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2018 Oscar Cocktail based on the Academy Award nominated film “Call Me by Your Name”

The iconic Italian Negroni is updated with apricot liqueur and French dry vermouth inspired the film’s Italian location, the apricot orchards surrounding family’s Italian countryside villa and the French heritage of romantic lead character, Elio. *note: no peaches were harmed in the making of this cocktail… (to soon?) Featuring @monkey47_dry_gin @aperolusa @vermouthdolin and the Chateau @baccarat Tumbler 📷:@mark_addison

Oscars Academy Awards

In homage to the historical Dunkirk, we present the “Dunkirk Toddy”, a dramatic Benedictine, French Cognac-based beverage that might not speak much, but says it all through the art of the Angostura bitters, cloves, fresh lemon juice, lemon peel, honey, hot water and a cinnamon stick.

Make your Oscars inspired cocktail party a night your guests will be talking about all throughout awards season. Find exclusive recipes and techniques in our book, Cocktail Chameleon.

Featuring #BenedictineDom, @angosturauk , and @bormioliroccous Oslo Coffee Cup.

Recipe: @Mark_Addison


Film: “Call me by your name” - Drink: Apricot Negroni Spritzer
Mark Addison creates signature OSCAR COCKTAILS inspired for each of the Academy Awards’ Best Picture nominated films. Today he shares an Apricot Negroni Spritzer inspired by the Film: "Call me by your name. •

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2018 Oscar Cocktail based on the Academy Award nominated film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri: Three Cocktails Inside Missouri

The themes in “Three Billboards…” are dark and horrific, which is challenging to draw inspiration from for a festive Oscar cocktail… instead, drawing inspiration from the title and the film’s location, I created three cocktails to feature Missouri based spirits incorporated into classic cocktails with distinctively Ozark ingredients and themes;
Missouri Martini, Missouri Manhattan, Missouri Mule

Recipes on MarkAddison.com (link in bio)
Photo: @MarkAddison
@missourispirits, @campariofficial, @angostura_uk, and a @christofle Martini, Double Old Fashion and Highball glasses

Oscars Academy Awards

Happy National Margarita Day – this is one versatile drink that every good host should have in their arsenal! In our Pomegranate Margarita recipe, we swap out the traditional lemon juice for pomegranate juice for a fresh take on a classic.


In celebration #NationalMargaritaDay and before we get into the #Oscar cocktail marathon, I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce you to the Bloody Rita! It’s a “bloody” name refers to the fresh squeezed blood orange juice (in season now) blended with fresh lemon and lime juices, blanco @donjuliotequila and @cointreau orange liqueur. Finished with a @sfsaltco black Hawaiian salt, Thai basil and blood orange wedge. Cheers to the #margarita. For me, it’s #MargaritaDay everyday!!!
Recipe: @cocktailchameleon
Glassware: Chateaux @Baccarat tumbler
📷: @mark_addison

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Mark Addison creates signature OSCAR COCKTAILS inspired for each of the Academy Awards’ Best Picture nominated films. Today he shares 3 cocktails, Missouri Mule, Missouri Manhattan & Missouri Martini.


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Two weeks from tonight, the 90th Academy Awards will take place in Hollywood, CA! Which film will be the big winner of “Best Picture”... BUT more importantly, what will you be drinking⁉️
Over the next two weeks I will reveal my Best Picture Oscar Cocktails 🍸 themed to this years’ nominated films.
On Oscar weekend you will have the chance to vote for your favorite Film/Cocktail for a chance to win an autographed copy of my book @cocktailchameleon, a Cocktail Twilly and Pocket square and be named “Best Party Animal” or “Biggest Drama Queen” and receive your very own FRANK Award! (Kinda like an Oscar, but not really or at all) #Cheers 🥂


@thepreppyhostess said it best: "Without booze it’s just breakfast." This Sunday, we're brunching with a delicious, savory Bloody Mary in hand.


Cocktail Garnishes have you all twisted up ⁉️I have only one thing to say... @cocktailchameleon, get your’s today 🥂 *link in bio

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Garnishes are the perfect accessory to take your cocktail to the next level. In @cocktailchameleon you’ll learn valuable garnishing techniques, like just how versatile citrus can be! 🥃: #Marktini

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Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby! Author Mark Addison is a huge proponent of using fresh juices and all natural ingredients to make your cocktails that much better. In Cocktail Chameleon, you’ll find recipes for simple syrups and infusions that you can create using your own fresh fruit juices, herbs, and more. Try out some of our cocktails that use fresh ingredients, like the Bourbon Ginger Brew, Sparkling GIN-gerade, Old Pal, or Highlander Collins.

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