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I donut care. I donut care at all. Feat: @trillvia__ 🍩✨


Just keep me from going crazy.⏳Mucho love to Model Babe: @trillvia__ ⌛️


On Sundayz we like to throw it back.🚀🎶Feat trippy babe: @trillvia__. Crazy to think that these were some of the first portraits I had ever taken circa 2015. Thanks Sylvia. ✨


Happy birthday to the love of my life @elishevasa. You got a weird birthday, you got a weirder husband, and I’m super lucky to have your support putting up with all of my shenanigans, including (and especially) all of the time I spend on the work that goes up here.
Here’s to not looking a year over five hundred and two, and to many more, together, in happiness and great health 😘🍾


HT365 / של סילברסטיין (Shel Silverstein) #dimensionalportraits for #GoodtypeTuesday. While poetry isn’t exactly my cup of tea, Shel’s work hits like a massive dose of caffeine. Who else remembers losing hours of childhood getting sucked into his books? .
#hebrewtype #dimensionaltype #foodtype #typewipe #shelsilverstein


New avatar for my conversation with Hebah yesterday. "From Palestine to Israel with Love." Why the olives? I couldn’t find any olive branches or leaves in mid-winter NYC, so I went with the next best thing. And then ate ‘em all, of course.


A little while ago I sat down with @creativesouthga podcast to talk about my life journey.
It's a conversation about the environment I grew up in, how I decided to sway from the path that was expected of me, taking on many challenges to be able to live the life I wanted to be living. I also talk about my Hebrew type experiments, from doing things for the pleasure of it, to losing my way for a bit, and getting into a groove of creation as meditation.
If you were ever curious about the person behind the art, all this and other ramblings are packaged for 72 minutes of your listening pleasure at avit.al/cs-podcast. As always, temp link in profile.


Cayenne pepper + chipotle chili = @revitalc
I can make you one too! Order on @amazon: amzn.com/B017A7NTVC


George Washington coffee grounds #spicyportraits, for @LA_mag

Art direction Steven Banks and Rose DeMaria

#design #graphicdesign #illustration #georgewashington #locol


Before I say goodbye to the very cereal that served me for the last few months, I’m making one last #fruitypebbles thing and updating my profile. So long, colored bits of sugar. You’ve done good.



Joining the #MeetTheArtist thing going on now, with a salty pun in celebration of my #SpicyType shop launch (link in profile).


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