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So I decided that today issa good day to start my new photography page for 2018📷🎉✨ and issa good day to start making new years resolutions🎉 Have a blessed 2018 everyone😏✨
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Masterton, New Zealand

Last But Not Least 😊

The biggest problem with society nowadays are in fact Human 👀

Doing at their best talking about others flaws & imperfection. 🙎

Before i decide getting a braces, i faced with all this insensitive & sarcastic remarks due to my crooked tooth. 👄

I decided the CHANGE not due to THEM but to fulfil what i have always want. ✍️

The best part. . Jeng jeng jeng 😮

Some even give unneccessary comment just becos i ❤️ smiling showing my teeth (which im unable to do last time 😟) Funny ritee all this HUMAN ☠️☠️ #human #life #peoplealwaystalk #braces #mybracesjourney #mychange #idecided #bracesbeforeandafter #crookedtooth #tooth #dentalbraces #dentist #smile


Everything lined up for the taking.. #IDecided


Every success is just a checkpoint, pass and move [📸: @thomasfalcone]


honestly @bigsean is the only person i can think of that can pull off this look


The choices we make dictate the lives we lead!


Mår extra bra nu för tiden. Älskar allt med dieten trots att jag är inte riktigt van vid allting. Men det känns bättre och bättre för varje dag. 🙈
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Härnösand, Sweden

Know ya momma didn’t raise you to take no disrespect,
I feel like real queens know how to keep the game in check,
You cried on my phone the whole night
That time he crossed the line
I went to straighten his ass out
And you told me never mind yeah
The question isn't, "Do he love ya?"
The question is, "Do ya love yourself?"
You give the best advice to your friends and not take it for yourself
Remember when you used to come through and hit the Mario Kart
And you always picked the Princess
I realized you was princess 👸🏽 #BigSean #Vibes #Idecided ✅👑


This Sunday is the first baptism Sunday of the year !! I'm so excited, so I decided I will finally share my story.
Growing up I went to church with my grandfather every Sunday and later, in middle school, I went to church and youth group with my best friend. But then I had some difficult obstacles come into my life and I stopped going to church. As most of you know, my house burned down when I was 12, my mother passed away when I was 16, and my father when I was 23. "Losing" both of my parents at such a crucial part in my life takes it toll on a much deeper level. I never blamed God or asked him why but I never understood Him or His plan for me in life. Each year, between March and June, are by far the roughest emotionally for me. Their birthdays, Mother's and father's day as well as the anniversary of their passing are within these 4 months. Last year I hit, what I believe to be, my rock bottom. I was turning to men, alcohol and anything else I could get my hands on to fill a void and numb my feelings. For months, I found myself walking down a path that I knew was not right. That is when I felt Him calling me. I started talking to my sister, who attended LHTchurch for a few years, and asking her questions. I asked for a bible for my birthday, so I can try to understand. For Christmas she asked for the entire family to go to church 1 Sunday a month. In February, our entire family got up and went to church and it was life changing. It felt like the worship songs and Pastor Jesse was speaking to me directly. After about a month of going every single Sunday, I went to growth track to find God's purpose for me. I knew then I wanted to be baptised, but I wanted (key words "I wanted") it to be on a day that ment much more to me. I found out that baptism Sunday would be May 21st, the 11 anniversary of my mother's passing, and I knew that was Him telling me I'm ready. That day came, it was loud, people cheering, music blasting but all I could hear was Pastor Jesse. I thought I was going to be a mess of tears but I came out of that water refreshed. Now, 8 months later, I am the leader of the k-4 grade room and I couldn't be happier ! He is doing amazing thing