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Flipping Play-doh burgers with the birthday boy are all that matters today.


We mistakenly believe that there are a lot things going on in the world. However, the truth is there is only one world - The world within. All things are occurring in the mind. I know this may be difficult for many people to understand but one day you will discover for yourself that it's TRUE! For now, just trust me on this one. The more that it appears that the outer world is chaotic and turbulent, the more inner calm you need. If everyone is in a frenzy there will be no one left to think clearly about what needs to happen next.


Great reminder from @foundr this morning! We can always be better, be improving, and be working on goals in front of us! 👊🏼📦 💻 💰


So Capt Jack Sparrow made it to my little guys 4th birthday this evening!


When you swim the more silent you are in the pool the faster you will go and you will also use the least amount of energy. That means the least amount of water you splash the more efficient you will be. The same thing applies about earning your cash. Do so quietly - get QUIET MONEY. Because the moment you start letting everyone know how well you're doing, the TROLLS are waiting in the "internet bushes" to try and thwart your success. It's hard to attack something that you don't know exists. Besides, all of the FLASH is ego-based, meaning it shows how really insecure you are within. Silence is still Golden!


Health insurance for entrepreneurs...real talk...when you leave your 9-5 with the benefits, and you create your own business, these are the types of emails you get from your insurance broker. Gone are the days of paying a portion of your premium/ deductible “if any” when your on your employers plan. YOU ARE the employer now! $500 increase year over year for the same coverage?! I think I will pass. Dropping down a plan with a slightly higher deductible, keeping the same doctors we have relationships with, and like every other year will not come close to hitting the max out of pocket per person unless there is a seriously unfortunate event in the family. This is not a political post or one with any agenda, other then to share and prepare people that are ready to jump in full time to what happens when you have a young family of 5 to carefully insure in your home. 👨🏼‍⚕️ ⛑️🚑❌🏥


I've said this before and I'm saying it again, there are no shortcuts. All the REAL money is earned in the long game. Play for keeps, not trinkets. There are no overnight MASTERS!


Friday night work/office vibes! All about the hustle hard and twenty four seven three sixty five mentality!


Long live Barb. Happy #friyay, all. Remember to wear red on #redfriday Link to Stronger Things shirts in bio.

Hawkins, Georgia

This “WTForecast” weather app always makes me laugh 😂


So after having @kswiss cancel my order, I received a full refund, a $100 gift card to Kswiss, a signed book from @garyvee and went ahead and purchased the 002 from an eBay seller for a fair price. I am looking forward to hanging the pair of shoes with the signed book by my desk for motivation.


Do you have any cookbooks sitting on your shelf that you bought years ago intending to prepare some delicious food? What happened? Maybe you finally discovered what the world has known for a very long time - People are willing to pay more for the Result than they are for the Recipe. This is something I see very few businesses actually realize. If you can deliver the result that I desire I don't need to hear your sales pitch. If you're giving me a sales pitch but can't deliver the result you're also wasting your time. I just need my problem solved. Can you do that? I don't care how you make the cake. I just need to love the way it tastes when I sink my teeth into it.


Solid day of testing some new bulk listing software, brainstorming, and networking...now time for happy hour and dinner with a prospective client

Chicago, Illinois

Pretty frustrated to get this email from @kswiss refunding and cancelling my order before it even shipped. I am interested to see how many people this happened to. I ordered them at 3am on the night of the launch, and was really excited to support @garyvee with these. I thought it was so cool that @teamgaryvee even reposted a pic I took with how excited I was to grab these. I realize the sold out the next day, but you have to get your shit together and fulfill orders you take. We all know what happens in our business if you take orders, then just cancel and refund them. Not cool at all!


Have you ever said, thought or felt something about someone and after the experience thought to yourself, "You know, what I thought or what I said, or what I did was mostly about me not about the other person." Well, I now KNOW that anything I think, say, or do that I direct towards another person is 100% about me. It's all me. I'm in error if I believe that they did something to provoke or entice me to make the choice I made. Naw, the devil didn't make me do it either. In every moment I have before me an INFINITY OF CHOICES and the one I choose is either a choice made with LOVE or one made out of FEAR but whatever road I travel I am 100% responsible for it All - All The Time. Who have you blamed today for your misery when the ball was resting in your court?


Hustling your face off is awesome, but if you can’t enjoy some of the freedom this business allows, then your forgetting how short life is. I was able to go to my 4yr olds thanksgiving performance, and then we grabbed lunch and ate it watching airplanes take off and land at the local executive airport. Today was a good day! ✈️ 👊🏼📦👨👦

Chicago Executive Airport

When there are so many options to choose from and gainz is life. #gainz #costco


I created this page 10 months ago. I am so grateful for the 7,000 people that follow this page and inspire me on a daily basis. I copied my first post below for those of you that may not know my story or background. My business has gone through major changes in the last 10 months since originally coming on instagram, and I can honestly say that it is due to the networking, the sharing of ideas, and the connections made through this one single app! I learn so much from all of you! I am currently working on a couple of new projects, and cannot wait to share more details in the coming month! —�My first post from 10 months ago:
“Almost two years ago I lost my job of nearly 15 years. It was my own fault. I had a wife and three little kids counting on me. I was turned on to the ecommerce business by family and friends that thought it would be a good fit for me. I thought I would be something I could do until I landed a "real job". I dug in deep and put in the work. Stopped looking for a job after 3 months, surpassed my corporate earnings by 9 months, and never looked back. The business grew nearly 200% from 2015 to 2016, and I am actively looking for ways to scale the business to the next level. Through some extra motivation found by following @garyvee I have decided to create this page to share and to learn from others within the industry!”


Entrepreneurs understand that the old man in The White House has nothing to do with who they ultimately become. Focusing on the shenanigans of what others are doing is a mere distraction. When you hook your little boat to the Mother Ship no one can stop you. Entrepreneurs are the world's biggest problem solvers. Without you, the world would be in a heap of trouble. Go forth today and solve big problems and watch good things happen in your life. Not just monetarily but how you ultimately feel inside.


Getting this wall cleared out and ready to put in a dedicated Amazon fba prep line here. The first two trucks are hitting the new warehouse next week! 📦 💻🚛👊🏼


When your a Dad at dance class, and you have to figure this stuff out, you just turn to google right? By the way, there is room for improvement on this product! Might need to do some private label research for real 😳


So fired up about my private label concept hitting Amazon just before Black Friday 😂😂...got this back from an fba warehouse return and didn’t even realize I ever sold them 😬


Had to grab these rad new Kswiss 002 Gary Vee signature shoes to show some support for one of the best motivators, entrepreneurs, and hustlers in the game!


After dinner workflow! Purchased a truckload of inventory today, and the same company has a second load they can “double stack” for me. I am running the numbers on the second tomorrow, but am 99% sure it will be good to go! Saving on handling and shipping with the double up truck! Hope everyone is off to a good start of their week!


We all walk around in this have unconscious state (A Trance). When we question our thoughts, the underworld (uninvestigated thoughts) override the momentary enlightenment that we experience and then we slip right back into a trance. Do you ever have this feeling that there has to be more to life than what you are currently experiencing or doing?


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I'm never going to be more or less than you imagine me to be. However, who I AM really has nothing to do with your imagination. My I AM-ness can't be imagined....It just is. The next time you meet someone know that everything you think about them is all in your mind. We move around the world projecting our thoughts onto others all the while believing that they are that. The truth of the matter is that we are making it all up. No two people have ever met. We are always just like ships passing in the night.


This is part of my why! I had the most amazing Saturday afternoon and evening “daddy date” with my girls yesterday.