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Bhante Heenbunne Kondanna: “I live in a temple on Staten Island. We have a big Sri Lankan community there so most of them are Buddhist. Very basically, Buddhism, if I explain it, is not to do evil. Do good, purify your mind. Not to do anything wrong, which is hard. So you need a definition for that. Whatever’s harmful to you and to the other person is not good. Whatever is beneficial to you and to the other person is good. Either good or bad go into the category of Karma. So you stay on the good side, the positive side. How do you do that?
By practicing meditation, refining your mind. You know, our minds, we have so much luggage in there. Be aware of it. 'I can show you the path but you have to walk the path', that’s what the Buddha said. When you practice meditation, you can see yourself.

Greed, hatred and ignorance are the three root causes of all these crazy things that we do. Free yourself, find your own peace. That’s the central message that Buddha gave. There are a lot of things that we are doing habitually and so what he was encouraging is don’t live habitually, live mindfully. When you are mindfully living, you are concentrated about other people. Life is like a bubble of water…like a dew drop which is hanging on the tip of a leaf. Any time it’s fragile, any time it can drop off. So therefore, uncertainty is always there so don’t leave any room for regret, do nice things. Do things that you can be happy [about] so that you are always prepared. What Buddha said was ‘may all beings be well and happy.’ That’s all. You can practice it. Practice it like a mother who has only one child. She will be risking her life to save her only child. So we must have that quality within us. Use that same kind of love to all beings.”


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Hello, world! Meet today’s #WeeklyFluff: Geordi (@lacorgi), a 5-year-old Pembroke Welsh corgi with a special talent for agility training. “Geordi comes from a long line of champion show dogs, and he was initially training to be a show dog as well,” says Geordi’s human. “When we stopped pursuing that direction, we tried some agility classes for fun. Geordi showed so much natural talent and drive for agility that we started taking it more seriously.”
When he’s not competing, Geordi loves to show off his fluffiest assets. “Everyone wants to squeeze his butt all the time. Can you blame them?” says Geordi’s human. “Geordi works hard to maintain his hourglass figure, but he is lucky to have been blessed with such a perfect amount of round.” 🍑
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Photograph by @paulnicklen // When we took off from the sea ice in my little ultralight airplane and flew out over Lancaster Sound, I finally got to live a dream that I had been pursuing for over 10 years. Narwhals are incredibly elusive and live in a habitat that is very challenging to work in. The airplane gave us a glimpse into their world that I had always longed for. Sadly, this not in my new book "Born to Ice" but I do love the simplicity of the water, their body position and the rings of water rippling from their heads. To see many more images of narwhals please feel free to #followme on @paulnicklen. #nature #naturelovers #cuttingroomfloor #instagood #picoftheday #blackandwhite #gratitude


STORY TAKEOVER! “Guardian of the tent at work ⛺️🐶🔥” writes @dogswiss | Be sure to tap our Stories and see Nala’s big adventure weekend! #dogsofinstagram


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Photo by @FransLanting Adorable, but vulnerable, three cheetah cubs watch their mother hunt in the Serengeti Plains, a few weeks after they first emerged from a den inside the rocks where they spent their first month hiding from predators like lions, hyenas and leopards. More than half of all cheetah cubs do not survive the first four weeks of life and most of the rest do not make it beyond their first year. Cheetahs can’t climb trees like leopards, they can’t dig burrows like hyenas, and they’re not social like lions, so they are vulnerable no matter where they are.Follow me @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom for more images of cheetahs and other inhabitants of Wild Africa.

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[ #WorldOrangutanDay ] Face to Face | Photograph by Jayaprakash Joghee Bojan (@jayaprakash_bojan)
A male orangutan peers from behind a tree while crossing a river in Borneo, Indonesia. Rampant palm oil cultivation threatens this critically endangered ape, forcing the normally arboreal species to resort to unusual behavior — such as wading through crocodile-infested rivers — in order to survive.

This photo by #YourShotPhotographer Jayaprakash Joghee Bojan took the grand prize in the 2017 @natgeo Nature Photographer of the Year contest. #WorldPhotographyDay


Photo by J. Baylor Roberts: A pair of performing swimmers put on lipstick underwater in Wakulla Springs, near Tallahassee, Florida. This image was originally published in the magazine in January, 1944. #flashbackfriday #fbf #vintage #underwater


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Sleeping under the milky way in Finland! Tag your love one ❤️❤️❤️
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