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My uncle Manuel left his body yesterday. I wish I could tell you all the stories that I lived with him, nobody would believe how terribly funny and politically incorrect he was. I'm nothing compared to him, nothing, trust me. This post is meant only to pay tribute to the relative that has had the biggest influence on my life. I never said a foul world until I spent time with him, he really opened my eyes to a wider, funnier and shocking world. Again, I wish I could tell you some stories about him but this is not the space for them. He was super tall and weighed 350 pounds, he always wore a black leather jacket, even in boats. In my opinion, he had an A+ in the only subject that's important to me: Humanities. He was an absolute genius and he was able to see the nonsensical side of the world, so he lived accordingly. He Loved his 4 kids and wife and he said that I was his fifth son. Yesterday, I was honored to give the first lecture at his mass, and just for you to get a small glimpse of Manolito, the Priest told us during the ceremony that at least on 3 times my uncle sent him to hell. At the end of the mass, the Priest broke in tears asking my Uncle why he left us. That's how Magical my uncle Manuel was; The funniest person ever with the darkest and most politically incorrect sense of humor (Trust me, I'm nothing compared to him), and on the other side, the best friend of a Priest. If I tell you some of his stories he would be misinterpreted so I rather keep them to myself. The world lost a huge beam of light yesterday. I need to rescue a Sharpei because they remind me of my uncle, they look alike, and also, Manolito Loved Sharpei Dogs (I don't). It's sad knowing that we won't see his crazy behavior anymore. He really was unique, I'm a bad carbon copy of him but I Love him and admired him dearly so the show must go on.
With Love and respect to the Inspector (He asked all types of questions to everybody all the time)...
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