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It's Gary and Gus that barge into the bedroom immediately when the door is opened in the morning. Lots of you remembered that Jesse's usually already in there, good job! Gary comes in to demand food, Gus comes in due to FOMO. Then he has some food as well #becauseFOMO #TeamGaryTrivia


#TeamGaryTrivia If you haven't committed a crime why are you worried about flipping edition: Which two members of team Gary are the first to come into the bedroom after the door is opened in the morning? Hint: they are a matched set.


It's Hank, the most delicate and tender snowflake we have. He ran in so fast this morning that he skidded halfway across the hardwood on his bum. I didn't get it on video because I'm a loser. #TeamGaryTrivia Quite a few of you answered with variations of "Hank the snowflake" and I applaud you all.


#TeamGaryTrivia, I'm melting edition: They forced me to take them out in the rain this morning. Who gave up first and ran in the house? #theanswerisnotmom


It's Hank and Gary that greet everyone when they come over, with Hank coming on slightly stronger as usual. Margo will watch you cooly from a distance, Jesse will disappear for at least a while, Gus will hang in the hallway until I pick him up and put him in my lap to show him everything is all right, and Alice is inconsistent so far - freaking out sometimes but fine most of the time. I think she'll eventually be a greeter. #TeamGaryTrivia #Gank


#TeamGaryTrivia , Welcoming Committee edition: Which two team Gary members will greet you immediately if you come over for a visit?


It's Gary that gets to go outside with me at night, partly because he's a grown ass man and partly because he's insufferable when he wants something. I go outside and check for critters, and by the time I get back to the door everyone is there expecting to go out, causing a huge pain in the ass, but what else is new? #TeamGaryTrivia


#TeamGaryTrivia It's Been A Rough Week So Here's A Softball Edition: Who gets to go outside at night with me?


It's little Miss law and order who's easiest to get in the house, because she will always lead by example even if it does absolutely no good. #TeamGaryTrivia


#TeamGaryTrivia this is why I can't get anything done edition: who is the easiest to bring back in the house (Spoiler: ICYMI, Hank is the most difficult) (bonus Alice backing away from Margo)


It's Hank who does things like shoves himself into crevices when I try to bring him in. When I finally do catch him, I have to carry him with one arm and kind of point him away from me because he will attack my hand while I open the door. Because he's an ass. #hankyouverymuch #TeamGaryTrivia


#TeamGaryTrivia, Rexodus edition: Who is the biggest pain in the ass when it comes to bringing these guys in from the backyard?


It's Gary, of course. When I say "unsupervised" I mean I walk into the house for a minute or two to get a drink, change my lens, whatever. I know Gary won't mess up. He gets outside time without the rest of them (as does Margo). The best thing about it is when I go back out he meows at me like he missed me. It's hard to rank the rest of them, worst to best in trustworthiness, but I'll say Gus and Jesse are the worst, Jesse because he won't stop hopping over the gate, and Gus because he has no concept of danger (although he's the same inside the house). Hank still climbs the tree but now jumps out of it as soon as I pick up the Webster because he doesn't want me to touch him with it. Margo is susceptible to outside influence (birds) and Alice just runs away from me when I try to bring her in. #TeamGaryTrivia


#TeamGaryTrivia, Flee this place like it's the White House edition: ( this one is a softball) Who do I trust completely to stay outside alone unsupervised?


It's Jesse who gets bedroom privileges when no one else does. That's because Jesse finds a place to lay down and go to sleep (near my feet or lower legs) and that's all he does. Gary, Gus and Alice are the most annoying. Hank almost never comes to the bedroom. Margo is good but she cannot handle a closed door and wakes me up to let her out. #TeamGaryTrivia


#TeamGaryTrivia GTFO edition:
Because we have to get some sleep sometime (Catdad often has to leave for work before 5 am) we shut the bedroom door on those nights. Who is the only Team Gary member allowed to sleep in the bedroom on those nights? (Reminder for the complainers: the picture has nothing to do with the answer, ever)


While Hank will push anything off the kitchen island only, Gus is the reason I have a knockover test. Whatever it is, he will try to get on top of it. Our germ guardian towers are battle scarred from him thinking they're a great place to sit. We had to chain the TV stand to the wall yesterday because he likes to stroll along the top of the 3" flat screen. I'm still looking for a fake plant that he won't treat like the Christmas tree. #TeamGaryTrivia (good job @copeycat, you nailed it 🏆)


#TeamGaryTrivia, this is why we can't have things, nice or not edition: Who on Team Gary has forced me to do what's called "the knockover test" whenever I want to buy something (recent examples include a paper towel dispenser and various decorative items, most of which failed)


Number of people who guessed Alice: ZERO. (Edit: I missed it. @lilybearcat is the only one who got it. Clearly she's a ⭐️⭐️⭐️) She loves her dad and will not be denied his lap. Carlos was always his boy, and Alice seems to be Daddy's girl. #TeamGaryTrivia (she loves the phone, too)


Which team Gary member is the leader of the Dad Admiration Society? #TeamGaryTrivia #theyareallmembers


When Hank is not strolling down the psycho path, he loves to be kissed and will lean into your face. Congrats to the 5% who guessed correctly. #TeamGaryTrivia


#TeamGaryTrivia hairy lips edition: Who is the only member of team Gary that actually likes to receive kisses from the parents?


1.Most of you got Margo, so you get to live. When she was maybe 2 years old, she went after a bird and Dad looked up to see her butt going over the fence into the neighbor's yard. He had to take off a couple of fence boards and retrieve her. She let him pick her up and bring her back in.
2. Swipe and you will see Jesse in the escape position. We put a short gate in front of the main gate so we could see them at all times and he used it to get onto the main fence and visit the front yard. Again, he let Dad pick him up and bring him in. It only happened once but he still jumps over the short gate and has taught Alice to do it as well. Jesse is not to be trusted so he is the one we watch most closely when we're out. #TeamGaryTrivia


#TeamGaryTrivia , highest number of cats ever to go outside edition: Which TWO members of Team Gary have escaped the backyard? #jerks


It's Jesse who cannot even deal when Dad's wearing a coat, and God forbid we carry a large box or something into the house. #TeamGaryTrivia #underthebedwithyou


#IsThisAHouseOrAClownCar Team Gary trivia time: who is terrified by Dad's somewhat puffy winter coat? #TeamGaryTrivia


Alice reminds me most of Gus. #algus
1. She makes dorky faces like the mothership has arrived.
2. Always ready to eat.
3. When someone smacks her she just sits there, flummoxed.
4. She follows us around and jumps on us.
5. If she could jump on the stove she would. 😔
We're still getting to know her, and I'll do some facts on her soon. #TeamGaryTrivia


#TeamGaryTrivia, noob edition: While Alice is definitely a unique snowflake, which Team Gary member's personality does she remind me of most?


So our set of twins is now complete! Anyone suggesting triplets will be summarily blocked. Meet "Name to be determined". We have a short list, and it's probably not going to be a breaking bad name, simply because I'm not crazy about any of the female names left. Mashup names are important to this process. I started the adoption on this little girl about two weeks ago, and I'm so glad to have her home. She was adopted through a purebred rescue, although she's definitely a mix. We picked her up at her foster home in Santa Cruz today. She's incredibly sweet, vocal, and very friendly. She's between 4-5 months old. I know I'm not telling you everything you want to hear, so please feel free to ask questions and I will answer them and or update this caption. And of course the #teamgarytrivia answer is Hank, who is currently sitting by the bathroom door lashing out at everyone who walks by. Also, beard.


#TeamGaryTrivia wtf edition: who will be the most pissed that this mini Margo will be coming home with me today? #thisisatrickquestion


Our #TeamGaryTrivia blanket sucker is Hank, who has done it every day since the day we brought him home. Dad says it's because we got Gus so quickly after Hank that he didn't have a chance to be the baby. #Hanksforthewetspot #WeAreAllGary


#TeamGaryTrivia, Why is This All Wet Edition... Which team member sucks on a blankie every damn night?


Margo ran away with the #TeamGaryTrivia vote, so here's a neener from the Miss herself. In order of softness:
1. Margo - her whole body feels like that little spot at the base of a cat's ear. Go feel that if you haven't.
2. Gary - actually a pretty close second, he has a very fine textured, soft undercoat which also makes him a shedding nightmare.
3. Hank - when I think of his fur, "fuzzy" comes to mind.
4. Jesse - he's got the shortest hair of all, and it's very sleek, almost like he's been dipped in grease. Soft isn't the word for it.
5. Gus - his fur is quite coarse. He may grow out of that, the texture reminds me of Gary's fur when he was younger.


Today's #TeamGaryTrivia comes from @stacisturrock & @stephanieandhiggs : Who has the softest fur? I'll run them down in order tomorrow. #calmdowngus


When Gary's not sleeping, he's inflicting mass casualties. Kill list is as follows: (Disclaimer: I do not "let" my cats kill wildlife, I try to prevent it, and sometimes I fail)
1. Gary - 3 fruit rats in the backyard. The neighbor cut down the grapefruit tree they frequented and suddenly they were everywhere.
Co-maimed a lizard. #teamgargo
2. Margo - 1 giant bluejay when she was about a year old. The bluejay's family retaliated and took a small chunk out of her head.
Co-maimed a lizard. #teammary
3. Hank - 1 fruit rat. He gave it to me as a gift.
4. Gus - zip
5. Jesse - zilch.


Thank you guys for all the great suggestions for #TeamGaryTrivia... This one is from @twostickbugs : Who is the hunter of the group? So, excluding bugs, who has the highest body count? I'll give you the list of known casualties tonight.


It's my little angel Gary, aka Mister Insister, who scratched the couch twice, howled at me, jumped on me and grabbed my arm so he could nip me over and over due to the betrayal of watching TV instead of taking him outside. #TeamGaryTrivia photo by @ericalikescats


#TeamGaryTrivia , Will I Ever Finish This Series edition. Who's the absolute worst pest when you're trying to watch a mere 47 minute episode of the Handmaid's Tale and mfers gotta go outside? Edited to add: they're all jerks, but one towers above the rest in these situations. A certain nickname is a clue.


Of course it's Gus, you should know by now he has several screws loose. And special congrats to @eigna728 Angie, your losing streak is intact, and your profanity laced comments when you guess wrong are one of my favorite things about #TeamGaryTrivia
Disclaimer: the cactus is completely non toxic, yadda, yadda, yadda.


#TeamGaryTrivia , finally Friday edition: Who chews the spines on our giant Old Man Cactus?


Jesse meets me in the hallway every evening, and runs to the cat room, looking back to make sure I'm following. If I don't give him a couple of minutes like this, he'll chase me and make me come back before he'll eat his crunchies. #TeamGaryTrivia #IsThatAHemi


#TeamGaryTrivia all the stuff I gotta do edition: Who insists that I pet and love on them while they are eating their crunchy snack, and will chase me down if I don't?


Most of you guessed that Gary was the number one snuggler in the house... He needs snuggles like Trump needs Twitter. Only two people guessed the snuggling hierarchy correctly, and I blame Hank. Here it is:
1 Gary
2 Hank (no, really)
3 Jesse
4 Gus
5 Margo
I'm going to post each of their snuggling habits separately this week because why the hell not. The first to guess was @erinprelypchan, second was @felineanddandy - I have something for both of you. Thanks for indulging me in #TeamGaryTrivia, I really appreciate the participation, and let me know if you'd like more prize giveaways, I know this one was difficult.


#TeamGaryTrivia : Rank the members of Team Gary in order of willingness to snuggle with the peeps. #BecauseGary #BecauseLucas #LucasForTheWin


#TeamGaryTrivia, rank them edition: rank the members of team Gary in order of willingness to snuggle with the peeps. The first person to get it right gets a team Gary gift from me.


Jesse is Gary's dingleberry. Gary is usually very patient with the dingleberry, letting it fall off naturally, but sometimes it's been there so long that he has to take measures to remove it. #TeamGaryTrivia


#TeamGaryTrivia Somebody Get That Offa Me Edition: Who is called The Dingleberry because they stick to a certain other member like, well, a dingleberry?


It's Gus who panics when the goodness is on my finger but will bravely lick the Ciao stick even though it pains him to do so. Dry treats are just as stressful and often fall out of his mouth. #teamgarytrivia


#teamgarytrivia foodie Friday edition: who is the only one who has a problem eating from my hand, especially if it's something lickable?


Of course it's the Gare Bear. He even likes me to offer up my arm as a stepping stool. #mrcongeniality I think Gus ran away with the vote... Honestly, he's the absolute worst, stomping the crap out of us multiple times per night. #teamgarytrivia


#teamgarytrivia , you're sitting on the floor for GOT edition:
Which member of team Gary, when snuggling with the humans, realizes they are going to be stepping on another living being and avoids knocking the wind out of us, smashing our bits, and generally causing pain as they step on us?


The most obvious answer is often the correct one... While Hank does not eat on a schedule, he clearly poops on schedule... When everyone else is eating. If Hank wore pants, he would have his hand in them Al Bundy style, 24/7. #occamsrazor #teamgarytrivia #hanksalot #stanksalot


#teamgarytrivia time: Who refuses to eat with the rest of the crew and more often than not drops a bomb in the litter box whilst the others are dining? #yougotthis


For the approximately 20 people who guessed Margo, pat yourself on the back. For @plant_snob who said "Why would anybody guess Margo", you have earned her disdain for at least 24 hours. When Margo is on the top of the couch and I go to give her some loving, she always shoves her face in mine until we touch noses. Maybe I'll get it on video someday. #teamgarytrivia


How about a little #teamgarytrivia?
Who always wants to rub noses with me while getting their scritches on?


It's Gus that Margo hates only slightly less than Hank. He's flummoxed by it because I guess he doesn't remember that he chases her around the house while she hisses and snarls at least a couple of times a week, and Margo can hold a serious grudge. #teamgarytrivia


Welcome to Team Gary trivia, Margoyle Monday edition: You should all know by now how much Margo hates Hank, but who is #2 on her shit list? #seewhatididthere #teamgarytrivia


It's Mr. Insister that makes sure I don't get more that two hours of sleep at a time, for various reasons. The first visit is to snuggle. The next 3 involve a glass of water, a possible trip outside (nope, but good on you for giving it a shot) and of course a snack. #teamgarytrivia


Team Gary trivia after dark edition, featuring @biffthebuff (who is safe at home, this is an older photo) Which one of these jerks will wake me up tonight no less than 4 times? Hint: it's not Biff. (Also, @kitgrrrl_ ... The gourd finally rotted and I tossed it) #teamgarytrivia


Hank is the snowflake that melts when it's hot. He goes in the house and lays on the hardwood floor. Gary and Margo got the most guesses. For those of you that guessed Margo, I'll just say..uhhhh you should know better by now. Gary will go in the house because loud noises, but he's fine with the heat. #teamgarytrivia


Time for more #teamgarytrivia - who cannot handle temperatures of 90° F and above, and will sneak into the house while we're all outside?


It's Gus who doesn't seem to sleep, possibly due to the invisible explosions, definitely due to his Fear of Missing Out. He's never asleep when we come home, he's at the front door. If I wake up in the middle of the night, there he is, staring. If it looks like he's napping, the slightest noise and he's 👀👀👀
#teamgarytrivia #FOMO


Which Team Gary member seems to never sleep? #teamgarytrivia


Jesse is the leader of the #BiteClub - if he's even a little bit awake, pets turn into gnawing and some serious rabbit kicking. #teamgarytrivia #ishouldntbetalkingaboutthis Hank pretty much ran away with the vote, but I will give you a point for #gingerbullshit


I finally got all 5 looking at me. I can't handle the pressure. How about some #teamgarytrivia ? Who is the biter of the group?


So, about 3 or 4 of you got it right. Order of effs:
Margo: 0
Jesse: 12
Hank, hiding in the corner: 43
Gary, on the bed: 62
Gus, under the bed: eleventy billion
(Margo is watching you, @vandercats , who called her a "wussy") #teamgarytrivia #iwishamotherefferwould


Time for some Team Gary trivia! Who gives the least effs about the vacuum cleaner? Who gives the most? #teamgarytrivia


Which TWO members of Team Gary flop and roll on the patio as soon as they get out the door? Answer with demonstration tonight. #teamgarytrivia #electricboogaloo


#Teamgarytrivia answer is Margo! And she and her crazy eyes don't GAF. Those that guessed Gary get a silver star, he's the only other one that does a post poop romp. #throwbackthursday


#Teamgarytrivia, kitten edition! Who has always had the most ridiculous post litter box zoomies? #throwbackthursday


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