Photo by @joelsartore | Sensitive to changes in the environment, northern leopard frogs in the Rocky Mountain region of North America have been experiencing population declines, prompting the creation of the Northern Leopard Frog Recovery Team. This team, which is dedicated to ensuring the survival of this species, has been breeding the northern leopard frog for six years–an effort that has resulted in the release of more than 7,100 frogs. In June, the Vancouver Aquarium (@vanaqua) raised and released over 1,600 tadpoles back into the wild, which was the second largest number of tadpoles produced in a single year. In recent years members of the recovery team have been able to hear adult males calling at the release site, a good indicator that the frogs are surviving the winter months and reaching sexual maturity. Photo taken @thetoledozoo.


Photo by @kanda.le.lo
Vedang Kandalgaonkar (@kanda.le.lo) says #WHPNaturalLight sent him on the chase to find light in all sorts of different elements — and then he happened on this street scene. “I noticed the man reading the newspaper and spotted a golden light hitting from behind,” says the freelance photographer. “A perfect shadow was formed, making it picture-perfect for me.”


@geosteinmetz |
The Vertical Forest, a pair of eco-futurist residential towers (at right) in Milan's Porta Nuova district designed by Boeri Studio. They have over 900 trees on their balconies to help mitigate CO2 and moderate temperatues inside the building. As seen at sunrise last week.
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¡Excelente noticia! 👏 La Cámara de Senadores de Argentina aprobó el proyecto que convierte las zonas de Yaganes y Namuncurá-Banco Burdwood II en dos Áreas Marinas Protegidas. Juntas abarcarán unos 98.000 kilómetros cuadrados de océano protegido en el Mar Patagónico. Argentina ha dado grandes pasos en proteger sus aguas pero muchas más acciones de este tipo serán necesarias para proteger al menos 30 por ciento del planeta para 2030.
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Seychelles 😍😍😍 Video by ✨@timothysykes✨ go follow this self-made millionaire who travels the world while teaching others how to become millionaires too!


One of the Coldest Days of the Year | Photograph by Eleftherios Ted Panagiotopoulos (@e4rlyr1ser)
“As a dad of four, my time to shoot can be pretty limited. What I’ve realized is that if I can get up at 4AM, drive an hour into the city, shoot for an hour, I can usually make it back home in time to make my family breakfast,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Eleftherios Ted Panagiotopoulos. “The coldest day we had last winter happened to fall on my Saturday shooting time, I believe it was -25 Celsius when I got to North Avenue Beach [in Chicago, Illinois]. I loved the natural split toning that was occurring over the city.”

“Wonderful shot of one of the coldest shorelines in the world! Love the depth and the color and how the cracked ice draws you into the image, and the contrast between the dark, bleak waters and the glittering city. Sublime!” — @natgeo photographer Renan Ozturk (@renan_ozturk)


“Good friends do everything together” writes @tanja_brandt


Gucci light 😍


24 hours in Chamonix Mont-Blanc 🇫🇷🌨 ❄ 🗻
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