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Proud is an understatement. @beejonessss down 35 lbs and still going 😳. Utilizing flexible dieting, now doing ZERO cardio and eating 250 g carbs DAILY. Sky's the limit Brenda. Keep killing it! #firestrong #firestrongfitness

Brockville, Ontario

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Have you grabbed a copy of this months @mindfulstudiomag ? Be sure to read our featured article to discover how you, as a yoga teacher, can play your part in deepening your students practice. Simplicity is key when pushing the bounds of mind, body and soul! Here's an excerpt: "When we feel integral to the community, we feel committed to our individual goals. Get to the heart of what your students need and support them in their practice...Simple suggestions of how to keep up the practice at home, or encouragement to try a pose that they’ve always thought was out of their reach, or even an offering of little gifts go a long way. As we offer to the deities, we can also offer to one another. A packet of incense or palo santo to clear the space at home, a simple mantra offered as a repetition when life gets stressful, or an om symbol in the form of a necklace or a pair of earrings — these are all tokens that very gently nudge and guide us and give us a little boost of inspiration to keep going.
These are simple ways for us keep one another going, because at the end of the day it is about one another.
A beautiful cycle can grow upon itself —when students are heard they become integral to the space, and as that space grows more students come into the fold. In the end you will find a community has sprouted full of thriving people feeling healthy, grounded and connected." .
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LITERALLY still in shock that this happened today! I was so nervous stepping on stage and completely blacked out lmao but had soooooo much fun & I cannot wait for finals tonight 😊😊❤️✨ thank you to everyone reaching out I can’t express enough how much I appreciate all the support! I promise to update later with how things go at finals but for now I am going to eat and rest upppp cause yah girl is tireddddd AF 😅


She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future. 💕


💪🔥Aint no time like #SHOWTIME! 🔥💪
Today I am ridiculously fortunate to be epresenting @1stphorm and #TEAMFIDELIS at the NPC Titan Grand Prix here in Culver City California.
Today's about more than being #hangry, flexing, spray tans, rice cakes and #peanutbutter... even tho there is ALOT of that going on haha
It's about the time it takes to create a tangible end result. Making a decision, following it up with consistent action towards obtaining those goals and pursuing the fulfillment of your potential. #fact
"For God has NOT given us the spirit of fear"
2 Timothy 1:7
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One thing I'm trying to focus on right now is form. At the end of prep and the very beginning of my improvement season I realized I was just trying to move weight. A side affect of dieting for half the year is that your strength will go down, instead of taking it with a grain of salt and being smart, I tried to keep my number as high as possible.
Now realizing this I'm going back to what I know needs to be done. And that's lifting smart, if I do this I know my numbers will follow. So yes the weight I'm moving is far from impressive and I probably could do more. But it's almost like relearning the correct way to do these lifts. Even recording this I see a few things I know I need to tweak! Going back to trying to be smart AND strong.
So like I've said before right now my focus is form and technique. NOT weight. But I'm confident this will only help me in the long run.


Be a better version of yourself today than yesterday. ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️Preworkout tubs available this Tuesday! 🔷▪️🔷▪️🔷▪️🔷▪️🔷▪️🔷▪️🔷 For fitness and diet tips follow my company's page
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Enjoying a night in the city with friends. What better than starting with a bottle of champagne bubbles of Laurent-Perrier. Have a fun night!
“It's a picture of champagne bottles on ice. The end goal is to get those corks out of the bottles and have something to celebrate here.
Whatever today or as well any other day of the week brings, remember that you are already equipped to handle it!🥂
Always be prepared to celebrate life. Do what you love and love what you do. Cheers to life and create nice memories.🥂
Have a tasteful post International Champagne day🍾

Bon Vivant

Happy Saturday Ya’ll😊
Instead of a motivational paragraph, I thought I would tell y’all a couple things you probably didn’t (or did 🙃) know about me🙋🏼
1️⃣ Before fitness, basketball was my passion. I even played a little college ball (tiny schools) but tore my left ACL twice and career was over🏀
2️⃣ I once challenged @kyrieirving to one on one when I had my wisdom teeth removed🤣
3️⃣ I was a huge tomboy and was the only girl in a boys baseball league👍🏻 I was a pitcher and seriously made the boys cry😅🙋🏼
4️⃣ I went to 3 different High Schools
5️⃣ I can actually sing but am terrified to sing around people
6️⃣ I used to race BMX bikes and was a 6x Wa State Champ
7️⃣ I have broken over 8 bones—one was my collar bone from racing BMX and was pushed off the track and hit a tree😩
8️⃣ I am actually really shy and tend to get awkward around people 😅
9️⃣ My upper lip sweats when I’m nervous. Hi I’m Cheyann and I have a lip sweating problem 🙋🏼🤣
🔟 I would probably pass out if I got to workout with @therock 💪🏻
I should hopefully have the results to my CT scan on Monday and then we will know how this strong body is doing in knocking out that cancer🙏🏻
THANK YOU ALL so much for all your prayers and support—I wouldn’t be able to kick this cancers butt without ALL OF YOU💕💕🦋🦋
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