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#Virgo 😩😩 why are we like this? I love #Miami tho and the girls are so kool but the men 👹👹👹 ummmmm y’all just #different! Miami men don’t play about they #women and are mad #possessive I’m just putting this out there! 💯💯💯👊🏽😩Good men though and nice looking too, but baby I’m just gone keep my mouth shut! I had to come all the way back to #NewYork to get away! 😱😱😱🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️✌🏾💨💨💨 With his FAWN a** dang dang dang but I can’t dawg!! Nah I’m good I got me a luh bae we str8!


Bonnets Unisex C.C, en laine et coton (13 Models) 🔹 Voici un bonnet original en laine avec ses 2 fourrures à porter cette hiver pour en total confort.
Avec plus de 12 couleurs disponibles, ce bonnet est un accessoire de mode interchangeable au gré de vos envies et de vos fantaisies. 🔹 Here is an original wool hat with 2 furs to wear this winter for total comfort.
With more than 12 colors available, this hat is an interchangeable fashion accessory according to your desires and your fantasies.
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Sometimes instead of saying "I love to inspire ppl to live a healthier life" i wanna write this instead ☝🏼🙄.
I train/dance/talk/mingle with women every single day.. it's part of my job .. and It just makes me sad sometimes to over hear some conversations that take place where i teach whether before or after or in between classes ... most times I choose to ignore BUT if i was asked to state an opinion I will and know for sure they won't like what they hear 😏.
BUT yes!! Obsessing about body image whether it is how much fat you need to lose from your thighs, or how much more fillers you need to hide your wrinkles, or talking about the latest procedure to suck the fat out of your butt or make you look younger .. all this talk is an indication of one thing (in my opinion): You're missing so much on living LIFE!.
Don't get me wrong .. living a healthy lifestyle is what i strive for and what i practice and preach .. I believe strongly in building health mentally & physically .. and by that I mean when you shift your focus from "how i should look" to "how am i feeling now" you will see changes happening 🙏🏼.
I feel the "physical image " obsession is just getting way out of control among women especially .. I see more distorted faces ... older women looking like aliens (i'm not kidding!👽) ... swollen lips that look so fake .. eye brows shapes that are way too far from being real ... and the list goes on ..... .
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