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" Knowledge cannot replace friendship, I'd rather be an idiot then lose you." ~ P. Starfish @wademachine #wordstoliveby #wisdomandshit #faithfuelsme #weareworthit #choices


If you know me or if you have followed my posts for a while...you hopefully know that my faith is a big part of why I do what I do and what inspires me to pursue my passion to help others live a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE ❤️

2016 has been AMAZING but I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store!
To start off, I am preparing a brand new accountability group for those who are ready to STOP dieting and START LIVING healthy❤️
I know there are hundreds of programs and products available that promise big things BUT my goal is to not only provide change and results but the tools and support to help you maintain them.
Diets are temporary and only leave you feeling deprived and restricted 😜

Exercise is only effective if it is done along with healthy eating.
For OVER 2 YEARS I have enjoyed a super food shake and used a portion control system that has not only provided results but a genuine change in my life and view of food.
I have found effective workout programs that don't take hours out of my day and ACTUALLY produce RESULTS!
In addition to this amazing new way of living, I have deepened my faith and trust in God for the things I have NO control over.
This year, I plan on digging deeper into personal development as well as daily scripture devotions to keep my focus on what will FEED my soul so I won't try and fill that void with food.
My groups always get my FULL attention and I am committed to helping EVERYONE succeed AND....This month I am offering a BONUS🤗

Have you ever wondered WHY we have cravings and why we just can't seem to kick bad habits? This month I am going to be providing insight from a great book that truly digs in deep to the source of our cravings and provides insight into how to redirect those cravings to where they are intended...God and his unconditional LOVE ❤️

Are you READY to finally kick bad habits and find HEALTHY alternatives?
Are you ready to finally feel good about what you eat and how you view food and your health?
I am filling spots now and we will officially start Monday, January 9th! Message me to guarantee your spot or to get more details😊

This is YOUR year, make it the BEST one yet!

Book:Made to CRAVE by Lysa TerKeurs


Absolutely no limit 🌟 What I achieve is based solely on my level of belief that I can do it 🌟 Expand your boundaries of belief a little more every day!




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