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When locals of other countries aren't calling me Serena Williams (most recently my Uber driver yesterday), they're assuming I play basketball.

Basketball takes up such a large part of my youth and story, and for those new to my journey, I even had a short stint playing semipro basketball in Spain for a season in 2014.

Growing up raised by two Nigerian parents, everything I knew centered around my education and church.

There's no time for leisure or fun when you're the child of a Nigerian 馃槶, because everything you do from the womb to graduation is supposed to set you up for med or law school. #whoops #familydisgrace

Then at 12, my mom picked up a shift at another hospital and needed to find ways to keep us occupied.

She gave us permission to choose a couple sports at school which opened up a completely new life for me.

I grew up an outcast. Sure, I had friends, but I never fit in. Too white for the black kids, too black for the white kids. So I hung out with Filipinos and Mexicans 馃槀 #Balance #HappyMedium #SomewhereInTheMiddle

We were six kids total, and everyone except me chose soccer. For some reason, I was drawn to basketball.
Basketball, tennis, and softball were my choices.
I was already in the 7th grade when I dribbled a ball for the first time and holy crap, tryouts were just a few weeks away.

When's the last time you tried something new? That slice of humble pie you have to eat on the way to developing new motor skills is enough to feed a nation.

Unsurprisingly, I didn't make the team in 7th grade.
But I bought a basketball and promised good grades for the remainder of middle school if she got me a hoop.

I went on to practice every night for a year until I made the varsity team in 8th grade and then went on to be the only freshman on varsity at James Logan High in California.

We then moved to Arizona where I was a 2-time MVP at La Joya and got 1st Team All Conference honors.

That led me to @BakerUniversity where I went on to play collegiately, and where they planted the seed of studying abroad and "owning your confidence." Studying abroad is why I'm where I'm at today.

Life really comes full circle doesn't it? Thankful for it all 馃弨

Hong Kong

The #homie (@onlyfuturistic) finally finding out where he #fits. Which helps out the #rest of us as well.

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M O O D.馃尮 #somewhereinthemiddle

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Everything is not always #BlackandWhite sometimes there is a #Gray area.. that's where you'll find me #somewhereinthemiddle #MixedGirl 馃拵


Cousins - I AM bending down, I swear. Johnny is not quite that tall and I am not quite that short #somewhereinthemiddle #cousins @sunshineandsnowglobes


My #MCM be on the news like...
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P.S. I know your song is #SomewhereInTheMiddle but youuu @OnlyFuturistic will be all the way at the #TOP !!! I loooove youuu soooo much!!! I told youu, you do have a really nice voice!! 馃榿鈽猴笍馃檭馃槈馃槏馃槝馃槑馃馃い馃檶馃徎馃憰馃寧馃敟鈽勶笍馃挜鈿★笍馃弨馃帿馃帳馃挴鈾ワ笍


Spontaneous picnic above 14000ft with the whole gang!! #somewhereinthemiddle #adventuredates #mt.shavano