u believe 😆 #2008Life


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Simple Question ... watch the whole video before you answer ... ❤️❤️


Here are some straight FACTS✅. New episode of my vlog linked in my profile -.. check it


For the kids ... tag a youngster


Patience .... it matters! .. be smart and thoughtful, lack of patience leads to bad behavior! #mindset

New Jersey

Do you?


The #fitness #entrepreneurs fascinate me with their intense ability to work out and be passionate about health and wellness and deploy patience but their search for shortcuts when it comes to #business ... TAG SOMEONE who will like to see this ...


THIS .. is mindset shit .. too many of you lost before you started cause you were looking for the excuse! Lets go ... no one gives a shit about your problems, they've got their own ..focus on the good, look for he opportunity, ponder the alternatives, deploy perspective.. lets go ...