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📚 The Fifth Mountain - Paulo Coelho 📚 "Man must choose -and not accept- his fate." This was one of the many life_lessons that this book reminds me. An inspiring novel about Biblical prophet Elijah,whom does not want to accept his role as prophet but by the change of events, accepted his fate.

One may say that it's a religious story but, the main focus was on the fact that at some point God challenged you to confront him and the ones who had the courage, accepted the combat. "And they alone knew the path back to His love." The unavoidable tragedy that happened thorough the story taught me, "if you have a past that dissatisfies you, forget it now. Imagine a new story of your life, and believe in it. Concentrate only on those moments in which you achieved what you desired, and this strength will help you to accomplish what you want." I like the way every character has their own inner-conflict and adventure. How people become alive,"stopped thinking about life and chose to live it." All in all i like Paulo Coelho's books, and how he always inspires important questions in readers as, who they are and what they want.
Saying all, i became impatient during the story and put it aside for a while. But i forced my self to continue and i'm so glad i did, the conclusion was worth it.

❌عکس بهترین کتاب یا کتاب هایی رو که خوندید رو‌به همراه موضوع یا خلاصه ای از کتاب برامون بفرستید تا به دوستان دیگه هم معرفی کنیم🙏👍❌

دوستان عزیز عکساتون رو همراه با آیدی اینستاگرامتون به آدرس تلگرام زیر بفرستید👇👇🙏🙏
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