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Chapter 33
Ocean pov:
I freeze fans are standing right there
Ocean:hey Jack I'm with some fans right now who wanted to say hi
Jack:oh ... shoot um hey guys
Fan:omg are you two dating?
Jack:hosently no where good friends we just make up nicknames for eachother
Fan:ohh ok
They say hi to Jack
Christina:well we gotta home corbyns misses me
Fan:aww nice talking to yous and jack😂
Ocean:you to bye
We walk off
Chrisitna:that was close
ocean:yea I know
Christina:do you like Jack?
Ocean:umm well kinda Im not sure yet
Chrisitna:cutee let's go home
We uber home
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Jake's POV~

I squeal escaped her lips and she began jumping up and down. "What is it?" I ask playing dumb. She shoves the note into my chest and turns towards Sunny, both freaking out over the letter. I mentally pat myself on the back and hand the note back to Erika, who is still smiling from ear to ear. The first period bell rings and the crew splits to our first class. I had first period with Sunny so we headed to Mrs.Tyson's room. "Sunny Can I tell you something?" I ask out of nowhere. "Sure what's up?" "You can't tell Erika." I say bluntly. "Oo-kay?" She asks slowly. "I'm Erika's prom secret admirer." Sunny stops in her tracks a smile spread across her face. "Really?" She asks. I smile bashfully and she hugs me. "THAT'S SO CUTE." I hug her back and we continue talking about the promposal. Throughout first period Sunny and I planned the promposal in detail. I wanted Erika to realize how much I care about her. I want her to be happy. And all I want is for her to say yes. Second and third period flew by. I headed to lunch and sat at our usual table. The crew filling in. I look over to my right and see Erika still holding the letter. I smile to myself and continue eating. {{{175 likes and 90 Comments for Chapter 10 low goals bc Chapters have been flopping 😭😰}}} #jerika #team10 #jakepaul #erikacostell #team10tour #jerikafanfiction #jerikafanfiction #fanfiction #fanfic #omgpage


instead we saw the boys in a car Jonah was driving jo:HOP IN) i looked at y/n y:come on) she ran to the car ja:Come on Daniel it’s all good) i didn’t trust him but i had to i walked to the car and hoped in y:ugh we have detention today) ja:sorry) d:sorry) y:mhm are you 2good or is there still some bad blood) ja:well i’m a bad boy and will do anything to get what i want) why did that sound so failure y:ok mr.bad boy) d:so we got detention) jo:yeah be careful the teacher who runs it is very attractive) i saw y/n smile y:good news for me) jo:god y/n) y:i’m joking that’s not what i was really thinking) she smiled -time skip senses i’m Lazy af nothing happened in school so now it’s in detention Your pov-i was walking to detention with Daniel y:we wouldn’t be here if you didn’t punch himH d:we wouldn’t be here if you didn’t go in the janitors closet with him) y:we wouldn’t be here if you didn’t over react) d: we wouldn’t be here if you weren’t such a fuck girl) he opened the doors to detention?:YOUR late) i saw a very hot teacher y:sorry sir) ?:yeah yeah take a seat lovers) y:we are brother and sister) ?:oh my bad dose it look like i care) y:oh come on don’t act like your big and bad when you only teach detention because your not good enough to teach a real class) ?:wow you know a lot y/n take a seat now or pay the price) y:like you would do anything) i felt Daniel grab my arm d:she’s sorry mr she’s a smart ass sometimes) he said forcing me in a seat ?:Sorry i’m late) i turned to see Jack y:Get your ass over here) he smiled at me and walked over and sat down ja:did you already brake him) d:she smart mouthed to him) ja:oh gawd) y:not my fault i’m a smart ass) ja:just like its not my fault i’m s bad boy) -Daniels pov- why did that sound so familiar wait ik why it’s because...-spam the comments why dose that sound so familiar to Daniel? SPAM THEM COMMENTS UP- #dontforgetwdw #wdw #whydontwe #whydontwefanfic #whydontwetexts #wdwfunny #whyshouldntwe #fanfic #dolantwins #dt #dontforgetthedolantwins #graysondolan #ethandolan #dolantwinsimagen


Age: 20

Name: Jeon Jeongguk

Birthday: September 1st
Sexuality: Gay

Position: Switch

He's pretty quiet, but kind nonetheless. He has a strong drive, an ambition to be the best in whatever he does. He’ll give you all his love, even if you don't return it. That results in him getting walked all over, although he tries his best to not let that happen. He's afraid of heights and the ocean. His favorite colors are yellow and blue. Jeongguk will be your obedient slut or your sexy master, depending on what you'd like. With kinks, he's open to most things within reason(no rape etc). He's extremely quick to trust. He doesn't tell anyone about his past, unless you can really gain his trust. And it still probably won't happen. He wants to fall asleep in his lover's arms.


Sebastian: Você se lembrou do nosso aniversário de casamento? *Pergunto enquanto guardo as louças do jantar
Mirella: Sinceramente não,foi o Joe que me lembrou kkk *Joe é um amigo do Sebastian que veio trabalhar na nossa delegacia, até gosto dele um pouquinho kkkk
Sebastian:Então você vai pagar caro lá na cama *agarro por trás e beijo sa nuca,isso a deixa toda arrepiada
Mirella:Pare kkk *na verdade quero que não pare kkkk
Sebastian:Vamos lá. Já está na hora de termos um bebê
Mirella: Afonsinho já dá trabalho pra dois
Sebastian:Não acho,ele é muito tranquilo, tenho certeza que ele iria adorar um irmão
Mirella:Eu prefiro só treinar *me viro e começo a beija-lo,ele me pega pela cintura me colocando sobre o balcão da cozinha,começa a desabotoar a calça e tocar meu corpo
Sebastian:Não sei como você ainda me faz ficar louco toda noite*eu a beijo e toco seu órgão,ela geme bem baixo em meu ouvido,me posiciono na sua entrada quando escuto do segundo andar Afonso nos chamando
Afonso:Mamãe,vem contar a histórinha porque quero ir durmir
Mirella:Estou indo meu amor *subo meu short de volta e dou um beijo nele* E você querendo mais um kkkk
Sebastian: Você não escapa Smith *eu amo essa pequena,e o garoto nem se fala,mas nessas horas não nego,fico zangado. Ainda mais quando se não transa a duas semanas por nossos tempos não se conciliarem.
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Chapter 4💓
Comment your favorite color letter by letter then dm me!💓🤪
•swipe left to see the Snapchat Annie sent Brennan😌
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Это было самое обычное утро,Брайн сидел и монтировал видео а Оливия и Ботан дрались, ну как дрались била только Оливия а Ботан лежал под ней и терпел. Почему терпел и не отвечал ей? Потому что она ему сильно нравилась, он просто лёжа зачарованно смотрел на неё и улыбался. Ботана волновало на тот момент только то, чтобы Олив не села на него ниже чем его живот, и не почувствовал что он уже весь горит от неё...
«Че ты лыбишься?» спросила Олив
«Та не ничего просто» ответил Ботан
«Лан мне надоело тебя лупасить я наверное пойду пожру» ответила она
POW. Ботан
«Боже какая же она красотка...», «ты что то сказал?» ответила мне Олив, «блиин я сказал это вслух!» я подумал про себя, «та не, тебе показалось» ответил я ей. Я еле сдерживал свои эмоции, когда она ела я не мог оторвать взгяд от неё, хоть она и жрала как свинья) Я пошёл в свою комнату и достал из учебника фотку Оливии, у меня было очень много ее фоток, даже в шкафу в уголке за одеждой у меня висели ее фотки, я каждый день на них смотрел и не мог успокоить свой пыл, я ее хотел как никогда. Через пол часа я услышал что Олив пошла в душ и мои нога сами меня повели к ней, я подошёл к двери в ванную и приоткрыл ее. Я увидел все что только было можно, я видел ее и понимал что хочу ее все больше и больше...
Я вижу что Ботан наблюдает за мной пока я в душе, я всегда видела что у него ... когда я на нем сидела и вообще когда он на меня смотрел, я не подаю вида потому что он мне очень нравится и я боюсь что если скажу что я все вижу, я скажу что-то лишнее и отпугну его, сейчас я увидела что он подглядывал и решила брать все в свои руки...
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Parte 3/3 "Promesa Rota" Capítulo 01
Alexya:Esperenme chicas! *Lo dice corriendo detras de ellas*
Castiel:*Corre hacia Rubi y la abraza*
Lysandro:*Hace lo mismo con Alexya*
Armin:*Hace lo mismo con Violetta*
Alexy:*voltea a ver a kentin*¿Porque no hiceste eso conmigo?
Kentin:*Sonrojado*D-Deja de decir esas cosas Alexy!
-Pasan todos en conviencia, riendo y platicando-
Nathaniel:ya vienes en camino?*mandandole un mensaje a Ale*
Violetta:Hay que quitarle el cel a Nathaniel para poderlo aventar al agua *le susurra a Alexy*
Alexy:Dejamelo a mi *le susurra a violetta y se va a le dice el plan a los chicos para que lo ayudenbcargarlo hasta el agua*
Violetta:*solo se rie*
Alexy:*le hace una seña para que violetta le quite el cel y se vaya corriendo*
Nathanie:*esperando el menseje de Ale*
Las chicas:*solo miran lo que esta apunto de pasar*
Violetta:*Le arrebate al cel a Nathaniel y corre como nunca*
Los chicos:*agarran a nathaniel y lo habientan al agua*
Nathaniel:*Sale del agua*
Todos:*estan risa y risa*
Violetta:Toma, solo era para que te divirtieran un poco *le da una tualla*
Nthaniel:Con que divertirme eh? *tirra la tualla y agarra a violetta de la cintura para llavarla al agua*
Violetta:*Trata de liberarse de nathaniel*
Armin:*Mira sin decir nada*...
Rubi:Vamos no te pongas celoso *Lo dice mientras le da una parmada en la espalda a Armin* Ella te ama a ti y nathaniel ama a Ale
Armin:*suspira* Voy a servirme mas soda
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Você achou que eu não ia mais falar de Wattpad? Achou errado! Kkk
Vamos ver uns trechinhos das fics por esses dias... Que tal começar com a fic "Em Londres num Passe de Mágica", crossover entre Harry Potter e Crepúsculo? Separei alguns momentos que me marcaram nessa história. Quais os seus? Divide comigo! Fala aí nos comentários! #Wattpad #fanfiction #fanfic #HarryPotter #Twilight #Crepusculo #escritacriativa #ficcao


your name: Molly Richwell
age: 15
bff’s: @maddieziegler @lilia @emilyskinner__
you are a normal girl until you audition for a new brat series called: Goal!, for a role named Lena Langford, and you got the role, and some things happened... -
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Despacio, muy despacio, me colocó en la cama como a una niña indefensa y rozó esta vez mi cuello con sus dedos. Me preguntaba si esto era ya sueño o seguía al límite.

Pero supe que no dormía aún, cuando noté un peso hundir la cama, estaba sentado a mi lado ¿me miraba? ¿en qué pensaba? ¿sonreía igual que yo lo hacía por dentro?. No sé cuánto tiempo transcurrió, pudieron ser minutos o quizá tan sólo unos segundos en los que me sentí el centro de algún universo... entonces lo noté levantarse. Un deseo irrefrenable me hizo abrir los ojos y susurrar: “Quédate… por favor”. No era una petición sino la súplica de quien se rinde a lo evidente. .

Ahora si, no había ninguna duda, estaba en el mundo real, él se giró con la expresión tan asombrada como complacida y sin dudarlo un instante, volvió a acercarse y se sentó. .

Mis ojos seguían rogando “quédate, por favor no me dejes esta noche". Y como un brujo, leyó y se apoderó de todos mis pensamientos. Apartó las sábanas y se recostó a mi lado sin dejar de mirarme. Sonreía. Tímidamente me acerqué más. Yo sabía que él nunca se habría atrevido a hacerlo porque me miraba como a algo frágil que le asustaba romper y perder para siempre.

También yo sonreí, mucho.
Apenas unos centímetros nos separaban y ahora sí, respirabamos el mismo aire. Extendí la mano y me tomé la libertad de acariciar su pelo, él cerró los ojos un instante y cuando los volvió a abrir se acercó más y me rodeó con su brazo. Fuerte, muy fuerte. Mi nariz rozando con su nariz y mi pecho apretado contra el suyo como si no hubiera en el mundo más espacio que éste. .

Y así, nos encontramos tan cerca, tanto…
que fue inevitable. .

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chapter 26

i hear mia get up from bed to get some water and i wanted to see her, i wanted to talk to her i’ve always felt close to mia and always liked her but never knew if she liked me
i got up to see her and to check if she was alright ... i see her crying , i give her a hug and she doesn’t say anything but that’s ok , i wanted her to know i’m here for her and she doesn’t need to tell me why , i was wondering why she could be crying, could it be john taking the picture of her? could it be that prick alfie, if it is him i would hurt him even worse i would kill him!!! i keep hugging her and i stroke her hair (and her her hair is so soft like omg she must use the best shampoo ever i might need to check her shower later) anyways we stay hugging for a few minutes and then i say
finn: you ok mia?
mia: it’s just it’s just ... she starts crying again
i tell her everything will be alright and hold her hugging her
mia: it’s that john the photo has been leaked over the internet im getting hate comments there calling me hoe and a catfish as i looked horrible in that picture

finn: hey HEY don’t say that
mia: what? the fans are the ones that called me all them stuff
finn: yeah so what? i know that you are not a catfish i’m standing right in front of you right now and you look -i paused for a second should i really say it- you look... beautiful
that’s when i saw Mias beautiful grey/blue eyes look up at my eyes.. her eyes changed colour depending on the weather which made her magical..well magical to me

mia: re-really?
finn: ye-yeah.
mia looks at me and she smiles we just stare at each others eyes for 15 seconds until emmy and noah came down the stairs.

emmy: hey hey HEYYY whats for breakfast??!??!?
noah: yeee- hooooo what are you cooking there some SPICE?!?!?!?!? gosh they are so childish. but it’s cute they fill each others hearts.

finn: uhhh
emmys dad walks through the door back from work
dad: EMMY M-. oh you guys are there with -he coughs- did you guys sleep here last night
finn: yes sir
noah: we wasn’t meaning to sir it’s just me and emmy were gaming so much that we both fell asleep.


Morgan Shepard and Thane

A request from barddoc1992 for her fanfic "Heads and Hearts". https://archiveofourown.org/works/10996257/chapters/24493341 .

Posed and rendered in XNALRA. Morgan model extracted by Padme4000. Thane extracted by g1pn0

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Chicxs!! Que les parecería un juego? 😱😱 Se vienen más sorpresas! Estén pendientes de todas nuestras redes!! 😍😍😍😍 #yporesorompimos #edresponde #fanfic #book #myfavoritefanfic


oi galera, postando aqui uns edits que eu fiz inspirados na fanfic The Evil Twin da @alwaysyougc pra avisar que em breve eu vou postar uns vines inspirados TAMBÉM na fanfic, porque eu to muito apegada ainda e fiquei morrendo de vontade de “visualizar” os personagens do jeito que eu imagino kajakka vai ficar top ❤️ (no caso desse edit, na primeira foto são as gêmeas (Giovanna sorrindo e Priscila mostrando a língua) e na outra foto é a Lari e a Pri akshaksha
obs: LEIAM ESSA FANFIC PLMDS eh mto boa namoral
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I agree sm, like fr mileven is a big part of stranger things. And it just doesn't make sense to not happen.
Full credit: @teamfillie • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
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the colors are blending and the flowers are wilting...


So, can ppl like stop straightening Finn's hair, for photoshoots and stuff, please. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
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I believe some angels walk on earth because I refuse to believe that people who are so kind and loving can be human.
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I believe him not trisha and she ranted about him on stotu and twitter and then is like dont send him hate like wtf i honestly always found her annoying and now i cant stand her shes blowing everything out of proportion i dont believe he said she was fat. Shes annoying as heck sorry not sorry .
. .
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New Changes .
João:Senhorita Collins–a chamo e ela me olha–Amanhã tenho uma reunião e preciso de alguém para me acomapanhar.Ache alguém até amanhã!
Larissa:Senhor Grey,geralmente sou eu quem acompanho nas reuniões...
João:E eu com isso?Eu não quero você,prefiro ir com qualquer um daqui,até mesmo com o meu irmão do que ir com você!A senhorita se acha muito,pois saiba que enquanto eu mandar por aqui.Você continuará sendo somente uma secretária de merda!–Larissa engoliu em seco e ele se retirou.

Larissa preferiu ir em um restaurante “carinho” perto da empresa,já que o qual ela costuma ir é um pouco mais distante.
Por sorte do destino ela encontrou somente uma mesa vazia,já que esse horário é bem lotado.Se acomodou ali,fez os pedidos e ficou somente na espera.
João:Estou indo almoçar Emílio,cuide ai da empresa–vou em direção do elevador.
Quando chego no térreo,saio pela porta principal e vou até o restaurante.
João:está lotado,droga!–ele resmunga e vê Larissa de longe.Pensou,pensou,pensou e decidiu se sentar junto à ela

Larissa estava comendo tranquilamente,até seu novo chefe chegar e a olhar de cima a baixo.Ela respirou fundo e viu do que se tratava.Retirou sua bolsa da cadeira e ele se sentou.

João:Desculpe incomoda-lá..Como pode ver esse lugar está sempre lotado,nem sei porque insisti em vir aqui-ele reclama e ela ri baixo.
Larissa:É,aqui é sempre lotado.Por esse motivo eu vou ali na esquina e como em qualquer lugar por ali,sai mais barato e mata a fome–ela diz normalmente,ele a olha incrédulo.
👀ele não sabe o que é restaurante de kilo,tudo de bom haha •
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Enjoy part 9 guys! I know this is late so I'm rlly srry about that, I have been rlly busy. Hope you like it thou!😁❤️💕
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fame comes with a price
chapter 4 🕊️
__________ *you are, my dumb spelling mistakes ahhh! but comment what you think will happen next 🤷🏽‍♀️ __________

annie: grey
hayden: blue < tags >
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The Mysterious Guy// Chapter 5
• • •
*Your POV*
When the bell rang I just rushed out of the classroom. Why should I care about this guy? He was probably just a player or something. I went to my locker to get my textbooks for my next class. A second later I saw Oliver coming towards me. What? Why is he following me everywhere?
Oliver: Hey Y/n
Woah he knows my name. He flashed me a smile. Oh my lord. That smile was so freaking perfect.
Me: Oh um hey
I gave him a small smile in return.
Oliver: Is your locker here also?
Me: Yes actually
Oliver: Oh thats cool haha mines is right next to yours
Me: Thats nice
Oliver: I'm glad to know that you go to this school as well :)
Me: oh um thank you
Oliver: Hey since i'm new, can you give me a tour of the school later?
I slightly blushed and hoped he wouldn't notice.
Me: Sure
He flashed me another one of those perfect smiles.
*Oliver's POV*
Right after Y/n left the classroom, Amber wanted me to go with her to her locker but I declined her offer. I wanted to go find Y/n. I didn't know where to find her so I just went to my locker. I found her near my locker as well and I asked the most stupid question. I asked her if her locker was here. So smooth,Oliver. I wanted to know more about her so I asked if she could give me a tour of the school. I mean it was pretty big. I thought she would say no and just walk away but to my surprise, she didn't. It also turned out that Y/n was in all of my classes. We walked to our next class together. Maybe this school year isn't going to be that bad :,)
*Your POV*
Oliver and I walked to our next class together, which was History. That class was boring but maybe with Oliver it wouldn't be. When we got to class the history teacher, Mrs. Sands, assigned us a partner-project. She pulled out names and I got paired up with Oliver. "Okay everyone get with your partner and discuss who's house you'll be working in and how you're going to do this project." Great.This was going to be interesting.
Sorry if this chapter was really boring. I'll post Chapter 6 at 55 likes❤️ and 20 comments💬@oliver.moy #moyarmy #moyfanfics #fanfic


omg it can t be im trenbling no way dominic pls explain. !!!!!! (imma make a wenmond x dame tu cosita fan fic in next post if this gets thirty likes) #despacito #dametucosita #union #markipliermeme #E #D #fanfic


Algumas mudanças-EP 10


O Eagle e a Rafa sumiram. O Viros e a Bianca foram no bar e eu e a Gi estamos dançando. Tô querendo ir embora,mas eu não sei se falo para a Gi.

#Neox: hm... Gi,vamos ir embora?
#Gi:ainda bem que você falou amor... Ela falou a palavra com A! Ela falou a palavra com A! Espera,isso é bom ou ruim? O que que eu faço?
#Gi: Neox,foi mal ee eu não quis falar isso. Me desculpe, é melhor eu ir embora!
#Neox: não Gi,está tudo bem... Ela saiu correndo e nem esperou eu terminar. Chamei um Uber e fui para casa (neaglehouse 2.0).
Como eu tinha bebido,eu acabei dormindo. Acordei com meu celular urrando,primeiramente eu achei que fosse o despertador mas,aí eu notei que estava escuro e só depois que eu percebo que a Bianca estava me ligando.

Ligação ON
#Bianca: Neox? Neox?
#Neox: que?
#Bianca: É o Viros,ele deu pt e agora nós estamos no hospital. Eu só liguei para te avisar e falar que está tudo bem.
#Neox: eu tenho que ir aí?
#Bianca: não, está tudo certo aqui. Eu tenho que ir neox,o viros já esta voltando. Tchau!
Ligação OFF

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Perbedaan wattpad dan ffn😉

Di wattpad kita bisa lihat berapa banyak orang sudah membaca karya kita di tiap chapternya dan selalu mendapat pemberitahuan siapa saja yang ngasih vote di karya kita, selain itu disini gak bisa copas kecuali untuk bikin qoutes, tapi bukan berarti wattpad bebas dari plagiator😃
sedangkan ffn, kita gak bisa lihat berapa banyak baca karya kita, disini cuma bisa lihat jumlah yang memfavorite kan karya kita dan jumlah yang follow karya kita, disini kita juga gak bisa lihat siapa aja dan berapa banyak followers akun kita, tetapi di wattpad kita bisa lihat siapa aja yang follow kita, berapa banyak yang follow bahkan kita bisa lihat akun mereka dan orang lain bisa lihat siapa aja yang follow kita serta siapa saja yang kita follow.
Kemudian di wattpad, setiap kita baca karya orang lain dan ngasih vote serta kasih komen/follow akun orang lain, maka semua kegiatan kita itu akan di beritahukan oleh wattpad kepada followers kita hohoho~ mungkin itu alasan banyak penulis baru minta karyanya di baca dan di vote oleh author senior🤣 tapi gak papa itu bagus kok, nah kalau di ffn kita mau baca karya orang lain lalu di fav dan follow, flowers kita bisa tahu kok kalau mereka kepo dan selalu meriksa akun kita😂, tapi dia gak tau apakah kita komen disana atau enggak😄 kemudian di ffn tertulis tanggal kita pertama kali publish karya itu kalau di wattpad nggak, mangkanya plagiator karya ku kemarin langsung ngilang tak berbekas, karena dia publish dengan menuliskan keterangan di wattpad tahun 2017 sedangkan aku tahun 2016 dan itu bukan aku yang nulis keterangannya tetapi otomatis dari ffn - itulah perbedaan keduanya🤣

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~El infierno es arder de amor por alguien que pertenece a otro cielo.
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Algumas mudanças-EP 9

Assim que euo conversei com o Eagle eu já fui dançar. Depois de um tempo eu comecei a me sentir mal,muito mal mesmo.
#Bianca: ahn... Viros? Você está bem?
#Viros: você é bem bonita sabia? E muito... Tudo ficou preto e do nada eu acordei dentro de uma ambulância,com uns 2 caras e a Bianca do meu lado,segurando minha mão.

#Bianca: Viros,vc acordou! Que alívio.
#Viros:o que aconteceu?
#Bianca: você bebeu muito Viros,deu pt... Tá indo tomar soro agora.
#Viros:eu fiz alguma besteira? Porque se eu tiver feito me desculpe, sério... Ela simplesmente me abraçou e falou que estava tudo bem,não entendi mas... Isso não é bom.

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fame comes with a price
chapter 3 🕊️

omg ignore that i put the word “excited” a million times LMAO 🤣

hayden: grey
annie: blue < tags >
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chapter 2: more than friends?
H: hey mackenzie
K: ugh i hate when people say my whole name *rolls eyes*
H: i know that’s why i said it
K: what are you doing here hayden?
H: do you trust me?
K: sure i guess
H: grab my hand
(kenzie’s pov) i grabbed hayden’s hand, grabbed my keys and he walked me to my car. he’s kinda a gentlemen so he opened the door for me then he started driving somewhere
K: where are we going? and you can’t even drive yet your 15
H: one it’s a surprise and two i turn 16 this year so calm down
K: yea whatever
we rolled into a parking lot then got out the car and walked to a park about a block down.
H: are you nervous
K: yea you basically kidnapped me for all i know your walking me to my death
H: we been friends for many years kenz i would never
K: oh *blushes*
H: hey kenz?
K: yea
H: are your cheeks always that red?
K: just shut up and walk you loser
H: *laughs* okay
K: hey i’m sorry about hw things ended with us
H: it’s been 2 years and you been saying that since
K: i just never meant to hurt you that’s all
H: well we’re still friends so it just made our bond stronger
K: i guess
we arrived at the park and all the sudden i saw johnny. then i started to see what was happening. johnny set me up. I WAS THE DATE HE WAS GOING ON TODAY. me. wow.
H: well gotta go. your girls a handful john. good luck
K: *yells* you can’t just leave with MY car
H: *yells back* watch me MACKENZIE
J: so? are you smart
K: what? am i smart? obviously not cause i didn’t even realize that I was YOUR date tonight
J: i have to ask you something. you can’t freak and lecture me
K: oh god what did you do
J: nothing...uhhh..kenz will you...will you go on a date with me?
this chapters a lol short sorry. but heyyyyyy jenzie starting come together.
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Luz de Luna

Eso significaba, no? XD

Este es el OC de @sayaalbram que le dibujo pese a que le debo como mil hueas v: pero como estoy abusando del gris, justo me acordé de ella por su pelo platinado y entonces me sirvió de práctica 😛

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Harvey's p.o.v

I sit at the back of the car behind y/n and put my backpack next to me. I feel emotionally drained as Blair starts the car and heads off. my mind all of the place still. I look at the side mirror and see y/n in it. she looks tired, empty and lost. I am breaking her. all of this is my fault, not andy's. I'm the one who she is dating. im the one who has haters who likes to bring people I'm close to down. maybe, this was not meant to be. maybe it is just too hard. I close my eyes and cover my face, trying to get rid of all the negative thoughts. I love y/n. that's why I am so concerned and worried about how my career affects her. I cry and shout because I care. but they do say if you love them, let them go. but I don't want to. I cant. I'm holding on for dear life right now but as long as I have her. i will be okay../ #Hrvy #imagine #fanfic what do you think? comment below ⬇️


Fifty Shades More
chapter 9;

We walk in and Natalie looked like she had a plan. As if she was expecting us.
Natalie: So why are you here?
Y/N: For Kayla's adress.
Natalie: She actually told me not to tell you.
Y/N: She wouldn't do that.
Natalie: She did.
Daniel grabs my waist from behind and whispers in my ear.
Daniel: I don't think this is a good idea. I have bad vibes about her.
I roll my eyes.
Y/N: Can I see your phone?
Natalie: I don't know. Can you?
Then she starts laughing. I laugh, going along with it. I actually think Daniel is right about something. About her.
Y/N: Right. So we're gonna go...
We go to leave and the door is locked. Natalie laughs.
Natalie: No you're not.
Y/N: You have changed Natalie. You were never like this before!
Natalie: People change.
Daniel grabs my hand, sensing I was scared. I tense up, Daniel stepping in front of me.
Natalie: I'm not gonna hurt you. I just wanna tear you limb by limb.
Daniel: Babe, call the police.
He says, only loud enough for me to hear.
Y/N: I didn't bring my phone.
Natalie: All I need is one of you to torture to satisfy myself.
Daniel looks at me.
Daniel: I will.
Y/N: What?! No!
Natalie: Perfect. Come with me Pretty Boy.
Daniel: I'll make my way back to you.
He whispers before kissing me and going with Natalie.
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We fell in love without even thinking about it, our deep trust in the other made our love grow stronger every day, neither planned it, none even imagined it, we only believed in each other and we swear to protect ourselves with our own lives, and from that unexpected union a family was born, a wonderful family that today is united and happier than ever, two miraculous children with a great age difference, but both incredible. As I had already said, I never imagined having a family, and less with Scully, but it could not be more perfect, our family is perfect.
🦊 Mulder
Thanks to @saranesti84 for all her love
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The Player~Chapter 21
*1 week later*
Johnny Pov's: Today is Kenzie's birthday and today our parents are coming home. I'm very anxious for tonight because today I'm going to make my surprise to kenzie! She's at home in Lauren's room and I'm in the kitchen making popcorn for us to watch a movie.
*kenzie goes down the stairs and sits next to Johnny on the couch*
K: What movie are we going to see, babe?
J: You choose! *gives control to Kenzie and she chooses Anabelle2*
J: I thought you hated babe horror movies!
K: I hate it! But I want to be hugged with you!
J: Aww babe! *kisses kenzie's forehead*
No one pov's: They were watching the movie hugged when the bell rang, Johnny went to answer the door and it was his parents.
(JM: Johnny's mom JD: Johnny's dad)
JM: Hi honey, who's that on the couch? *points to kenzie*
J: This is my girlfriend Kenzie that I told you!
JD + JM: Nice to meet you Kenzie!
K: *Get up from the couch and go to them* Nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Orlando!
JM: Call me Mer!
JD: And call me Dale!
K: Nice to meet you dale and mer!
JD+JM: * Smiles *
No one pov's: They enter the house and talk after a while Kenzie looks at the clock and sees that it's time for her mother to be back!
K: I have to go, my mom is already arriving on the road!
J: I'll go with you princess!
K: Okay! Goodbye Dale and Mer was glad to talk to you!
JM+JD: Goodbye Kenzie and the pleasure was all ours!
J+K: *leave the house*
kenzie's house
Kenzie pov's: We rang the bell and my mother answered the door.MM: Hello children! I missed you!
K: Hi mom, how was the trip?
MM: It was great! And one more thing.. K+J: What?
MM: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!! *give a gift to Kenzie*
K: Thank you mom! *open gift and see a necklace written Kenzie*
K: That's lovely Mom! Thank you!
J: *turns to kenzie and gets on his knee* K: *Turn to Johnny* What are you doing?
J: Mackenzie Frances Ziegler from the first time I saw you knew that you would be the woman of my life! I love you too much Would you make me the happiest man in the world and would you marry me?
K: *cries* Yes Johnny!
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