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this is hard to see but liam is too cute in this picture.


Ek Disha = One Direction (In Hindi)💕
Wo sirf star nahi hai... duniya hai meri!💎
I have love them since I am 15!🙈
5 silly boys


They are goals🌎😭💘


She say, "Do you love me?" I tell her, "Only partly"
I only love my Momma and my Taylor, I'm sorry😂




The only football player I’m interested in & the only time I’ll watch a game🔥


Part 22 - Paper Houses
It’s not simple to say. Y/n has been alone for almost ten years. For that long amount of time, all she ever know was how to be a good mother. And now sitting here in Niall’s car, with the rain trickling down the window, she is just a young woman on a date with a really cute guy. She glances to her side, seeing Niall with his eyes sharp while concentrating on trying to see the road clearly through the rain. “I honestly don’t know why it’s suddenly raining so hard. It was fine when we left this morning.” He grumbles to himself. She sighs at herself turning back to the front. “This is nice though, isn’t it?” She asks. He hums at her not looking off the road. “You know, rainy weather after a breakfast date. Makes it more romantic.” She mumbles. He finally looks at her grinning, letting out a laugh as he looks back to the front. “Is that what this is now? A date?” Y/n scoffs slapping her forehead realising what she just said. “I mean-“ “No, no. Don’t change your mind.” Niall chuckles. “A date is fine.” Y/n looks down at her cold hands and tries not to smile. She is way over dating or whatsoever in her life. She glances over to him again and he sees her looking at him from the corner of his eyes. He turns to her too giving her a quirky smirk making her turns away laughing. He stops in front of his house, pressing a small remote to open his garage door. “Maybe I should just drive you home. It’s raining so hard now.” He hums. “No, it’s okay. I think I’ll be fine.” She waves. They both walks out of the car quietly. “You wanna stay for a bit till the rain quiets down?” Niall suggests. “I’ve been here for longer than both of us planned.” She chuckles. Niall shrugs. “I don’t mind.” Y/n stops and thinks of all the things that could happen or start if she stays just that little bit longer, before shaking her head. Beth will be back in five days, and she’ll have to go back to being the busy single mother she has always known. She’s not ready to open up a door she knows she might not be able to close again. “I have to catch up on my shows before Beth comes back. I have a long way to go.” She huffs putting her arms on her hips. 👇👇👇


Wild Hairdo, Sziget Festival #1direction #ihdr #nobodysperfect #forever #forever #textgram #star


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